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  1. Hi all, just wondering if there are any dog rescue groups that need/want some brand new dog collars, leads, bowls and other bits and pieces. I am in Cranbourne North. First group to comment here (no PMs yet please) that are happy to pick up or pay for postage (a 5kg bag for $20 will fit heaps) gets it. Stock was from an old online store I have. Brands include Dogit, Ruff Wear, Prestige Pets and more.
  2. Hi all, just letting you know that I have been PM'd and my excess stock now has a home. Thank you
  3. Hi there, I'm about to embark on a cleanout of a heap of dog products (all brand new with tags). Just wondering if there is a Melbourne Rescue Group who would be interested in the goods (donated by me - no payment required)? Only proviso is you will need to pick the goods up from me in Cranbourne. Things would include rope tugs and other dog toys, I think there are towels, bowls etc. I'll have a big plastic tub full (or more than 1 not sure yet). It's all ex stock from an online store I had. I've now got a baby and sick of seeing all these dog products going to waste, don't have time to
  4. I take mine home and toss it in the green bin. My dogs always poo 10mins into an hours walk. Drives me crazy.
  5. Small bowl of bickies at 4am then dinner at 6.
  6. I have a ACD, she is eight. Super loyal and great with my nephews. Her only downside is she isn't a fan of dogs she doesn't know and she malts ALL THE TIME. Very smart too. My poor dogs have been housebound for a few weeks as I'm heavily pregnant and just can't walk them anymore. They have adapted well. I absolutely love my ACD. Best dog ever.
  7. For walking I use a Red Dingo on my dogs, a Heeler and Lab X. I do have a webmaster but found it always slipped to the side, no matter how tight or loose it was. Maybe it's because of the shape of my heeler.
  8. I'd say probably a medium. Definitely not a small for a Bassett hound. I used to sell them, and remember they were quite small, more for toy sized dogs. My heeler who weighs 23kg wears a medium. They are very adjustable. Edited to say I don't use my webmaster anymore. It was always rolling to the side and I would have to readjust the position multiple times during the walk. I use a Red Dingo harness now and love it.
  9. Blue Heeler here - I don't think she does much at all during the day. We have near heard from the neighbours. She does have a buddy with her all day so maybe they play? They have access to inside all the time.
  10. I've used http://www.petcremations.com.au for a horse, dog and cat. No problems at all. They are out on the way to Geelong but offer a pick up and drop off service.
  11. This may be the place that was on Today Tonight last week. If it is, the owner is being prosecuted. The story can be watched online. Was very sad.
  12. I was given a beautiful Standardbred many many years ago. He was jet black and didn't have the usual thick neck and "ugly" head most Standardbreds have. I was often asked where I got my Warmblood from. The only giveaway was his brand on the neck, a long maine hid it well. He was an ex pacer but had a beautiful canter and trot; the pace would only come out if he was stressed or overally excited. I had Willy for the best part of twelve years. He was the best horse. He now sits proudly on my bookcase next to the dog and cat.
  13. I always had someone with me to help put it up (my mum) so i'm not sure if one person alone could do it. Possibly. It's reasonably lightweight - you would need a trailer and/or a car that allows the back seat to go down to fit the frame in. Whilst it folds up it JUST fitted in my Outlander. I have a bung back and my mum is pushing 60 and we were both able to carry the frame quite easily. Back to the one person question - the frame can be done by one person and I guess if you put the roof over the frame before you erected it - it could work. I have the black 3m x 3m. So much cheaper tha
  14. I have this brand of Gazebo. No complaints from me.
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