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    harvesting rainwater and other small acreage-y things<br />avoiding over management (BY anyone else)<br />doting on the dog<br />aged care (ex-carer)<br />reading non-fiction

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  1. Irish Terrier

    Very interesting. Minding an inlaw's 14 yo castrated male IT for a week. I hadn't seen him for a couple of years, he is still capable of quality activity. I'm not game to let him off the lead, even with three mates and room on acreage. He was known as an eager escape artist and irresponsive to recall. He's always been an outside dog. A great leg lifter (he was 12 when he was cut) and I wouldn't trust him even in the laundry. His howl has me intrigued, for want of a better word. A dreadful, strangled-type sound; thankfully it is easing up as he gets used to this place.
  2. A poster in the meat department of a North Rockhampton IGA led me to two varieties of Leading Raw in the freezer. Maintenance and Growth. ATM dogless, when that situation changes, I see a box in the freezer a very handy backup to one's own hunting and gathering. A lot of information on the back of the box re product handling, analysis etc Thumbs up for choice in the marketplace :)
  3. My Dog "purrs"

    interesting! Late Dal made a subtle sound low in her throat which seemed to indicate contentment. Usually when we were just moving around the house together. Other family members never heard it.
  4. Where To Buy Raw ?

    Recently read about the Super Butcher outlets in SE Qld at Birkdale, Eagle Farm and several further south. The business has been bought out of receivership and the new owners state they may expand the locations. I'll certainly check them out next time in Brisbane with a car and the big esky! More info on the website and a newsletter has the specials.
  5. Where To Buy Raw ?

    Mackay It's easier to be pure about grass fed beef when there is a reliable local source and this family is pleased to have one now. Just check with the meat people at the Saturday markets at the showground. They also travel with a cold room to the coalfields. Along those lines, I appreciated the article What's Your Beef in the Weekend Australian magazine.
  6. Leave with friend, outcome predicable. Well, unpredictable anyway, which is why we PTS our (locally obtained) cats when we left Asia after 10 years.
  7. Dog Killer Gets $10,000 Fine

    A different approach may have yielded more civilised results. However, sleeping with the family kitten isn't a character reference once out and about.
  8. A Litter Before Sterilizing?

    No to the litter. That does belong in unreasoning times. I support allowing one season, and allowing adequate time for the oestrus hormones to lower before surgery. It's not necessary to dash in as soon as the signs of the season subside, assuming the girl has been kept safe. And that isn't difficult, with planning and 100% care and attention.
  9. Dog Eating Lemon Grass

    Yes, this animal adores it too. About to fence it off for a recovery period.
  10. No Wonder Ppl Go To Bybs

    I asked a nice breeder and frequent exhibitor I see once a year whether she was interested in any other breeds. And was so surprised/ educated to hear her nominate a breed and say, I'm putting the legwork in and getting known to the breeder.
  11. Cyclone In Nq

    Feel positively guilty at dodging weather strife over the last few years in particular....all good strong thoughts coming your way. Thank you for telling your story. Bless your SIL, SES, poodle-minding friend...
  12. I haven't time to read all your replies, am sure there's gold there. My thing now to make things easier for my back and ordinary eyesight is to pick up each foot as I would a horses hoof That is, the feet picked up and flexed towards to the rear. This girl is not mad about the procedure, she can't instinctively jerk back with the fronts this way and it's over quicker.
  13. Suggestions Please

    Ants taste yukky because of the formic acid...meaning that the dogs will probably avoid any strays left after action taken to get rid of them. Yep, no need to waste the tucker. Ants are likely chasing protein.
  14. Cyclone In Nq

    Mackay here. I've had no reason to go near the beaches to see what's going on there. My suburb is busy, folk filling gas bottles, visiting Woolies etc. Generators sold out! We were here for Ului last March, also the floods of 2008. This one ramps it up. La Lola isn't overly fearful and will be under the internal steps with us of course if it comes to that. Cyclone roller shutters look good for a window upgrade.
  15. Single Dal 10 yo She 'dogs' me from room to room, needs to know my whereabouts at all times. Just like the previous three Dal girls. She goes out as required (door always open) into large backyard but toileting mostly occurs on walks. I put down 2 x walks daily though if she has one long one the second would be a mini down the street and back. When the backyard is in deep shade around 4 pm, she may seek out a squeaky toy and ask for play. She also has sight, sound and smell from the street tho' little happens there during the day.