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  1. The way I see it, if a breeder adopts irresponsible breeding practices and breeds diseased animals when it could have been prevented, the breeder should then be accountable. But if all available tests for common diseases pertaining to the breed were done on the Dam and then put to what the breeder believes to be a suitable sire, then no, they should NOT be accountable.
  2. Or a Toy Poodle. Mine are all lazy couch potatoes most of the time, but they have plenty of energy when it comes to going for walks. If you keep a poodle very short, you can let a few months go by without a trim but you must cut the hair away from their eyes. Also if they are very short, they appear to be NON SHEDDING.
  3. Many insurance policies do not cover certain breed related problems and usually they will have a list of things that they dont cover. Many have limits as to how much they will pay and if a procedure exceeds their ceiling then the owner has to pay the remainder often on top of the policy excess. This might help to reduce the costs for the owner but sometimes isnt the answer. Like all insurance companies they are in the business of making money and will always look carefully at whether they will pay out or not. The more that people begin to use pet insurance, the more the companies will have to pay out and so the higher the premiums will become and the harder they will look at claims. Eventually they will add more and more exclusions, just like with house insurance and flood/fire cover. It's a "Catch 22" situation. BUYER BEWARE!!!!! If someone for instance wanted a breed that was prone to certain genetic conditions, if the breeder takes all possible care when breeding, but a pup purchased still developed a genetic condition, shouldn't the responsibility lie on the buyer, knowing they are buying a breed that may suffer a lot of health problems??? Isn't the buyer taking a risk with wanting that breed?
  4. I've had many buyer asking me how long do I guarantee my pups for? I say to them I can only guarantee for diseases where there are genetic tests and they are guaranteed for life. And yes, a slipping patella can be environmental rather than genetic. I am of the understanding that people avoid doing agility with their dogs until they reach a certain age as not to cause injury caused by excessive strain on the not fully developed body??? Most manufacturers only give 12 months guarantee on electrical goods, we as consumers are given the choice of buying an extended warranty (which has served me nicely not so long ago). This warranty acts as a kind of insurance. The onus should be on the puppy buyer to get pet insurance I think.
  5. Apollo wins Baby in Group today at Tas Kennel Club. Judge Mrs A Bowe (NSW). I'm a very proud granny A bit slow off the mark but Apollo wins @ the Melbourne Royal 2013 Best of Breed, Best Puppy in Group, and was shortlisted for the group as well. I'm ever so proud of this little man.
  6. I wouldn't think it should be a problem. I would however measure both dogs rather than relying on weight. The dog may be "big boned" and you're bitch might be slightly built?
  7. I agree, I also think the poll should have been at the end of the article.
  8. nothing to worry about, it's safe. I'm just getting it out there so we can get as many votes as possible. Please vote YES!!!
  9. http://www.maitlandmercury.com.au/story/1520481/poll-law-changes-will-not-stop-puppy-farms-breeders/?cs=171
  10. http://www.maitlandmercury.com.au/story/1520481/poll-law-changes-will-not-stop-puppy-farms-breeders/?cs=171
  11. Apollo wins Baby in Group today at Tas Kennel Club. Judge Mrs A Bowe (NSW). I'm a very proud granny
  12. I couldn't get on the PRB page for about 5 mins but it seems to be working fine now. must have been some glitch, I can access both now too
  13. I can no longer access the fb PR page, OR the PR Beware page. I can understand MN blocking me BUT, I cannot understand me not having access to the PR Beware page???? Anyone else having issues????
  14. I don't think Mel Norman would be a very happy camper right now. She got the press there hoping to get more community support behind her, but all that did was expose her by people having left comments that she cannot delete. Yes she did shot herself in the foot.
  15. blah blah blah blah blah. It's probably because of Pound Rounds this has come about. Mel Norman is powerless to do anything, she's not in control, so she spat the dummy and said I'm not playing anymore. Shows you how much she cares about the dogs that are left there. It's all a little power trip to her. A way for her to gain notoriety I think.
  16. Given the fact that PR irresponsibly rehomed a DA dog into an inappropriate home and a little fluffy was killed, would that not be reason enough for the shelters NOT to release dogs to PR? If threatened by MN, they would have legit reason NOT to release dogs to PR for the safety of the community? I personally think the shelter would be somewhat accountable if say a child was killed by a PR dog?
  17. I wish some judges would know the breed standard. My BIS show winning bitch, who was also No 1 Toy Poodle All Breeds 2012, was non awarded for having inverted lower K9s. And then I heard the judge boasted about non awarding my bitch. READ THE BREED STANDARD, before non awarding a dog. Some judges are to say the least not worth showing under.
  18. why does MN need money to maintain her fb page??? Is fb not free?
  19. so if it's for wages, she could be paying herself $100K a year?
  20. Link: Authority Conditions. this looks kind of generic to me https://www.facebook.com/PoundRoundsAustralia/app_168151469879028
  21. Would I be right in assuming that MN could be saving donations for the purpose of accumulating land and property to have a Pound Rounds Rescue Facility?
  22. After Heathers psychotic break I can't see some posts, is it just me or have they stopped people writing on their wall? yep, they stopped it after I asked about a little dog that got killed by a PR rescue. they responded by saying that person that adopted was told the dog had issues but wanted it anyway and they left it outside alone with the little dog. I asked, Is that not irresponsible placement? then ALL the posts by others disappeared
  23. and not to mention the insulting manner in which she does it Last night I had a few too many and couldn't help but write this........ another OFF comment courtesy of Mel. A human repellent, that's what you are. You display a total lack of respect to anyone with your denigrating retorts. And I do believe you have a superiority complex. I have absolutely no idea what gripe you have with DOL, but I'm sure if you got kicked off of the forum, it's because you are vile and obnoxious and have no sense of how to communicate without being abrasive and repugnant. Your higher education obviously did not teach you about diplomacy. You are judgmental and you view things in black and white only. I think if I ever met you, I couldn't hold back and vomit in your face.
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