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  1. Thanks for all the advice and the love and the hugs. My last pup (that I actually found through dolforums!) had her first seizure roughly a year after I got her - she was 7. We never did any further testing as she had a heart problem and wouldn’t be able to be anaesthetised for any procedures or scans. We treated her with anti seizure medication as well as her heart meds. She lived another 8 years and we had to let her go when she had a series of very bad seizures and the vet thought at this point we couldn’t do any more for her. She lived till she was 15 and She was the best dog ever!!! I think my sister wants to conclusively find out what her dog has but I’ll keep you all posted on the outcome thanks everyone again xx
  2. Hi all thanks so much for your comments and taking time to look. Weve come back from sash and they also think it’s neurological. We have an mri booked in on Tuesday to exclude other things. Thanks all will keep you all posted
  3. Thanks for the tip https://youtu.be/xpR0UjWuZi8 https://youtu.be/VU7eZI9KQLE
  4. Hi guys i have a 7 year old mixed breed rescue who has been with us for a few years now. And she is in good health generally. Last weekend she started having what we thought were leg cramps but didn’t seem to be in pain. Took her to the vet and did all the normal tests and even some bloods and all normal. We put her on some low dose anti inflammatory medication just in case it was a muscle spasm and we thought it had passed as no cramps for a couple of days. Last night she had four. We sent the video to our vet who said she hadn’t seen it before and forwarded it to specialists. You guys helped me last time with my previous dog so I’m hoping you all can again! Any experience of this or advice would be much appreciated! Stupidly just realised I cannot upload videos cos they are too large so if someone can advise me how to do that too!
  5. I have and sent her the video. They're just as stunned.
  6. Our pup Vinnie has odd behaviour which doesn't happen terribly often. But when it does it freaks me out. The first time it looked like and epileptic fit. After the first time, I thought it looked more like he was humping air. He he has a very confused look like he can't control the back part of his body but he doesn't have the same glazed look my poor hazel had when she had seizures. Anyone encountered this before? i have a video but can't upload it cos of the file size! also his back legs seem quite weak is this common in the breed?
  7. Will be there sometime next week! Looking forward to it. I'll bring by some other stuff too. And you guys can pick. Just saw the Christmas spread. Worried if I go I'll come home with one!!!
  8. That would be great! I may be able to drop it off in kogarah before then. Wouldn't mind taking a look as well. Can someone please send me details?
  9. I may be able to, but it won't be till next week?
  10. Hi all I have an almost full bag of Prescription Diet I/d and some cans of k/d if anyone needs it for their rescue/foster.
  11. Thank you all so much. It means so much when people understand and it's not just 'A DOG'. I will post a photo and share with everyone when I get home. It was hard to get up today. And I woke up several times during the night. But I keep telling myself. She's not suffering. And she knows I loved her and as selfish as I am and wanted more time with her I know I did the best. I just have to keep reminding myself and I go crazy trying to understand why it happened so quickly but it won't bring her back. I loved every post here. Dol-ers are like family. If it weren't for this I would not have been so lucky to have found her Xxx
  12. Thanks all. I'm struggling with how I get to sleep at night. My room now seems so lonely ???? I know I did what was best for her but it's still so hard. I love it that we all understand it :)
  13. Hi all thank you for all your kind supportive words. I found hazel through these forums and we have had lots of ups and downs together. I know I did the right thing as our vet who is the best in the world confirmed that I was doing the only thing that was right for her. We shared the day together with her lying in our arms before we went to the GP. She went quickly and painlessly. She looked so tired. We cried and cried and I still can't believe she's gone. My poor baby Hazel. 11-08-2000 - 22-10-2015. Rip Hazel.
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