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  1. Ruger Has Lymphoma :(

    A great big happy birthday to Ruger, I can't believe it has been so long. I was just thinking about him when I saw you a few days ago. :thumbsup:
  2. Plaque Remover

    Well they will have to make it cheaper than that - I just bought 120g from the UK for $44.50 including postage. I have just checked online myself, and can see much cheaper prices as well, for the larger sizes. It is an open selling product, which means it will be available at vets, pet stores and I would expect very quickly Australian online sellers. I hope I have been given an incorrect price here. Will check on Monday.
  3. Plaque Remover

    For everyone's information, I was speaking to a rep from Troy/Ilium yesterday, PlaqueOff (the ProDen seaweed version from Sweden) is now available in Australia. Available for dogs and cats, I think only in 40g size. I have been told this will last a large dog 1 month, medium dog 2 months and small dog 3 months. Should sell for about $39 or so. Will need to wait until monday to get exact costings. Will certainly save the worry of customs and overseas postage.
  4. Alice Springs Kennel Club

    We are coming from Adelaide, a leisurely 2 hour flight. In tow we will have Poppy, my lovely little amstaff baby, 2 border terriers and 1 Irish Water Spaniel. We travel a fair bit around SA with the dogs, but the trips to Alice Springs are something i always look forward to.
  5. Alice Springs Kennel Club

    We'll be there as well, with our 4 four legged kids in tow. Thank god for the flying kangaroo, I would hate to be doing the drive again (took 18 hours last time). Look forward to catching up with you guys again!