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  1. I ran the Kennel and they haven't had any other dogs coming down with symptoms. If it's not clearing up by the weekend I'll get a vet to check for a grass seed. He LOVES the honey mixture. Thanks everyone for your help.
  2. Sometimes (eg. once or twice a day, depending on the heat factor and whether I feel my dog needs more hydration) I will mix it with water. But only use a small amount of water (the quantity you would want your dog to drink in one go) as you'll find your dog will love it and will drink for the taste rather than because he needs all that water. I made the mistake of mixing it in too much water one time and it caused my dog to pee a lot and frequently .... not great when you're house training!!! . I wouldn't give it in water directly before bed time for this reason :p. My boy enjoys licking it off his (own) spoon in between times. When my boy was showing the coughing symptom and sore throat, I dosed (good sized teaspoon at a time) about 3 times a day. Maybe an extra one here and there to ease the cough itself, if it started up. That was only for the first couple of days. Even though his symptoms (coughing/sore throat) disappeared inside 24 hours, I dosed him 2 x daily pretty much for the rest of the week. Thanks Erny. I'll go and get some. I got some in my break earlier $25 for 250g, with UMF15+. Expiry date 2013.
  3. If you can, try to get the Active Manuka Honey from a health food shop. Some supermarkets might sell it, but I'm not so sure it would be the quality stuff. It can be pricey, but IMO well worth it. I always have a jar of it in the pantry. It lasts forever (as in storage) and I use it for myself either when I think a cold or sore throat is coming on; digestive upset; or just feeling a little 'off'. I use it the same with my dogs. If I expect my dog has to undergo anything that might be stressful, I dose him up beforehand, just to give his system that extra boost. And we both love it . Yum. . VJB ... hope your friend's dog is ok. Sounds to me as though secondary complications set in. I've not heard of dogs being put under sedation for Cough though, nor for secondary complications. But that's only my experience. Yep, no worries. I'll go to the health food shop in my break. He is going to think all his Christmas's have come at once with such an awesome treat!
  4. Thanks Erny, At the moment I'm not too concerned and he's not distressed about it, will definitely keep a close eye on him though and buy some honey on my way home. Cheers Rhi
  5. Hi could anyone help me please, I picked Sable up from his normal boarding kennel last Wednesday by Friday I had noticed his nose is really runny (clear) and he was snorting regularly. Last night he started snorting backwards and rubbing his nose. His eyes are clear and normal and he doesn't look lethargic or unwell in any other way. Could it be a symptom of Kennel cough? I also thought it could be a cold (it's been really hot here in Adelaide, he's been inside most of the time but outside sometimes too ie the switching from hot to cool) I haven't taken him to the vet yet because he doesn't handle the vets well and I would have to sedate him in order to go. I just want to get other peoples opinions. Thanks in advance.
  6. Rhi

    Any Tips?

    Thanks for getting the ball rolling! Great suggestion. I haven't mastered it yet. I was trying to get Sable 'touch' the mat and bridge as soon as his foot is on the mat. But he hasn't worked out what he is get rewarded for yet. We'll get there eventually. Cheers
  7. Rhi

    Any Tips?

