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  1. You would need the latest gear if washing a cat, ..... Edited for atrocious grammar
  2. Thanks for all the great advice! I'm off to buy some Lamb flaps, Chicken carcasses, and Royal Canin. We're also going to stop the grazing. However, I would say that both Snoops and Kerry know that we are the pack leaders. Just an aside, is it possible for a pack to recognise two pack leaders. Kerry (Our oldest dog) recognises my OH as her pack leader, but Snoops definately recognises me as his pack leader. - Is this possible, or am I misreading their signals? Kerry always deferrs to my OH, and Snoops always defers to me.
  3. We started leaving the food down when we got Kerry our Lurcher. She was always a grazer, and would snack on her food throughout the day. Snoops does the same thing. They both eat about half their meal (all of the meat though ), and they leave the rest to snack on during the day. With the amount of food, they get 200gms of meat per day each, and a large bowl of IAMS giant breed. Quite often they don't finish everything off before it's their next meal time, so quantity is probably not the issue, and I wanted to make sure that the IAMS would be the best for them. We'd always been led to believe that IAMS was the best that you could get, so naturally, that's what we got them. I'll certainly try the lamb flaps. I think they'll both like that!! - I'd assume that I'd get these from the butcher, or a good pet store? Settrlvr - You're spot on with the pressure sores. Although neither of our dogs have them, I do worry about them being comfortable with all those bones sticking out. Having said that, when they're in the house, they have a dog basket each with an old sleeping bag each for comfort, and when they're outside, they get to sleep on all the cushioned garden furniture. To be honest, I don't think they've ever attempted to sleep on a hard surface! :D
  4. Hi, I've got a Greyhound youngster (1yr old just before christmas), and to my mind, he is too thin. I can see 6 of the bones in his back, and most of his ribs. He's not underfed, as he has IAMS giant breed available to him all the time. We also feed him 200gms of meat per day. He hardly ever empties his food bowl, and we leave the biscuits there for him to eat whenever he's hungry. He's not at all lethargic, and has plenty of energy. He gets the zoomies several times a day. I'm just wondering whether it's normal for a young Greyhound to look quite so thin, or whether I should be looking at changing his diet a bit.
  5. So Long Mable

    I'm putting this on the Rainbow Bridge for my sister in the UK. She doesn't have access to the internet, but would like people to know how special her mable was. Sylvia had Mable from a puppy some 14 years ago, and Mab's has been Sylvia's constant companion since then. You would never see one of them without the other. Unfortunately Mab's time came last week, when she became too ill to continue, and Sylvia had to perform that last act of love for her companion. I know that the whole family will miss her. She was a really special little girl who loved her 'mummy'. If anyone is ever going to be waiting at the rainbow bridge, it'll definitely be Mabel. Run free girl.....
  6. Beagle Ate A Balloon

    If you're lucky, you wont need a doggy bag to pick it up. It should come out pre-wrapped
  7. Regular Hiccups

    Snoops regularly hiccups, it's really funny to watch... SAS, your comment about growth spurts and hiccups is a bit worrying.... Snoops is already huge, and has started hiccupping again!!
  8. Greyhounds

    I'm pretty sure this is a bit of a silly question, but here goes..... I've recently adopted a deaf greyhound, that has obviously never been near a race track, and does not have any tattoos. Would I still have to muzzle him when I'm walking him? He's really sociable, and lives with our cat as well. I know this wouldn't have any bearing on the law, but I was just wondering if it was ex-racers that have to be muzzled. I live in NSW. Thanks for any advice on this.
  9. Hi All, Does anyone know of a good trainer in the Central Coast (Woy Woy) area? I think I've gone as far as I can with my two, and I need someone to help me train them a bit further. They're not going to be in any competitions, but I think that it would be good for them to have a bit more structure to their training. I've got Kerry, who's a 5 year old Lurcher, and Snoops who's a 9 month old Deaf Greyhound. I'd really like to find out how I can get Snoops to watch me for instruction more often, as trying to recall him when he's not looking at you is more than a bit difficult. Here's a picture of the gruesome twosome.
  10. Greyhounds

    Hi All, Just thought I'd drop in and introduce Snoops - now that he is a permanent member of our family. We've been fostering Snoops since February, and he's decided to make us his forever family. He did go to a lovely couple in Newcastle who train Greyhounds, but he spent the whole 20 hours that he was there crying, and pacing. Because he's totally deaf, he can cry pretty loudly. I have to say I was really happy when he came back to us, and pretty much decided there and then that he couldn't leave us. Here's a picture of him having a bit of a lie down with Kerry. (She's a Lurcher we brought with us from England - She's a Greyhound X Pharaoh) Funny to think that when he came to us, he was only a quarter the size of Kerry.
  11. Cat Food....

    I'd definately agree with Shmoo about the dental. Our Lurcher had a completely bad tooth, didn't whinge about it, and her breath didn't smell at all. The only indication was that she quickly went off her dry food, and would only eat the soft wet food. We gave her one of her favourite chews, and heard her yelp slightly when she chewed it. I guess the flavour overcame her fear of the pain. After a quick visit to the vets, and minus one tooth, she quickly went back to eating anything and everything she could get her jaws around Edited for poor spelling.
  12. Toilet Break For 6 Month Old Pup?

    Snoops is 7 months, and usually needs to pee about 2am. We take turns in letting him out, and he's only ever out for 2 minutes (far too cold to stay out longer ) At least he makes a noise now, rather than leaving his little pressies just in front of the door.
  13. Martingale Collar On Pup

    Hi, this is my first post to DOL. I have a question about the Martingale harness, and I was hoping some of you may have had some experience with them. I have a Lurcher (greyhound/pharaoh houd cross). We like to take her to the beach for a good run (It's a dog safe area, and we're allowed to let her off the leash). She does tend to pull a bit when on the lead, and I think that the harness would help with that. However, I'm worried about the safety of letting her have a good run on the beach while wearing one. Obviously I wouldn't want her to run free without some means of 'collaring' her, or not having any tags on. Does anyone have any experience of the harness, and is it OK to leave it on her when she decides to 'go for it' (upwards of 50 to 60kph!!!) (BTW, we always make sure that the beach is nearly empty before letting her run - don't want her getting a speeding ticket, or running someone down )