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  1. Breed Entry numbers listed below. Thank you everyone for your entries. Look forward to seeing you all there. Exhibit numbers will be available for collection on the day, and Society representatives on the gate will have a list of exhibitors and a catalogue, so entry passes will not be required.Hope you have a great weekend and safe travelling. CULCAIRN SHOW SOCIETY - 3/10/15 3-6 mth Sweepstakes 25 6-12 mth Sweepstakes 12 Group Breed Exhibits Total Toys Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 13 Chihuahua (Long Coat) 1 Chihuahua (Smooth Coat) 2 Chinese Crested Dog 1 Griffon Bruxellois 4 Havanese 2 Italian Greyhound 9 Japanese Chin 2 King Charles Spaniel 2 Lowchen 1 Miniature Pinscher 2 Papillon 6 Pekingese 3 Pomeranian 2 Pug 11 Tibetan Spaniel 2 Toys 63 Terriers Airedale Terrier 2 Australian Terrier 5 Border Terrier 4 Cairn Terrier 1 Fox Terrier (Smooth) 4 Irish Terrier 10 Jack Russell Terrier 6 Kerry Blue Terrier 2 Manchester Terrier 3 Scottish Terrier 5 Sealyham Terrier 2 Skye Terrier 4 Staffordshire Bull Terrier 14 Tenterfield Terrier 3 West Highland White Terrier 2 Terriers 67 Gundogs Bracco Italiano 3 Clumber Spaniel 4 Cocker Spaniel 11 Cocker Spaniel (American) 5 English Springer Spaniel 2 Flat Coated Retriever 1 German Shorthaired Pointer 8 German Wirehaired Pointer 7 Golden Retriever 18 Gordon Setter 1 Hungarian Vizsla 11 Irish Setter 4 Italian Spinone 1 Labrador Retriever 8 Pointer 8 Weimaraner 1 Welsh Springer Spaniel 1 Gundogs 94 Hounds Azawakh 1 Basenji 8 Beagle 6 Dachshund (Long Haired) 1 Finnish Spitz 2 Greyhound 1 Rhodesian Ridgeback 1 Whippet 9 Hounds 29 Working Dogs Australian Cattle Dog 10 Australian Kelpie 3 Australian Shepherd 8 Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog 1 Belgian Shepherd Dog (Tervueren) 2 Border Collie 14 Collie (Rough) 6 Finnish Lapphund 1 German Shepherd Dog 6 Shetland Sheepdog 11 Welsh Corgi (Cardigan) 2 Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) 2 Working Dogs 66 Utility Dogs Akita 3 Bernese Mountain Dog 2 Boxer 5 Bullmastiff 3 Dobermann 7 German Pinscher 2 Mastiff 2 Neapolitan Mastiff 1 Portuguese Water Dog 3 Rottweiler 4 Samoyed 4 Shiba Inu 1 Siberian Husky 4 Tibetan Mastiff 1 Utility Dogs 42 Non Sporting Boston Terrier 1 British Bulldog 2 Dalmatian 4 French Bulldog 3 German Spitz (Mittel) 3 Great Dane 5 Japanese Spitz 4 Keeshond 2 Lhasa Apso 2 Poodle (Miniature) 2 Poodle (Standard) 1 Poodle (Toy) 3 Schipperke 3 Shih Tzu 5 Tibetan Terrier 2 Non Sporting 42 Total Entries 403
  2. First of all - everyone, thank you for your support and your entries. Postal entries will remain open until Friday July 31st. Oz Entries probably until the Sunday evening. In addition would everyone please note the following information / requests - (a) We would like you all to collect your exhibit numbers on the day. Where all entries are in only one Group (eg., Toys), exhibit numbers will be available at ring-side. For Multi-Group entries (eg., Toys & Non-Sporting) and Catalogues please come to the Secretary's office (b) Breed numbers will be posted on both Facebook and here on DOL. Unfortunately not much help to all those exhibitors without access to the internet, for which we apologise. (b) For exhibitors who entered on-line we have stamps and envelopes as re-imbursement for your postage fees. Please make sure you collect them as well. © Where possible, for postal entries, receipts will be returned in the envelopes provided so that entries may be double checked to ensure catalogue accuracy - owners names, Classes, etc (d) We will have seven individual Group rings set up and Judges will move as required. Rings for MVKC Gundogs and Gundogs of the Southern Region will be adjacent. (e) Do NOT expect to set up BEFORE 2.00 pm on the Thursday. (f) Please ensure you are set up at least 2 metres back from the rings and that WALKWAYS ARE LEFT CLEAR. (g) Also, please do not drive over the grassed arena, and park nose-in or reverse-in wherever possible in preference to parallel parking, to leave room for other exhibitors. (h) Campers please make sure you have have been issued a camping pass, and that your camping pass is displayed on the vehicle dashboard. Items (g) and (h) are specifically so we don't get any more complaints from the Equestrian Centre administration and we sincerely thank you for your assistance. Look forward to seeing you all on the 7th, 8th and 9th and again, thank you for your support. Fingers crossed for lovely weather!!! Long range forecast looked good yesterday, 17 degrees max, 0 to 1 degree min, and mostly sunny. But then, unfortunately, we all know how frequently the forecasts change.
