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  1. Thank you very much for your feedback. I'm amazed that no one from this forum, in Australia has used it. I purchased one the other day and the fleas have gone and he has stopped scratching constantly
  2. Has anyone used this product since becoming available in Aus? If so, is it as good as advertised? Any feedback would be appreciated.
  3. Can anyone tell me if the nicestman77, Colin Butt is still sharpening blades? If so does he have a website? The one I have no longer exists. He used to be in Moruya Thank you in advance
  4. Thank you for the replies. I have been told it is the be-all and end-all, as a natural anti-inflamatory. The M.S.M powder can be bought by itself. After doing a search online, it looks like it might be worth a try, not only for my animals, but for myself!!!!
  5. Has anyone heard of, or used msm for their dogs? Any recommendations or detrimental results?
  6. I have had great success in buying Troy's Plaque Off. Pets Warehouse at Glenndening and Tuggerah have it for about $26. Now awaiting results over a couple of months.
  7. I, to would like to know any results from the much-cheaper-seaweed herbal variety. I would appreciate any suggestions that dolers can help me with my 6 year old American cocker spaniel, who has been on raw food all her life. First Dr B's and then Big Dog patties when he sold out, an didn't keep the recipe.She has also had Eagle Pack dry food and then Black Hawk, once it came out. Lately she won't eat bones!!!! I buy the little leg bones, with the two joints, knee and ankle, that she used to love. She is getting a build up of plaque, and her gums look quite red. She looks keen, sniffing and guarding it from the cats, but won't eat it!!!! I freeze them and defrost them overnight in the fridge and she used to eat them once they weren't cold. I am hoping that a period of time on plaque off might clear up any gums/teeth problems she has, but am open to any help. Thanx in advance
  8. just wondering if anyone has update results on their dogs plaque issues, since useing either Proden or Troys plaque off? Did dolers " scruffy n flea " and "Anniek" have any results useing the herbs from Canada, which is so much cheaper? Thanx
  9. I did the rounds of the op-shops and bought a folding baby change table, ( perfect height)with a solid, lift up, to fold top. My friend who came with me opted for a wooden one, on wheels, which didn't fold, but had a shelf underneath to store her grooming equipment. My dog is an American cocker spaniel and my friend has 2 min poodles. Mine cost me about $10 and my friends was about $20. I suppose it will depend on how big your dog is, as to whether they will fit on baby table, but they are perfect for small to medium dogs.
  10. I just got a bag of dog food and the feline bag. The dog biscuits are the same, but the cat food are a lighter colour and bigger biscuits. One cat (guts) who devours anything put in front of him, doesn't care, but the other, fussy one has turned his nose up at them. I am persevering with him, but has anyone else received different looking biscuits?
  11. I sent another e-mail to Big Dog company yesterday, thinking they would be back from the Xmas break. I got a phone call today from "Kristy" explaining to me, that there was no change of recipe, back when I was getting the sloppy, blood filled patties. BUT, their supplier had sent them a "wetter" product. Following lots of complaints, their scientific food person, adjusted the formular, back in December, to rectify the problem. She tells me, that, under the date stamp on the box ( I no longer have mine ) there is a code number. Any patties made after then, have the code number starting with 1121. I shall be visiting my supplier this week to check this out. She also told me they make a fish variety - wild salmon, which I will be looking into.
  12. I too, used to feed Dr B's patties until he parted company( I believe Big Dog was the processor of the patties, and retained the recipe) and his patties became the same as the Big Dog are now, sloppy and the new packaging finished me!!!! That's when someone on DOL told us about Big Dog holding the recipe. You would think there would be a glut of kangaroo,since Russia cancelled its order and no longer receives the bulk of the kill. Maybe that's why the patties aren't the same standard anymore. I still haven''t received a reply to my e-mail, but they are probably closed for the Xmas break.
  13. Thank goodness, I haven't found any metal pieces. The patties are just like described, sloppy, and I too have to mix them with a fork, to make them more "appealing" I have sent an e-mail to Big Dog Foods, asking what's going on, change of recipe etc. I haven't gotten a reply yet.
  14. Just wondering if anyone else is getting different consistencies, especially in the kangaroo variety? I was very pleased when I discovered that Big Dog Barf had kept the rights to Dr Billighurst's patties (I think that's what happened, when they parted company)But lately,the last 3 times of purchase,the kangaroo patties are sloppy and full of blood!!! Still able to see the veggies, but not so much the bone pieces. The lamb and chicken ones seemed to vary from dry to full of blood also. Anyone else experiencing this?
  15. Try taking it to an upholsterer. When my spa cover's zipper broke,my local uphosterer didn't even blink an eyelid. Apparently he also repaired campertrailer's canvas, very regularly.
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