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  1. Stafford Fans

    A sad, sad, day yesterday. We said goodbye to our beloved Burton (aka Tykabul True Colours; aka Burty Squirty; aka our special needs Stafford). Still pretty much in shock and I keep expecting him to be there in laundry, hogging the heater. He wasn't a show dog, he wasn't a stud dog. But he was ours <3 He and his brother Chester were our first Staffords, our babies before babies came along. It's kinda painful right now but I really hope he has his smile back now, as it has been missing for a long while. Love you Burty. Always. xxx
  2. Stafford Fans

    Hey everyone, I'm kinda back from obscurity lol Updates - well, the last 3 litters were a wash-out with us having to rehome every single one of our showies We really have the anti-Midas touch at the moment and because of this we decided to have Shazz served when she came in. She is now 6 weeks preggers and bloody huge to boot. We decided to go back to what we know and linebreed, as the outcross really did nothing for us. Fingers crossed for us please, we really need a good break with this litter. Burt is still Burt, as spethal as ever, fitting here and there, peeing everywhere and in lala-land as a permanent state. My Chessie-bear is wearing old age really well bless him, Ellie gives him a run for his money but secretly I think he loves it, the grumpy old barsteward lol Ellie is Ellie, and I really do have to get her back showing again. Shazz is HUGE. She had 10 pups last time :shock: I'm kind of hoping that's not the case again but the way she looks full term at the moment, you never can tell. And yes, I'm missing all the specialties again this year until we have something to show. I do miss the Canberra show though to make it a good-un Rainy and Sandra!!! Sunny is as gorgeous as ever, just living her life and mad for a run with the ball. Im working 4 days a week now, I've just bought some purple snakeskin boots to go with my beautiful sparkly purple Harley. Life is jam packed but mostly it is good :)
  3. Stafford Fans

    The prefix is "Jackspa". I know the breeder but I don't think he's bred a litter for a good 5 years or so. Why?
  4. Stafford Fans

    Well done again babe
  5. Stafford Fans

    Well, my membership is now through (again pmsl). I spose there's no more excuses! Who's up to see me get my arse whooped with a white girl and a really REALLY f***ing feral black/brindle bitch in the NY???? We say bye bye to Texy-boy this Friday. Really happy for him, the new home sounds like they want another baby so he'll be loving it! Burton is still fitting with is Epilepsy. If his levels drop by a mg he fits When his levels are up, he's like a zombie (he wasn't the brightest spark anyway) but his toileting has just gone. He just doesn't know or doesn't care where he is so I clean up more poos and wees from him in the house than I ever have done toilet training a pup! He also has this switch that seems to know that he's outside, the switch makes him bark really really high pitched. Like his blankie has been taken away and he's having a tanty. Chessie freaks everytime he sees Burt fitting - he used to lie on him and try and hold him down as if he wanted to keep him still, but now he freaks and starts grabbing him and trying to shake him, so that's another thing we have to watch out for. The rest of the dogs are fine, thank goodness :) Except for Harley, did I mention she was a feral bitch?! Love her tude :)
  6. Stafford Fans

    I think you're indulging her a little bit .....
  7. Stafford Fans

    Well, how good am I. Not. Finally getting my act together to enter some shows after being hounded by Mark and Joy and guess what .... Membership ran out in June Whoopsie Vaguely remember the invoice going to the bottom of invoices from builders, plumbers, sparkies etc etc etc Now I have to apply all over again. Luckily my prefix is still current (not that it does any good lol) Now there's another reason I don't show very much anymore pmsl
  8. Stafford Aggression

    Choosing the dogs you socialise your pup with is as important as choosing to socialise your pup at all. As Sandra777 said, you need to select dogs that will play with her "Stafford-stylie" or at least not be offended by her style of play. Or, you need the calmer type of dog that will not get razzed up or riled when confronted with a Stafford in full on play mode. She is at the age where she will start pushing the boundaries as to what she can get away with and any correction done at this time needs to be done correctly and consistently for it to be effective (probably not going to happen straight away if she has 'tude!). If you're not sure then I would definitely suggest getting a professional in to take you through some steps on how best to achieve this. This is completely do-able so don't lose heart!
  9. Stafford Fans

    Ok, having been guilted back to DOL by Rainy (you're a cow but I luvs ya!) I firstly want to say CONGRATS to Sandra/Steve with Inca - beautiful girl (Harley approved) and also to Sera with Ronnie - well done guys, brilliant stuff and great to see you all again. Secondly - I have here photograph proof that Harley stood still (without me having to put her in a headlock for a change) for the one nanosecond it took to get this photo:
  10. Stafford Fans

  11. Stafford Fans

    If I could change those markings I would, believe me. But I'm trying to look beyond the colour at the moment and see the bones of them (I know you can't see them in these photos but they're getting up on their feet now, which means "stacking" shots coming soon). He's lovely and short in the back. The little red girl is a little corker and by far and away my pick, closely followed by the black/white girl. Really must get around to naming these little guys ..... Start weaning tomorrow to try and give Shaz a break :)
  12. Stafford Fans

    Good girl China :)
  13. Stafford Fans

    A pair of fours wins. Pick dog Pick bitch. I've got a full house! Actually your picks are interesting. The girl, yes, definitely agree*. The boy, not sure at the moment* I've just started "noticing" him. I like the red boy too and the one that reminds me of Sunny. * It is my perogative to change my mind at any given time about these puppies and state that the new intention was the original intention all along!!!
  14. Stafford Fans

    Here's an update for you :) PUPPIES!!! (about 2.5wks old)
  15. Show Training Hillsborough

    It's usually on tuesday nights, just turn up. They're pretty good - it's rain, hail or shine