  3. Henty Show Saturday February 8th - Current Bureau of Meteorology Forecasts are 39 max for Albury (4.15 pm today) and 40 max (5.00pm today) for Wagga. To avoid the heat of the day but also minimise disadvantage to exhibitors travelling from a distance (some of whom have a three to four hour travel time) we have moved the start time forward one hour to 8.00am. Stay cool, bring plenty of ice.Look forward to seeing you there!
  4. Weekend Weather At 9.09 this morning the BOM forecast was for 37 max on Saturday and 38 max on Sunday. If there is no improvement we will most likely start the Saturday show earlier (currently scheduled for a 9.00 am start) but no decision will be made either way until Thursday. Exhibitors who entered on line will be advised of any changes by e-mail and others by phone, plus notices on OzShow, Facebook, Dogz Online and Dogs NSW website. There will be canopies at ring entrances as well as in the ring; ice will be available at the Secretary's tent (but you should also bring plenty of your own) and a wading pool - for humans as well!!
  5. Camping at Henty Any exhibitors still wanting to camp, please book with me. e-mail [email protected] or Ph 0260412609 - if I'm not handy to the phone please leave a message. There are no more powered sites available on the Showgrounds for the Friday evening, but I can provide you with contact details for alternative locations less than an hour away. Powered sites for Saturday night are still available, but require booking, as do non-powered sites.
  6. Won't be closing for another week or so. Will give plenty of warning.
  7. Entries are still open for this double weekend at Henty on February 8th and 9th. These are the first shows of 2014 in the NSW Southern Region and this is the first time the Henty Show Society and the Corowa & District Kennel Club have gone back to back with Championship Shows making it a well worthwhile double weekend. It is also the Centenary of one of the major innovations in Australian Agriculture - the Header - invented by Headlie Taylor. Have a look at the web site if you would like to see what the Henty community have organised for the weekend. http://henty.nsw.au/Community/HeadlieTaylorHeaderAnniversary/tabid/591/Default.aspx ANY exhibitors wishing to camp on the grounds PLEASE, PLEASE contact me - whether powered or non-powered. I have to provide the Show Society with a list so they can arrange camping space. Contact details are in the Ad in the November issue of the Dogs NSW Journal and on OzEntries. The Showground Trust is actually putting in additional powered sites for dog exhibitors, but sites are still very limited on the Friday evening as the rest will be taken up by side-show vendors. On Saturday it will be much easier and we will virtually have the whole Showground to ourselves. Camping fees are $15 per night with a powered site and $10 for non-powered camping with access to showers and toilets. Keep those fingers crossed for cooler weather!
  8. We're entered Fay, so I'll try and post any results I see :) Check out posts from Tom Couchman on Facebook - Australian Dog Show Results. An Open Group and Tom puts up marked catalogues. Cheers, Jan
  9. Weather and ground conditions for Murray Valley Kennel Club & Gundogs of the Southern Region shows this weekend follow. Can not see the ground getting a chance to dry out, even though Thursday is forecast to be fine and sunny, so expect it to be wet underfoot but hopefully no where near what it was like in 2011! Warm clothes and all weather shoes. BOM forecast Friday Temp 1 to 14. Cloudy. A shower or two, increasing to rain at times during the afternoon. Winds north to northwesterly and light. Saturday Temp 7 to 15. Partly cloudy. A shower or two clearing during the afternoon. Winds northwesterly and light tending westerly 15 to 25 km/h during the morning then becoming light during the afternoon. Sunday Temp 4 to 15. Partly cloudy. A shower or two later in the day. Winds north to northwesterly and light. See http://www.bom.gov.au/nsw/forecasts/map7day.shtml
  10. MURRAY VALLEY KENNEL CLUB SHOWS - AUGUST 9, 10 and 11 So there is absolutely NO Confusion, entries for the four Murray Valley Kennel Club Shows (three All Breeds Champ Shows and one Open Show) are STILL OPEN. If you have not already done so, I suggest you get your entries in the post no later than Monday (tomorrow) as they have to get to Tumbi Umbi which is north of Sydney, and e-mail me ([email protected]) to let us know they are coming, or alternatively enter on line through OzEntries www.ozentries.com.au. The Ads can also be viewed on that site. Phone numbers for both myself and Tom Couchman are in the Advertisements. As I said a few days ago, we have seven international judges, all specific Group Specialists (including Hounds and Gundogs) and seven rings for all three days, plus seven trainee judges and seven rings for the Open Show - at which Champions CAN be exhibited in their USUAL breed Class - and at which ribbons and trophies will be awarded for all Classes in Group and In Show. Plus two Seminars, Junior Handlers and Trainee judges Sweepstakes for as many Groups as possible!
