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  1. thanks :) I tried a search but couldn't find anything! Been a while since I've been on here! So it isn't new then? Only just appeared on our shelves here with the big 'new' sign so we really are the state of Wait Awhile!! Hoping it will be a good food for Amber so will wait and see and report back with how she's gone :)
  2. Hi everyone, I was just down at Woolies and saw VIP pet foods have a new product 'natures goodness' grain free nutrition. I bought a bag to try my dog on as she was on Canidae grainfree previously although recently I have been giving her the 4legs meatballs (yes I know total opposite to grain free!). It looks and smells meaty and I checked the ingredients and it does have many of the same ingredients as the Canidae. The guaranteed analysis is a bit different. She was doing well on the grain free but due to various reasons took her off (not related to the food btw). This VIP one is a lot cheaper and Australian made. Does anyone have any feedback? Amber loved it but she's a Cocker Spaniel and eats most things.... even things she isn't supposed to Thanks!
  3. my sister in law's 2 huskies have gone missing from Byford - please keep an eye out for them. One male red and white, one female grey and white both 10 years old. there is a facebook page for them - https://www.facebook...sLostInByfordWa thanks :)
  4. I so want one of these! Seems to be a few different ones out there now - I remember when the roomba came out and I thought it was the best idea (I HATE vacuuming!!) but never got one. Now I think it would be a good investment :) Has anyone tried a different one or is the general consensus that the Roboking is the best one?
  5. Anyone affected by the fires? It is close to us, across the main road. So much smoke I think we will be ok but it is scary. I hope no one has been hurt There is a bushfire emergency warning called for an area in Karnup - it is so close. Stay safe if anyone is near that area.
  6. So very sorry for your loss It was a very similar scenario with my boy Diesel. Mostly fine the day beforehand (slightly off his food), massively downhill the next - not moving, pale gums, vomiting. The vet thought it was a splenic tumour and that if it was he may have been ok with removal. They operated, but it turned out to be minor in his spleen but all through his liver We had to make that awful awful decision to give him his wings. It was just all so sudden We miss him. Run free Sophie. Hugs to you. I know how hard it is and the suddeness of it all is heartbreaking. My thoughts are with you :D
  7. We currently have vinyl in the main areas and carpet in the bedrooms and theatre. Just picked out our new flooring - laminated flooring through the whole house - YAY no more carpet!!!!
  8. Beautiful photos!!!! So sweet I love the adoring look from your cav and your big boy looks so gentle with the babies Stunning little puppies!! I am sooooo puppy clucky right now - I think all this thinking about having our first litter with Amber is making me crazy We had the sweetest little 7 month old cav boy come in yesterday and he smothered me with kisses - heaven!! I LOVE Cavaliers probably as much as I love Cockers - if we had the space I would definitely have one too but our next dog will be one of Amber's pups (hopefully a boy) if we have a litter, but a cav is definitely on my list Love spaniels
  9. Hi all, Interested to know of your first breeding experiences :D Had you had any practical experience with whelping a litter with another breeder (same or different breed)? Did you do it alone or with the help of a mentor? Was your bitch a maiden too or had she had a litter previously with another breeder? Any things in hindsight you would have done differently or things that you would definitely do again? What was it like raising the pups? How did you find homes or choose which one/s would stay with you? thanks
  10. But they are in date for how many there are per packet - it will only be out of date because the OP ordered two packets to follow on from each other - it isn't up to the supplier to know if the purchaser is buying more than what they immediately need and want to stock up Personally I wouldn't use them but then I am a real stickler for use by dates on ANYTHING! Maybe you could sell the extra ones on here or donate to a shleter or something BEFORE they are close to expiry
  11. It's not so much the puppies but the parents - THEY don't get out after a few months :p
  12. I'm so sorry for your loss I wouldn't say he is asleep - that gives the impression that he WILL wake up one day - kids just don't understand the difference between 'sleep' and 'forever sleep' I have also heard that this can sometimes make kids fearful of 'sleep' if they think that they or someone close to them won't wake up. Just something to be mindful of (sorry if that just adds something horrible to think about with what you are already dealing with ) We say that our loved ones have gone to live in the stars and then we go and look out at the biggest brightest star. We have always been truthful in that we tell the kids that they have died and won't be with us anymore but we will always remember them. I find having the 'star' is helpful if they feel sad - we can go out and look at the stars and talk about whoever is missed. Thankfully, we have lost just two of our beloved animals and one dear grandparent since we've had kids but we have dealt with all passings in the same way. Big hugs to you - it is so hard to deal with your own grief as well as that of the children
