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  1. I have seen dogs that do this here, the more positive (and I would say, better) handlers tend to put their dog in a down or sit and then calmly take them out of the ring. The more negative people shout at the dog and throw a tanty and probably would sneakily clout their dog if they knew they wouldn't be seen... which I definitely do not agree with and seems that the dog just gets more frustrated. I would agree with the others that improving handling to eliminate the questions might give him less chance to get frustrated and over aroused. No idea what I would do in this situation because my dogs are way down the other end of the intensity scale when it comes to agility :laugh: I would think this is quite a common problem? Hopefully someone shares what has worked for them.
  2. Yes as TSD said. If you are planning to trial it is not possible to have the dog worked up all day, they won't cope, it is good to train them to relax when they aren't required to be working. Getting back to harnesses - I use a comfortflex harness on both of my two and really like them :) http://www.cleanrun.com/index.cfm/product/1771/comfortflex-sport-harness.htm But as others have said I run dogs naked for fear of things getting tangled on obstacles.
  3. Can't go past the Oztrail compact (I have the standard compact) - I have had mine for years now, put it up so many times and it is still great. I can put it up by myself with the aid of a peg hammered in the leg on the opposite corner to the one I am pulling out.
  4. I stuck some duct tape over the hole to make it smaller :)
  5. They sure do come in this colour (Liver Tri). The most common colour is Black Tri or Tan & White, followed by Liver but you can also get Black Bi, and other colours that are not recognised in the standard such as blue, blue fawn and some others. The Tenterfield Terrier Council of Australia is doing a health survey to see if Blue / Dilute colours are linked with any health issues in Tenterfields. Unfortunately like a lot of breeds the Tenterfield Terrier breed is not immune to people selecting for colour over temperament which is a shame. (This is by no means aimed at you hopenfox and I don't mean any offense to you or your gorgeous boy or his breeder, just my personal experience :) ) Sorry to go a bit off topic, not much chat about Tenterfields on here so thought it was a good oportunity to mention the colours :) Hope you'll share more pics of your boy who looks gorgeous, lovely eyes.
  6. What a gorgeous Liver Tri boy, very handsome :) Good to see another Tentie owner about :D
  7. How peculiar! I also thought along Haredown's lines because where my Black & tan dog has had scarring there are white hairs. Will be following this thread to see is an answer pops up :)
  8. Bernese Mountain Dog? Brittany? How exciting :D
  9. I have enough fast working breeds to compete against in 400 thanks, don't open the floodgates Stay in 500 :p And no my Manchester wouldn't go down into 300 if the height cutoff was changed to 400 and above, because she is 405 so she'd be the smallest dog in the class I dare say :laugh:
  10. Shame they didn't take the distance out of open jumping also, might be able to get a qually then :p
  11. Hahaha I didn't even notice them at first! Pretty funny.
  12. Thanks for sharing Ruralpug - very refreshingly honest :)
  13. I agree - not much point discussing them because they aren't actually out yet! Not so much discussing them here - obviously I am particpating in that - but having a meeting at your club to discuss them seems to be jumping the gun a bit! Like Jess I was amazed how many people on the Agility Australia FB page didn't know how the rules process worked at all, not so much new people but ones who had been involved for a while. Although even with new people (involved for 1-2 years) - I would've thought they would have seen calls for submissions, etc? We are lucky in WA to have a fantastic transparent process where people put in submissions then we all have a meeting to vote on them, and then more meetings to discuss the other propsals that got through, and then the delegate votes according to how the people at the meeting voted. As KelpieChick said though this can be tough for country people. The original "leak" (well the only one I am aware of anyway) was actually a report on the NZ agility website by someone from NZ who had sat in at the ANKC meeting and taken note of the changes that got through or not - so it wasn't actually a copy of the official rules. It has been removed now.
  14. This is quite fascinating. Guess that's why pumpkins store so well?
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