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  1. Dalmatians 101

    Thanks for that Horrie!! hoping we can bring him home tonight. He looked much happier this morning when I picked him up from the hospital to take him back to the vet... But then he was in pain trying to pee and panting lots so we left him with them again for the day for fluids & pain relief & will see how he is this arvo...
  2. Dalmatians 101

    Hi there everyone... Hiya Horrie Did ya miss us??? Well I'm back and unfortunately its because poor Monty is at the hospital recovering from having a laparotomy & cystotomy for a bladder full of stones :D Now looking to see what complete dry food everyone has been feeding their spotty kids... We think it has been caused by his diet which was way too high in protein after we changed him over to grain free a few months back because of his sensitive skin Anyway his skin has never looked better and I was very happy with it from that point of view. But damn I never wanted to cause him any pain His breeders have said their lot are on Just Natural but I cant seem to find it... Might just put him back on Nutro if its protein is low enough. The vet is recommending Hills Prescription U/D but has to order it in, Im just worried because his skin really flared when he was on Hills when he was a puppy... Anyone have any ideas??
  3. Artemis Dogfood

    Well we tried Artemis Maximal for Monty because of his skin sensitivity and his skin never looked better... BUT now I am sitting here trawling through looking for advice about low protein diets because tonight for the 2nd night in a row Monty is in hospital after requiring surgery for bladder stones :D The vet & his breeder seem to think that it has been caused by the high protein diet of Maximal (Crude protein 42%)
  4. Innova Evo

    Well our pack of Artemis arrived today They shipped it on tuesday from Victoria and it was here this morning! Also will be looking at getting a Brisbane stockist... Will let everyone know what happens...
  5. Innova Evo

    Im so glad I came on here, I havent been here for ages but was fighting the demons inside to go against all of my beliefs and try Monty on EVO... I desperately DO NOT want to support PP. I have called Natura in the US and are trying to see if there is any way that another company can import the EVO, I am wondering if anyone else wants to call them and plead with them about the PP dilema. Anyway after reading this thread I am looking at Artemis Maximal. EVO vs Maximal any comments??? Food wise I mean not the PP issues. I know all about the PP and have always sworn I would not support them in anyway. I am trying my hardest to make it known to Natura that the wider dog community of Australia refuse to support puppy farms and the PP company. Just wondering if there are more people out there telling them the same story if they will actually look at giving it to another supplier because surely they are not interested in supporting PP.
  6. Nutro

    We went back to feeding Monty Nutro Lamb & rice the day that it was available as he had done so well on it before the importing stopped... I had been very unhappy having to change from Nutro and started him on Nutrience Derma which he adjusted to well but didnt seem to be quite as good with his skin. Then we couldnt get Derma easily and had to order it in well in advance. Then when we heard that Nutro was back I was excited, and because we needed food our store actually had the supplier send us a bag ASAP before the store actually recieved the stock. Anyway I dont know what they have changed but we r just about to finish the 18kg bag and have noticed over the past few weeks that Monty has been having some dry spots and a few lumps in his skin His skin has always been sensitive but I dont ever remember him having any issues with the previous Nutro Lamb & rice. But now that we cant get Nutrience Derma easily and the Nutro doesnt appear to be as fantastic as i was last time, I am fighting the demons inside to go against all of my beliefs and try him on EVO... I desperately DO NOT want to support PP. I have called INNOVA in the US and are trying to see if there is any way that another company can import the EVO.
  7. Dalmatians 101

    Love those pics of Mia... Splatty where do you guys live? We should catch up and you can meet Monty and I can meet Mia My hubby just saw the pics of Mia and thinks that Monty & Mia could be brother & sister...
  8. Dalmatians 101

    This is on a camping trip in May
  9. Dalmatians 101

  10. Dalmatians 101

    At the beach
  11. Dalmatians 101

    Thanks for the welcome back Horrie... And thanks for the piccies.... Hmmmmm let me see if I can find some new ones of Monty
  12. Dalmatians 101

    HI HORRRRIEEEEEE :D Just wanted to say hello I dont have time to go through all the hundreds of pages to catch up but I guess I will eventually. But had to get on and find out about an alternative for Nutro... Im wondering what premium kibble other dallies are getting???? Like the look of ORIJEN but wondering if it is too much protein and if that will make Monty more prone to kidney stones :D
  13. HI all... Been so long since we have been around and we just found out about the nutro supply :D :D Just wondering what everyone else is trying???? Monty has been on Nutro Lamb & Rice for almost 2 years now and it was the best thing that we could have fed him - it cleared up all his sensitive skin probs. Anyway not very happy at all but today hubby came home with a bag of Nutrience Derma to try til we can find something up to the quality of Nutro or better. ANY IDEAS???? Am thinking that Orijen is maybe too much protein for a Dally and REFUSE to go to PP to get Innova. Has anyone heard anything about Natural Balance? I would be very interested to see what hesapandabear thinks because they put me onto Nutro to start with All ideas welcome MM
  14. Dalmatians 101

    SSS we were standing at the very front as you walked in the door, just felt that the lady who stopped to ask me what time the Dallies were on may have been some one from here. I had a hot pink polo shirt on with jeans. I told the lady that the Dallies were just about to start and she went straight to sit down in the stand... Beljae so Monty and Forge have a family connection then :D The lady who is showing Monty's Mum & sister in the photos is actually Wendy (from BREWEN [brett & Wendy]) she travelled down with the 3 dogs from up north and had Allison helping her out by showing Forge's Dad
  15. Dalmatians 101

    SSS you didnt happen to stop and ask someone in the dog pavillion when the dallies were on did you?? We were standing right in front of the door closest to the grandstand with Piper in a wheelchair...