  13. Awesome photos! she looks like she is having the best fun ever!
  14. I figured it was something like that! Were you not at the uni doing it though?
  15. Um why do you have a two week old rotting aborted lamb foetus in your rubbish? I know you're a vet (student?) but that is gross
  16. No petshops that sell animals are good. But some are far better than others. And you do need a job. So I say, apply for the job, go for the interview, then ask them about their policies about purchasing & rehoming puppies. Be polite - you can say that it's an issue that concerns you since they talk about it a lot on your course, for example. If the answers about where the pups come from & who they are sold to are acceptable to you (not ideal, but acceptable), and you think the boss is a good person & open to ideas, then I'd say go for the job & try to change them from inside. ;) It will never be ideal. But if it's a typical shoddy pet store, then you could possibly also do a lot of good there, if the boss will listen to your ideas. Such as to get the shop to do home checks before selling animals, get them to only buy large breed puppies with hip scores, trying to persuade them to work in partnership with the local shelter to sell pound animals not BYB animals, getting them to desex the animals before selling them (or selling them with a desex voucher included), or to only taking BYB animals to sell for free (i.e., don't pay the BYB for them so the BYB doesn't make a profit & isn't as tempted to do it again). Nice in theory but if it is THE big pet store then nothing will change My boss was really only in it for the money, he would buy dogs for as cheaps as possible and sell them for stupid amounts of money, cats were taken in for free unless they were a 'breed'. They did vet check, worm, deflea, vaccinate and groom the pups and kittens, they were fed premium food and they were all sold with discount vouchers for desexing and the next two vaccinations. People can just walk in off the street and buy a dog - one person came down to buy stamps....
  17. I would say no. You would be compromising your morals and beliefs just for a job. Believe me when I say it is not worth it I did the TAFE Animal Care course and through doing work experience as part of the course (had never thought about working in a pet shop before) I was offered a job and ended up working there for a couple of years off and on. At first I loved it, cuddling puppies and kittens, checking out new products, sharing my 'knowledge' with customers plus it was exciting knowing that a family was adding a cute new member (I was really good with customers - one even named their dog after me!). Got sick of it after a while, went elsewhere, hated THAT job so came back as I knew the job well. Lasted for a little bit longer, then left again when I was starting to hate what was happening in the shop and the whole animals in petshops thing. They rang me a year or so later begging me to come back and as we needed the money I went back. Lasted a bit longer again then never went back into that shop. I would literally be ill before going to work thinking that I would have to try to sell an animal (by this stage I wasn't selling ANY animal if I could help it and I would talk people out of purchases - just the person you really want to be working in a sales role). I used to justify my working there by saying that at least I can teach customers about registered breeders and purebreds and how to use products and training etc etc. and that the animals were being cared for as much they could be. The girls I worked with were great and very caring but they weren't knowledgable about breeds or even things like crate training or BARF or the right way to put on a check chain or what puppy farms were really like. We did what we could for the pups but I knew it wasn't enough Working there was affecting me so much because it WAS against everything I believed in. I hate that I may have contributed to dogs ending up in rescue and supporting byb and puppy farms (they did at one stage get pups from ACA but then ended up using local byb). Now I don't purchase things from places that sell puppies or kittens and won't ever buy an animal from a petshop no matter how much I want to get the cute little rabbit or bird- I will now only go through proper breeders or rescue. So, NO don't do it if you don't believe in it.
  18. ring the vet just to be sure. I would be worried about a dog ingesting ANY sort of medication.
  19. I did a google search too jaxx'sbuddy. The snopes one mentioned that it wasn't related to pesticide use as the same symptoms were found whether a dog ate commercial or household grown grapes. http://www.snopes.com/critters/crusader/raisins.asp I know that the toxin is unknown and that some dogs seem to be ok having eaten grapes their whole lives but i won't be risking it. I don't know how to manage the situation of dogs living in a vineyard - do they have full access to the vines? Is there not a houseyard type set up? Don't the growers worry about the dogs destroying the vines let alone eating the produce? Surely they would want to minimise the loss of grapes (obviously doesn't apply to those that fall on the ground). edit to add - i know that internet searches aren't always accurate as it depends on who puts the info up there but the general feeling is that grapes and raisins aren't safe.
  20. Yeah, but why risk it? YOUR dog may be the one that it DOES affect.
  21. That's beautiful :D I had a similar dream with my heart cat. When he was alive we had a baby gate separating our bedroom/theatre from the rest of the house as we were housetraining our new pup. The cats used to sit at the gate and wait for me to get up and let them through if they couldn't be bothered to jump over or sqeeze through :laugh: In my dream I opened the gate and walked through followed by two of the cats. I waited for G to walk through the gate too but he wouldn't, he just sat and looked at me. In that moment we said goodbye to each other and I closed the gate then woke up. It was so sad but yeah I believe he came to me to say goodbye as I wasn't there when he passed. Treasure the dream/visit
  22. I didn't get to see Amber until the day she came to me apart from 2 photos (one at a few days old and the other at around 5 weeks). She couldn't be more perfect
  23. How did he go at the vet this afternoon?
  24. Glad he is ok. The variety of responses here just reinforces to me that if in doubt - ring the vet!
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