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  1. Purebred working BCs are still used as are working kelpies. There would be very very few ANKC BCs working on real properties. Ok last dumb question for the year, do working BC's look the same as ANKC BC's?
  2. Sorry to the OP, I was going to ask this in a new thread but thought it may be ok in this one. Are many purebred Border Collies still used as working dogs these days? This is real question from someone that has no idea. In my travels I can't seem to recall seeing any on farms etc.
  3. In very simple terms each person is responsible for keeping their dogs in their yard and other dogs out of their yard. If everyone kept by this mantra then we wouldn't even be discussing this issue. My next door neighbour is currently talking about getting a mature dog. We get all extremely well and we regard each other as friends. He is going to make sure his dog can't get near ours and I am going to make sure mine can't get near his. Not because of any agression or issues but because it is the right thing to do. I wouldn't care if a Lion moved in next door, but I sure as hell would be making sure it can't get into my yard, likewise if a Maltese moved in. No difference except maybe fence height! ha ha
  4. slightly off topic , I own two well adusted Staffords and they are the only dogs around us that don't bark at other dogs and fence fight. So much so that we have a dog behind us that goes nuts all the time at my two and the two tough staffords just ignore it. Staffords are no different to any other breed of dog if they are brought up well they are fine, but just like any other dog if they are not brought up well you have issues. I was even asked why I would own such a breed!! What made this even funnier was at the time my two were on a lead sitting calmly while the guys small fluffies (three of them) set out to attack my dogs and were going crazy. So my point is don't judge all dogs by one experience with the breed, I am sorry to say however that it is unfortunate that staffords as a breed seem to attract more than their share of idiot owners (from my own experience)
  5. http://www.smh.com.au/world/science/regret...1124-187ho.html Worth a 5 min read if you want to kill some time
  6. And I have to say, good job everyone!
  7. Question for Lili and Steve,(and others if they know) How do these types of dogs go if they need to be rehomed at a mature age? Does it take a while for trust to develop or does the dog (I know each dog would be different but as a general rule) just know that they need to trust their new owner? And would the different breeds see any change as a opportunity to move up pack order due to their strong personalities.
  8. At 16 weeks I wouldn't really be too worried about walking her, she's only a baby. Do some focus work with her, marker (clicker) training, play games, build her confidence, allow her to drag a leash around the back yard then start teaching her loose leash walking under low distraction (your yard and those 3 houses each way are more than fine for that). Take her out and expose her to new things - school, kids, dogs, weird looking people in hats. Sit in front of a shop or on a street corner or in the park, click and treat her (or just praise and pat her) for focussing on you/ignoring scary things (you can drive to where-ever you wish to go, you don't have to drag her there on a leash). Keep up your obedience training and practice NILIF too - and (while some people may not agree with me) I think crate training helps build confidence and security too. Walking will happen in time but seriously, at 16 weeks just enjoy her ;) Good point!
  9. Did they add a check chain to the advice? Why do so many folk ascribe every damn behaviour to the dog trying to put one over on the handler? Dogs that are overwhelmed by situations can shut down. I have a dog like this. I also had one of the "just give her to me and I'll sort it" type of instructors early on. So he dragged my dog and I didn't know better then or I'd have stopped it. She never budged.. never. That dog lacked confidence. By building her confidence in ME, we got past it. I made sure that all her experiences were positive, that my responses to her behaviour were never worse than neutral and I worked hard at making her comfortable. And it worked. I would agree with you PF, with the exception of some dogs. Rosie would try and pull the wool over my OH eyes when she would stop walking but wouldn't when she was with me. So I got the OH to give her a slight drag and it worked. Rosie doesn't pull that stunt now. But to the orginal poster this is not something to do unless you are absolute certain that she is just not scared or lacks confidence. You will do far more damage long term if you do that. And also Rosie was 6 months old at the time.
  10. ReadySetGo is talking about my two muts and their K9 leads. I absolutely love them for a two main reasons, 1/ They are very comfortable to hold 2/ They just will not break, full stop. The only negative I can think off is they may be too heavy for puppies or smaller breeds. I think Readysetgo made that comment a while back when she used to walk one of mine as a pup with K9 lead. The weight tends to pull the dog to one side slightly if you dont hold the lead correctly. You can get them direct from the usa if you like, similar leashes are available at leerburg.com. You can also google amish leather leashes and you will find quite a few places selling them. You can also get the matching leather collars if you like the look of the old school dog collars. EDIT for clarity
  11. http://smh.domain.com.au/real-estate-news/...00602-wvym.html
  12. How absolutely awesome! can I ask what sort of business it is? Also those of you that take your dogs to work do you find a downside is that if you have to leave them home some days they are don't cope too well being without you? http://www.smh.com.au/national/whos-that-d...90828-f2ip.html
  13. I work in a dog friendly office we have up to 7 dogs some days Most days Amstaff Maltese Griffin Gorden Setter Poodle cross breed Occasionally pug westie boxer small mixed breed dog nice to see the dogs around the office. All well behaved. They get free rein around the office.
  14. I am the same, much prefer a dog over 5 months. Both my current two were 'late' to my family , one at 5 months and one at 9 months
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