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  1. Litters Due December 2012

    Great job congrats on the bubs Smisch!!
  2. Litters Due December 2012

    Here are some puppy pic hope you enjoy, good luck to everyone with there babies.
  3. Litters Due December 2012

    Just letting you all know my girl had her babies last night she has 7 in total 3 girls 4 boys, a range of colour, 2 blue merle boys, a choc merle female, a choc tri female, a choc tri male, a black and white female and a black tri male. and went well mum and bubs are well, I have two very small babies that i need to keep an eye on, but they are strong and so far so good and have already put on some weight since being born last night.
  4. Litters Due November 2012

    Congrats Fordogs on your babies :) and so sorry for the lost ones My fingers are crossed for you Piper for the safe delivery of your babies. I have attached a pic of my girl and her babies.
  5. Litters Due December 2012

    Yep I did :) like most my girls always have there season's close together lol.
  6. Litters Due December 2012

    Please Add me I have Border Collie puppies Due on the 3rd, congrats to all thos expecting, can't wait to hear all the good news.
  7. Petition

    Not sure If this has been added or not but did a quick search and didnt find anything, I got an email from DOGS NSW asking to sign this petition. I am sure I read on here somewhere before about this coming in. The email is as follows: Dear Member, There is an Online Petition for Dogs NSW Members who reside in the The Entrance Electorate, to be submitted to the State Member for The Entrance Chris Spence MP. There are two possible outcomes of the Companion Animals Taskforce, whose recommendations will be presented to the Minister in the next few weeks, that may have a significant impact on our activities. There could be an extra level of Regulation but of more concern, your kennels may have to be inspected and approved by the RSPCA or Animal Welfare League before you are allowed to breed a litter, and you may have to pay up to $500 for the privilege. Once we have a significant number of names on the Petition a meeting will be arranged with Chris and he will be provided with a folio of information to support our requests. Please start signing now and direct anyone you know who lives in the The Entrance area to this link. Petition Link For those who wish to help fellow breeders that live in this area, just remember once it starts others could follow! The Entrance is located on the Central Coast for those who where unsure. http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/companion-animals-taskforce18.htm Edit to say it will come up as error when you click on the link but just go to the bottom of the page where it say "try this link" (option 2)
  8. Litters Due November 2012

    Congrats to all the everyone who had puppy's, I espically love the pugs I just have a sweet spot for those guys!. :) My girl had her puppys this morning first born at 2.55am and last born at 7am, she done an amazing job for her first litter, like a pro. She had 7 chocolate pups all up, 5 boys and 2 girls. Like just said you always get the boys when you want to keep a girl lol. There all healthy and feeding well and that's all that matters.
  9. Litters Due November 2012

    congrats to all those expecting and sorry to those who missed , please add me to the list as we are expecting a litter of border collie pups on the 17th my girls first litter
  10. Border Collie Pics

  11. Vale Alan Wilton

    I to just received the email, rest in peace Alan
  12. Border Collie Pics

    I dont often post but I love visiting to see the pictures of all the gorgeous border collies. Also wanted to add a picture of one of my puppys I bred born on the 8th of april and is DOGS NSW puppy of the month. He was born a seal or ghost sable border collie. He lives with a fantastic family in newcastle NSW and is currently training in obedience and in the nexted couple of weeks agility Link to DOGS NSW page http://www.dogsnsw.org.au/puppies/puppy-competition.html
  13. Litters Due In April 2011

    My girl was like this last week not eating or drinking and the puppies where starving aswell, the vet gave my girl a vitamin b injection for a boost and an antibiotic injection, she also had bloods taken to check calcium levels etc all was fine so she was put on antibiotic tablets for a week aswell and after a couple of hours she was eating and has been good ever since, it was assumed she had an infection somewhere that was making her feel unwell. maybe your girl is feeling a bit off aswell. good luck
  14. Litters Due In April 2011

    Very interesting. I have a black pup here who is the same colour and not a normal black. Could they be a slate or very dark blue?? I emailed to a couple of breeders all have different opinions, I have a blue merle in the same litter who has the colouring and also a black patch, one breeder thought maybe a shaded sable and another a dark blue, but with the blue merle who has the colouring we are unsure. guess I will just have to wait and see
  15. Litters Due In April 2011

    and a group shot of them all. Mum is doing better now so decided not to supplement, she is much happier and is now eating and drinking normally so now has a stack of milk