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  1. yes .. my two have air con in summer and heating in winter. I also leave the TV on because my older boy Bandit likes to listen to it ... :)
  2. Congratulations bazilybazbaz ... very well deserved! good luck!
  3. Chronicles Of Jonah

    thanks for the photos ... I keep coming back to see the updates. I'm a little bit in love with Jonah ...
  4. oh bless her .. her eyes say it all ... you know Michelleva its ok to have a foster failure .. some things are just meant to be! when I was young I had a rough collie called bonnie ... my late father was Scottish and he called her his bonnie wee lass ... hence the name Bonnie ...
  5. So Proud Of My Girl!

    how can anyone resist those eyes .. she has that .. you can trust me look ...
  6. Some Photos From Around The Farm

    I think I might have a crush on Alvin ... he has such a great expression on his face!
  7. Would You Give An Adopted Dog Back?

    I honestly couldn't decide how to vote. I have two adopted dogs and they both bonded with my kids straight away. I feel very sorry for the lady but also sympathise with the new family.
  8. Nsw Bushfires - For Newbie Members!

    I'm also thinking of everyone.
  9. What Is Your Favourite Animal To Own

    I've had rabbits, mice, cats, dogs, sheep, guinea pigs and horses. for me it comes down to the individual personalities. I had a horse that would see me at the gate and come running and give me kisses, others that didn't lift an ear. But my favourite animal of all time was my late cat Charlie .. I saved her from a bin when she was only a couple of weeks old and she was devoted to our family. next would be my childhood collie rough called Sheba ... :)
  10. Some Photos From Around The Farm

    fantastic photos .. thanks so much for sharing ..
  11. Greater Love . . . . . . .

    sounds like a great friend!
  12. Do You Report People?

    I do as well ..
  13. yes thanks from me too YG .. and I've just fallen in love with a crestie called 'Dreamy' .. who could resist those eyes! I hope he finds his forever home soon ...
  14. Poor little man .. this is probably a naïve question but I assume the breeder is aware he is at the rspca? they are not in Tassie ..