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  1. Can anyone tell me if this plant (or rather the seeds on it) are poisonous to dogs?? We have got parrotts galore eating the bean like seeds off our tree and the dogs are eating any they drop. I am a little concerned. I have searched the internet but can find nothing. Thanks in anticipation Denise
  2. Schedule for Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of WA (Inc) Championship Show - Saturday 11 September 2010 http://www.rrcwa.com/schedules.htm
  3. I hope it works for you, we did this for weeks and weeks - couldn't even get a food motivated hound to eat in the car. After about 3 weeks we could drive down to our back paddock with her in the car - the minute we took our first trip on the road, right back to square one
  4. I used to have a dog that got travel sick and nothing seemed to work - was ill before we left the driveway. The vet gave me something (I can't remember what now) which didn't work, we tried Travel Calm Ginger Tablets with limited success, we also was told to use (can't remember the name but it was like blamange tablets??) but I could never find it in the supermarket. Under advice I ended up using childrens travel sick medication "Phenergen" tablets - 1 tablet used to work (one tablet per 10kg and she was 35kg) although this was no good if I was showing as it made her very drowsy. Obviously check with your vet/chemist before using. Putting her on the floor, covering her etc never worked as she only had to see the car and was practically ill before she got in I really hope you find some remedy because travel for us used to be a misery.
  5. I use the furminator on my Ridgie with great success - found it much better than the slicker (I have both), but I am looking from a show perspective. I am always amazed at how much hair it removes without damaging the coat
  6. Might be a silly question, but you don't have a bitch in heat do you?? I always feed my Ridgies twice a day, morning and night but never leave the food down (not that I have too, they just inhale it ).
  7. and, note: oral meds may not work fast enough ,if the dog has a severe reaction Totally agree Persephone, I give tablets and if I don't notice an improvement pretty quick, or god forbid they got worse I'd be straight off to the vet with no hesitation whatsoever.
  8. I usually keep Clarantyne tablets, but have also used polaramine and phenergen. Works out a whole lot cheaper than a trip to the vets. My vet told me 1 tablet per 10 kilo's, but I usually find 1 tablet is sufficient for my 35kg bitch who just loves to catch bees!
  9. I used Rob Zamit of Vineyard Vet Clinic, he too gives me an idea on the day.
  10. Only just read the news - so very very sorry RIP Bella Try to remember her for the beautiful dog she was Denise.
  11. I love baby beagles, was oohing and aahing over them at a show today Does he just get dry food? I use a combination - Eagle Pack dry but always with either a chicken frame, tin of sardines, egg, little grated cheese or something like brisket bones. Looking forward to pics
  12. I've had trouble keeping weight on Cleo, have changed her over to the Eagle Pack Power Forumula with little success and added lots of chicken frames to it as well as feeding twice a day, but it is only just recently after changing her morning meal to porridge that I have noticed a real difference - and her coat looks great. Basically microwave some rolled oats in water, stir through an egg, a dollop of yoghurt and a squirt of honey. Both of mine love it and I have noticed that my old boy seems to have a lot more energy too. As I haven't really changed anything else recently I'm putting it down to the porridge
  13. Have never tried Artimas, ususally use Advance when I can't get Eagle Pack, but to be honest I'm a bit over it all as its not a one off. I am thinking of trying Royal Canin.
  14. Sorry Rommimum, I bought mine whilst still in Sydney and it wouldn't surprise me in the least if you can't get it here in WA. Could try the internet?? Cheers Denise
  15. I'm pretty sure I paid around $24 for mine from a saddlery - sorry :D
  16. I also use Bowen therapy when needed (both for the dogs and myself) and would definately recommend it.
  17. Hi Ernie, all I can tell you that I was introduced to it by another exhibitor at a dog show when Cleo suddenly developed a really bad limp in her back leg and was obviously in pain. After the application she was able to move much freer and actually jumped into the back of my Station Wagon which she couldn't do without help prior to the application. I was so relieved with the magic it worked that I went to the saddlery the next day and bought a couple which I have kept in my "boxes" ever since. I have had to use it once more (again at a show) and again seemed to get an immediate improvement, so personally I think it works IMHO. Cheers Denise
  18. I give all my guys Blackmores MSM Glucosamine Chondroitin Joint Support which I buy from my local chemist in 500g powder form. It is quite expensive but lasts for ages. I give mine 1 tspn morning and night sprinkled on their food. I originally started it for my old boy but saw such an improvement that I now give it to the young girl too. I also give them 1 fish oil capsule morning and night as well which is also supposed to help.
  19. I always keep one in my doggy first aid box and one in my show box. I have used it on a short term basis with no problems when my dog has pulled a muscle. Its great as it is an anti-inflamatory as well as a pain killer. You can buy it at any saddlery as it can also be used on horses so I hope your vet didn't charge you a fortune for it. It is just the same as us using denco rub or voltarin. Hope your dogs okay Edited to add that I just noticed in your first post that you say its a gel, whereas the one I buy is in a roll on form.
  20. I've come across people who have used it too, although having a bitch myself I'm afraid I can't be of more help than that. But like Sandra777 I too thought it lasted a much shorter time period.
  21. Ours used to run into them all the time at our last place and we used to break a piece of the Aloe Vera plant and rub the area with that. Never had a rash come up but whether it was because of the Aloe I really cant say.
  22. I use martingales on mine, but they're big boofy hounds. But they look good and still give me control if I need it.
  23. Any saddlery There actually made for horses.
  24. Mine are hot pink bandages I think the muzzle is a brilliant idea and I'll add one to mine - thanks
  25. Well my first thought was "well yes doh, who doesn't know that" and then I thought of the moron owner of the poor sick pup -what more can I say.
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