    With the winter (muddy) season approaching, it would be handy to teach my boy how to wipe his feet. Any suggestions?
  8. We had our consult last night... Sable was angel the whole time the behaviourist were there, he only barked 3 maybe 4 times for the whole night!!! No suprising news really but now have specific training tailored to his situation, so in the long run it will work out well for everyone. Basically, he is bored during the day and manipulating situations when we are home to raise himself in the pack rank and to get his way.... We have to cracked down on his behaviour ie when asked to sit, he sits but then moves off the mark when he wants to "I could sit but... I really don't want to, so I'll go get my ball instead". So we have to really target the behaviours we want and ignore what we don't, he has to obey our commands before any rewards. He is a dominet dog, so we have to establish ourselves higher in the pack rank. We have to do away with his food bowl (sigh), from now on he will get his food from kongs, food cubes, busy buddies etc. NO FREE FOOD, he has to work for all his food to keep his mind active. All his toys are to be removed and only given to him for play time. We are to have a training session and a walk every day (already in place), in addition learn to walk with a double ended lead and teach him to 'STOP' in a emergency situation. I'm excited to get into a new routine, and hopefully a more rounded and happy dog. No more woof woof! Thanks to all those who offered advice. 8)
  9. Yep got a lady coming over Wednesday night. I wish I had a degree in dog thoughts and behaviours so I could sought this issue out myself without forking out a small fortune... But alass I'm sure she'll help in one shape or form. Fingers crossed!
  10. While I thought my techniques of NILIF and ignoring him was starting to work. He just won't give up! I refused to let him inside last night so he barked for 3 hours and 1 hour this morning before work... obviously this is not a good thing. So much so that we got our Council complaint in the mail today. The neighbours have spoken to us before but the situation hasn't changed much and can understand their complaint. He barks all day and ALOT when we are home. So I've got two weeks to shut him up before the council takes it's next level of action. I've contacted Bark Busters and they are willing to come at the drop of a hat (providing I pay the absorbent fee). I've been reading other peoples posts on ecollars, I think that this might be the way to go. He is too intelligent for Ultrasonic and I don't want to use Citronella. I just need help...
  11. So, I've been doing a lot of lable and internet reading about the ingredients in Large Breed Adult foods. It's all massively confusing... I've come across one brand after doing a search here (in health section) I can't find many reviews. Does any one use Pro Plan by Purina? Please share any success/horror stories. Just interested to find out more on this brand.
  12. I've only used priceless pets once... The order I put in was $41 and I was charged $410!!!!!! :rolleyes: I understand it was human error, I just wasn't impressed when it took over a week to get my money back. I will use them again, because there customer service was up to scratch and the product I order arrived in my mail before I got the reembursment in my back account. Rhi
  13. This is great advice, I'm going to have to train myself to be a more thorough lable reader (well at least for the first purchase)! Thanks to everyone who has replied.
  14. Sable is currently on Science Diet Large Breed Puppy (vet is a good sales man!) and is now ready to move onto an adult diet. He has knee joint issues and would I like to include a Glucosamine supplement to his diet whether it's in the kibble or as additive. Can anyone recommend a brand that they have had success with...
  15. Anissa's method is starting to work slowly but surely. (reward when quiet ignore when noisey, change up rotine) but the neighbours have complained about his barking when we are not home... What do people think... would a DAP or ultrasonic collar also aid my training in this situation? ETA: I think he is to intelligent for a citronella collar, he'd quickly learn to trun his head.
  16. Thanks, If i could bark I'd probably think it's fun too. I'll give your suggestion a go, learning to 'stay' is going to be taught at his later obedience classes... Peanut butter kongs, he's going to get fat
  17. I normally just try and wait it out but sometimes when he is really demanding I'll walk past the window but completely ignore him and wait for him to settle. When he won't settled down I'll recall him, make him sit and make eye contact for 10 secs before praising him. This does seem to work but that means he got what he wanted... my attention. It's a toughy, I know...
  18. It is true that he is an outside dog but inside at night after walk/dinner/play time. Dose anyone else have any tips that I could put in place, at the moment I am trying to mix up his routine and trying to randomise his rewards.
  19. We have only had him for a few months and hadn't taken him to any classes until now but I definately say I was using positive reinforcement training, without even knowing it!
  20. We've started obeidence training, 4 weeks ago. At home we now make him earn every bit of attention he gets ie. 'sit' before we come out the door, 'wait' for dinner etc. The increasing problem that we are having is his demanding of attention... it started out as whinging by the backdoor and has now progressed into barking, barking, barking some more. He barks along our fence lines when theres nothing there, coming back to the house proud as punch. If we are ignoring him or he can't see us he'll repeat the process over and over again. His barking is strictly attention seeking, he knows when it's breakfast/walk/games/heater time. I've tried mixing his routine up a little but it's been hard. Besides pandering to his barking and/or ignoring him are there any other techniques people could suggest. Thanks in advance Rhi (going out of my mind)
  21. Good tip After reading this post on Friday I thought I'd give the shower a go (instead of the cold bath on the lawn)... Sable was so well behaved in the shower, only one big shake afterwards. He hated the hairdryer, nearly went through our glass window when I turned it on, so he got to dry the slow way... snoozing in front of the heater. My OH thought I was possessed even attempting it but in true Sable style he aced it!
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