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  1. I did use it before with our standard poodle as an addition to his diet. I remember them being about a dollar then. I was now looking for a more complete, balanced diet, and Ziwi looked really good on paper (except the cost of course).
  2. I wanted to try Ziwi Peak for awhile but never did it because of the cost. Well, I finally got a 1 kg mackerel and lamb pack and decided to give it a try. As suggested, I mixed it with the food I am currently using and gave it to our 1 year old mini poodle. Well, little princess took all of it out of her bowl and ate only Ziwi and left her regular food. I guess she likes Ziwi better. She was never a big eater, so this is new experience for us. Now, it’s only left to budget it in somehow. Not so hard with mini poodle, I am just happy we don’t have a Rottweiler.
  3. They replaced grains with legumes. And, if I remember correctly, the overdose with one of the amino acids present in legumes caused heart problems. It is still largely not understood, but no need to risk it.
  4. Well, this year sucks on so many levels for so many people, but we lost 2 of our dogs this year. Bruno was 13, standard poodle. He was suffering from Addison's disease for last couple of years. While the therapy worked and he was fine, he was also getting old, he had problems with hearing and his eyesight as well. In March he just went to sleep and never woke up. He was an amazing person and we miss him dearly. Then in July, Benji, our 9 years old mini poodle somehow managed to get through the fence into a neighbouring backyard where he was attacked by 2 huskies (we are still not sur
  5. So sorry to hear this. We always used air transport in the past and never had any problems. This is just devastating.
  6. I must say we have limited experience with poodles, owning or being in close contact with about 9-10 of them, but our experience with all of them was exactly opposite of this.
  7. We had a mini poodle when our sons were growing up. Benji was following them everywhere doing everything with them. He was just great. Benji was such a brilliant little dog that our friends fell in love with him and got two poodles themselves. Boys grew up and left and Benji was tragically killed by a much bigger dog. We now have another mini poodle, girl this time and she is great too. So friendly and smart, much more subtle in everything that Benji. We are thinking of getting another one as well. Not much experience with schnauzers though. I don;t know how different are they betwee
  8. Article in Guardian about genetic analysis of Labradoodles. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2020/sep/10/labradoodle-study-reveals-dogs-are-actually-mostly-poodle
  9. Reading must be a dying skill these days. It clearly says: "dachshund named Leo, which ran over and bit the mastiff on the leg, sparking a fight between the animals" and "this distracted the mastiff that turned round and started fighting with the dachshund". As for girl being unhurt: "her left hand was all bitten" and "the child has been released from hospital and is now recovering at home". Clearly not unhurt. The story is actually true. They are going to erect a monument for this little dog.
  10. Leo the dachshund saves a girl.
  11. I don't know if this was posted already. It is a very nice story about the reunion between retired US army serviceman and dog he used to work together in Iraq. Read the whole story on the Youtube.
  12. I have no idea if this was ever posted here. I just found the article published by American Veterinary Medicine Association of dog breeds involved in fatal dog attacks over period of 20 years. I will just put the article abstract here. Breeds of dogs involved in fatal human attacks in the United States between 1979 and 1998 Jeffrey J. Sacks, MD, MPH Leslie Sinclair, DVM Julie Gilchrist, MD Gail C. Golab, PhD, DVM Randall Lockwood, PhD Division of Unintentional Injury Prevention, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, US Department of Health and Human Services, US Public Health S
  13. Not really, they have just been replaced with staffords and American staffords.
  14. Wrong. You shouldn't really talk about something you know nothing about. It looks like trolling. And some new information. Allegedly, the owner of the dog have history of clashing with police and trying to get compensation. So the whole thing may be a set up.
  15. And they have right to remove anybody from the crime scene anyway they like. Did police act in the most intelligent way? Of course not. But some comments here were way out of touch with reality.
  16. That is just not correct. But since it has nothing to do with the topic I'll leave it at that.
  17. Let's guess, you are very young.
  18. Oh, and by the way that man was officially arrested for obstruction of the justice at the crime scene. And no, he didn't have right to film anything at the crime scene.
  19. Mass demonstrations in Egypt and Turkey were anything but spontaneous people rebellions. They were organised abroad and had an only purpose to destabilise governments in those countries. Didn't work in Turkey though. Greece was entirely different thing. As for people's militia keep government honest and all that crap, why is that first thing they all always do to loot and destroy public property?
  20. Well, I have read a bunch of comments on some US sites, and vast majority of people seem to support police action in this case. They don't seem to think that police did anything wrong. They do feel sorry for the dog, but they blame the owner. I thought it is very interesting comparison to sentiment here on this site.
  21. Methinks that people that make mistakes are most likely to blame somebody else.
  22. Sending a text message is an evidence. Even if the message is deleted it is still traceable. Just a thought.
  23. I am not sure what to think about this, but it must have been incredible amount of time spent. Video
  24. Now, that is reasonable response. Thanks for that. I didn't mean all bull breeds, of course. Certainly not pugs or Bostons. Mainly those that get most of attention these days. And I do know that there are some fantastic dogs and owners out there. I am not the one that needs convincing. I just don't like how all threads ends like this. Complete waste of everybody's time.
  25. The first off lead dog that attacked my Kenny was a poodle, lucky for it that he wasn't aggressive & just knocked it down & held it by the throat, until the idiot owner stopped screaming & put it on lead. Her dog was totally unharmed, it didn't stop her abusing me for having one of "those dogs" out in public. The owners of the next two off lead dogs that attacked him did the same. OH & the last dog that attacked him, sent me to hospital, requiring me to get over 20 stitches in my leg, strangely that incident didn't make the news. It annoys the crap out of me, that those th
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