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  1. Toilet Training

    Hi All, Our family got our first dog - cocker spaniel. She is now 18 weeks old, and here toilet habits are getting worse. I am not sure how to break this behavior. We have a large yard and since we got her all of our exits to backyard are open for her to go there if she needs to. She goes to backyard only if someones accompanies her. But if we are inside, she would just go in the house. I would think that by this age she would be toilet trained. We were pro-actively toilet training her by taking her outside her her sleep or a meal when she was little, but now I feel she should be capable to go by herself. Or its too early? I also fell like we trained her to go outside only with us by taking her outside for toilet training. I am a bit of exhausted from this issue. For example we had a bit 1,5 walk and play today. We got home and she pooped in the house while I was in the shower.