  11. Entries are still open for these 6 Shows (4 All Breeds, 2 Gundog Group Specialties) across three days, August 9, 10 and 11. See May Vic & NSW Journals. Details also on Oz Entries. Easy entry on-line through www.ozentries.com.au THREE All Breeds Murray Valley Kennel Club Championship Shows with seven international judges and seven rings each day – Friday, Saturday & Sunday TWO Gundog Group Specialties with split Group and two judges each day – Saturday & Sunday ONE MVKC All Breeds Open Show with seven rings and seven trainee judges who have not judged their Groups at Championship Show level anywhere, commencing Friday and finishing Saturday. Champions CAN enter. Trophies & Sashes for al in Group and In Show Awards. NEUTER Classes at all six Shows TWO Seminars – “Give your Dog the winning Edge” on Friday (free), presented by Les Bradney & “The Shar Pei” on Saturday, presented by Breed Specialist Matgo Law TWO lots of JUNIOR HANDLER Competitions, one on Saturday & one on Sunday Special Trainee Judges GROUP SWEEPSTAKES for all dogs over 6 months of Age Great venue, excellent camping facilities, plenty of powered sites, close parking to all rings – the ALBURY WODONGA EQUESTRIAN CENTRE Great location with easy access to all the facilities ALBURY has to offer for after Show activities. Don'tr miss out. Looking forward to seeing you all there, Jan
  12. Tallangatta A P & H Society wish to advise exhibitors of a change to Group judging allocation. As Dogs Vic Regulations (7.6.13) limit the number of entries for a judge contracted for four Groups to 220 and the entry under Mrs Kirin exceeds this number, Mr Ranie has been asked to judge the Utility Group. Order of judging for Mr Ranie will be 6-12 Sweepstakes, Working Dogs, Gun Dogs, Terriers and then Utility followed by General Specials. For Mrs Kirin it will be 3-6 Sweepstakes, Toys, Non-Sporting and Hounds. They apologise that this advice was not included with exhibit numbers, but hope exhibitors will forgive that in light of the circumstances. Bianca Ralphs
  13. Hi everyone, Closed entries with 334 exhibits, so a great entry for our first show in the Southern Region this year. Thank you everyone and especially to all those Terrier exhibitors who have entered under Pam Kilburn - one of our new local (Southern Region) judges and her very first Championship Show Group appointment. After Saturday she can be let loose internationally! (a) Parking With a total of 120 exhibitors, basically meaning 120 cars with almost as many trailers, the Show Society has set aside a larger than usual area for parking, so please bear with the attendants who will be doing their best to direct you and ensure that a drive through area remains clear. For your information, all rings are on the right hand side of the entrance road immediately after the Sheep shed - as usual, for those who are stalwart Henty exhibitors. The ring nearest that shed (Ring 3) is for Gundogs, Utility and Working Dogs. The second ring along (Ring 1) is Toys, Non-Sporting and Hounds. There is room between these two rings and the road for setting up canopies, allowing for a 2 metre walkway. The Terrier ring (Ring 2) is immediately behind Ring 1, and will be dismantled when Terrier judging is completed. I understand there will be plenty of room kept for dog exhibitors' parking on the left hand side of the road immediately across from the rings, and you will also be able to turn right between the sheep shed and the first ring (Ring 3) and drive around behind the rings to parking areas adjacent to the other three sides - or that was the plan as of today! (b) Showgrounds Entry At the gate, please just show your exhibit cards to gain entrance to the grounds. For those of you who have (a) not received them or (b) left them at home, the gentlemen at the gate have an alphabetical list of exhibitors so they can check you through. If they have any problems I will also make sure they have a copy of the catalogue and my mobile phone number. Please stay cool, calm and collected! © Weather Forecast currently is - overcast, 20 degrees min, 37 degrees max with a 30% chance of rain. We hope that judging will be completed before the temperature peaks for the day, but nevertheless all Extreme Weather precautions as per Dogs NSW Regulations will be in operation. However you need to be aware that there is virtually no natural shade available in the parking areas near the rings, so you should also be taking care to guarantee the well being of your dogs. Regards, Jan
  14. They're probably still working through the electorates. Contact your Region Director - he / she should be able to give you an update and make sure you have the correct link for your electorate.
  15. No they haven't. And with this petition they are trying to help prevent things from becoming worse. But need the support of members and their friends and relations as well.
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