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  1. My dogs are so little that if I'm washing their faces I'm doing their whole body (with a shower hose) with my GSD, on the rare occasion he'd need a face wash I'd use a flannel or a wet wipe
  2. we used long grippy mats from bunnings in our hallway for when D was starting to slip and slide a bit -- didn't look great but was functional. we also got a large rug and used IKEA rug 'hold in place thingos' for his main traffic area
  3. yeah we have used human shower gel when my husband's dog shat on himself and I used to use my pantene knock off conditioner on my GSD - it won't kill her as a once off BUT if she's got tight curly hair you'll want to make sure you blow dry and brush her dry otherwise she'll matt up
  4. My little dog did her cruciate and I also look after a boxer who has done both -- our shared vet recommends less confinement in the healing process and both have had good progress so maybe chat with your vet more about having the dog roam the house/yard more freely when recovering
  5. This was Charlotte's bandage, it was so cute, but only on for a week - then another week of no walks and then 10min walks twice a day (increasing by 10min each week)
  6. I think little dogs recover better than big dogs from this surgery - my Shih Tzu x ruptured her cruciate on Xmas Day, she was booked in for surgery in early Jan but had anesthetic complications and then had the actual surgery on 13 January (including fixing a luxating patella) and is now back to hooning around and jumping of the bed (although I cringe everytime, vet said this is ok) - while she didn't go for walks she wasn't crated or contained in recovery either at the vet's recommendation which I was surprised about.
  7. for me it's not so much keeping the water in the bowl, it's keeping it in his mouth! This labrador seems to spill it out the sides of his mouth and doesn't finish swallowing while he's walking around the house. We keep a towel spread out around the bowl and then shuffle little bath mats around with our feet when he's finished drinking LOL
  8. That's a good idea! I find chicken breast leaks, beef and lamb or chicken bones not so much
  9. Just those freezer bags - yes they leak when defrosting but I just defrost them in a bowl to catch the liquid
  10. We were very keen to go - but Charlotte has not recovered from her cruciate surgery and is even bitchier than usual to people when she's being pushed in her pram. I'm going to the regular exhibition so hopefully will still hear about the dogs of Versailles CleoJ went not sure if she's still on DOL much eta: here's an article after the day: http://www.canberratimes.com.au/act-news/canberra-life/dogs-dress-up-for-paws-for-art-at-national-gallery-of-australias-versailles-20170121-gtvzxq.html
  11. We were very keen to go - but Charlotte has not recovered from her cruciate surgery and is even bitchier than usual to people when she's being pushed in her pram. I'm going to the regular exhibition so hopefully will still hear about the dogs of Versailles CleoJ went not sure if she's still on DOL much
  12. I think you should look at getting a house sitter or either boarding him at kennels or with another type of minding service where the dog goes to someone's home So sad to be left, essentially, all alone for that length of time.
  13. Here's our Xmas card for this year :)
  14. I bought an Aldi one a few years ago - it's great. I don't do dog treats, mostly fruit :)
  15. heh, I planned to try this on the weekend during our massive annual BBQ, but it seemed we didn't have too many fly problems in the end... I even had legit pennies.
  16. That's crazy! I know Aldi now sell them
  17. ^^ Yup for filthy dogs dawn/fairy dishwashing liquid but if he's got short hair atm and has a skin condition maybe malaseb is the best wash for him
  18. What's also interesting is that the Premier's office has only had a couple of weeks to review the inquiry report (unless they had a draft beforehand) before making this announcement and (I'm still trawling thru the report in spare time) the report does make suggestions for industry reform, I haven't gotten to any suggestions for steps (staging) to ceasing the industry. I know politicians love annouceables...
  19. http://www.greyhoundracinginquiry.justice.nsw.gov.au/Documents/fact-sheet-greyhound-racing-industry-nsw-special-commission-of-inquiry.pdf http://www.greyhoundracinginquiry.justice.nsw.gov.au/Documents/q-and-a-transitioning-nsw-greyhound-racing-industry-to-closure.pdf You can read the above official statements from the NSW Gov if you don't have time to read the inquiry (which only presents recommendations to the NSW Gov that they can act on/ignore)
  20. Yep. Indicative of the level of knowledge that's driving much of the current discussion. God forbid what is going to happen the dogs placed with inexperienced rescues who think they are just big spindly generic dogs. The idea that Greyhounds are sleepy couch potatoes that require no effort from an owner does the dogs a considerable disservice - especially the young ones. I know owners who will PTS their dogs rather than have them in the wrong homes. Chained to a kennel and used for pigging or left uncoated and ignored in back yards? I'd PTS too. I predict a rise in the abuse of greyhounds. It will move from the racing to the pet environment. A tragedy for the breed. Why can't the owners keep the dogs themselves? If they can't afford the dogs because their income was generated through racing is there a way the Govt can help; did NSW subsidise/exempt the racing industry at all (seems ACT did/do) can that money be redirected to expenses for pet Greys? That's a great point Greyt that the desirable pet dogs were there ones that were previously being drowned and shot for not running fast enough. Even though we've got two SWF I'll try to convince the husband to let us have a Grey, although we did not do well with a young Whippet visiting for a few weeks and the dogs that will need help won't be the older smoochier dogs those aren't in the industry just the young quick ones.
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