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    Dog's,Training ,showing,taking them for bush walks/swimming
    Horse's,riding - western events and trails nice long, mountain ones.<br /afe)

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  1. just wanted to say that Burns pet foods is in nsw not vic , (its under the vic heading) and also they are great there they have mince , roo tails , duck frames, and so much more at the best prices.
  2. It's right under the pad, the pad itself is not cut but the flesh that joins it to his foot, it is not stiched as the vet said that they would just rip open. I'm hoping it will heal quicker as its not the actual pad. Thanks
  3. Our poor stumpy cattle came home late arvo on Sunday to find he has sliced open his paw, right under his large pad on his front paw. Have no idea how he has done it but its major,we think he got caught on some tempory wire fencing we have up to try to save the grass the vet was shocked to how bad it is.(wish i took a photo) She sedated him and gave it a good wash out and bandaged it all up ($350 later), she recommends coming back and getting it changed on Friday. i need some advice on how long between changes i'm inclined to do it myself as i really can't justify paying $30 every few days for them to do it when i know how to do it after working at vet and kennel's ect... plus friday would be four days later and to me that seems a long time to leave a bandage on?? i can see this being a long healing process, especially cause he is so active at 10 months and is a big boy. ANY advice would be appreciated Tanya
  4. Hi Me and my partner have a unreg stumpy cattle and would love to try herding jut wondering where to start , used to take our kelpie to erskin park. Years ago on a Sunday Any info would be appreciated Tanya
  5. hi dogs do have pores, Most of dogs sweat glands are on their pads: Dogs do not produce sweat for thermoregulation. However, they do have sweat glands, called apocrine glands, associated with every hair follicle on their body. The exact function of these is not known, but it is suspected that these are meant to produce pheromones or chemical signals for communication with other dogs. These sweat secretions probably produce an individual odor signal that is recognizable by other dogs and their tongues allow the water from their bodies to evaporate and cool down their bodies. Im a groomer in training and i have been taught and agree with rinsing is a very important part of the bathing process why spend time thoughly massaging the shampoo and trying to get the dirt out if your not going to properly rinse the dog !,i will always use a soap free ph balanced shampoo much better for the dogs coat and doesn't wash the frontline/advantix off!! Hydrosurge is a new way of bathing looks great im getting mine in august tanya
  6. hi thanks everyone i brush him at least every second day but its just not coming out with a normal bush. so I'll give the rake a go,i don't want to cut his coat. thanks Tanya heres a pic of my boy,some of his coat from a few weeks ago but is even curlier now,due to the under coat. thanks again Tanya
  7. hi I'm looking for a coat stripper for my dog,he is a border collie,i have never owned one before and was told a rake type comb/brush to get out the under coat is the way to go. I was thinking the mars coat king.(not trying to promote) anyone have any suggestions/opinions? much appreciated Tanya
  8. have a look at JRT's even though there not on your list they are very tough little dogs, and my jack gets along so well with my border they are pretty equaly matched,and she is amazing at agility,she lives for it.and pretty trainable too,with a little food she will do anything
  9. Name: Storm Sex: Male Date of birth: 27th october '06 Age: 10 months! Colour: Blue Merle Breed: border collie Hobbies: Following me around everywhere, sliding down the grass in the rain,pulling his matress out of the kennel with other dog on it at 1am Loves:tennis balls,the creek,walking off lead,chewing on roxy(other dog 2yr JRT) Hates: Being groomed, stangers,show training,bath time! puppy storm first night home (raining ) at 8 months (need to get some new ones)
  10. Name:Tanya Craig Age (optional):nearly 18 Location:castle hill Rescue Group:NA Time in Rescue:NA Who can vouch for:NA Preferred Breed:terriers,working dogs,anything that resembles a dog. :rolleyes: Experience (if any):Been working at a kennel for the last 4 months or so, have bred and raised two litters of jacks but no rescue expirience ,a few overnighters that got lost and we tracked down the owners. Microchip: always Vaccination:ALWAYS Desexing:YES YES YES Heartworm test:Depends age worming: from pups flea treatment:yes basic training/teach manners:of course house train dogs yep Dogs inside the home or outside.:inside for a little to house train or when young Are you prepared to give extra care for a submissive nervous dog:definatly IM new here but want to help,i only work 1-3 days a week so if anyone has any suggestions where/how i can help let me know. (I dont have a licsence but i can use publice trainsport to get to places if i need to)
  11. hey this is a video i made one night when i coulnt sleep its not the greatest but it turned out good put to the "roxanne"song from moulin rouge
  12. Hi I have a border collie he is 7 months old and is my first working dog,i want to give herding a go ,how do i get into it,where? thanks!
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