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  1. A Family that has two dogs, one being a Jack Russell male which is coming to me also has a 8 yrs old male Staffy that they need help with as they are moving and can't take the dogs with them. He is a lovely boy and they have been trying to rehome him but when i spoke with him today said what weird people he was getting and only wanted the best for this dog. Is there any group out there that could take him in, he is at present in the Wollongong area but sure this guy would travel a bit to get him saved to the people Jill JRT Rescue
  2. My mistake I forgot that I had hit "don't show be again".
  3. Yes we have facebook but again i wish there was a site where they are all advertised as I just don't get the time to view each of them each day.
  4. I did today and told them that I thought this was way overboard. Just went on and it looks like it has been taken down. Also said to them I was thinking of leaving and asked a few questions as they stated that they only do two fund raising a year to mainly cover the cost of the website. Like I said to them I have no problem in them fund raising but the way they have been doing it is very misleading to the public as they think that the money is going directly to the rescue groups. Will await their reply to my questions re so many staff, what do they do?
  5. Have you seen the latest that came up this morning, as soon as you go onto their site there is a add asking for donations and offering ways of making regular donations.
  6. It is first in first serviced with adoptions and ones they go up for adoption they don't usually go to rescue anymore, they keep them until they are sold. I have actually adopted a couple just to get them out, which isn't that bad because they come desex, vaccinated, chipped and lifetime registered. Jill
  7. I know they are working hard to solve this issue and the Board are doing as much as they can.
  8. We all need to send our thoughts to our local member to get it changed because if we sit back it will go through as I believe the RSPCA are behind it.
  9. Has anybody read this, I know what they are trying to do but this is not the way to go. This will effect most rescue groups who won't be able to operate in the future as anybody that sells dogs and cats will be under this regulation. The only ones that will be able to operate will be the big commercial breeders which is not what I believe we want. Yes we need to stop the backyard breeders but do we want ones that have over 100 dogs and all they do is breed them with no love or attention. As well as doing the rescue for Jack Russell's I also breed and show but probably only have a litter every two or three years, how am I suppose to do what they require, there will be no more pure breed breeders who test for faults in their breeding, which these big commercial ones don't. Why would any breeder need to build a separate room with concrete rooms away from their home to have their puppies when like myself my girl lives inside and sleeps in my bedroom and that is also where she has her puppies so I can look after all of them, why would I put her outside in a separate room. Breeding_Dogs_and_Cats_STANDARDS-_Consultation_draft_of_POCTA_Breeding_Dogs_and_Cats_Standards_27_October_2017.pdf
  10. I actually sent an email to them asking how this was going to work and why donations wouldn't be coming to us until Spring 2018. I think this is very misleading and the Authorities (Gaming Board) might be interested in this as they are saying that the money is going to the rescue groups when it actually isn't.
  11. Rescued Dogs Caged For Years

    Again not sure where this comes from that they are not being advertised, go to their facebook page and they are there, also most are on Petrescue, they have probably taken a couple down because of all this rubbish that is going on. All the dogs are still looking for homes but they need special homes as I have stated before and they won't just place them anywhere and as I have said before if you have applied for one they will answer you if you are suitable for that certain dog.
  12. Rescued Dogs Caged For Years

    That is very easy to say and not easy to do because if you have watched the video of her done just recently you wouldn't think butter wouldn't meld in her mouth. I agree with that some dogs are not suitable for rehoming but then I don't say I am a 'No Kill rescue" which a lot of groups do. And over the years have made that decision which has not been easy but like my vet says to me, you only need one back article in the newspaper saying that dog came from your rescue to undo all the good you have done. Regarding kennels I rehome approx 250 to 300 dogs a year, this is something I would not be able to do without the kennels, and I also don't believe in taking dogs from the pounds and putting into homes with other dogs which is putting them in danger as you never know what they are carrying which a lot of rescue do day after day and quite often get break outs of parvo. Yes I have talks with the owner of the property who believes she could have come from similar lines he had there but did remove them from his kennel because of temperament. But also the breeder that came to see also said to me that usually doesn't rescue females of the breed because of the problem of rehoming them and again they are not a breed for most people. People always talk about a dog and being institutional but I honestly say I didn't see that there with these dogs maybe because it was made up of people that knew these dogs were rescue and gave them that extra love and that shows by the way she trusts the volunteers that came to walk and play with her and the many staff that looked after her which she wouldn't have done otherwise. So it is very easy to say put her to sleep, but I bet I wouldn't see a line of people offering to take her to the vet. Because I know when I have had to do it knowing full well it is the way to go there are still plenty of tears at the time.
  13. Rescued Dogs Caged For Years

    LIke I said she has been in 4 homes so far without success, with the breeder she didn't like her husband and being a big dog as she is damage could have been bad. Although she gets along with some people but others including me she doesn't like and will show this. One of the volunteers tried to take her home and had to bring her back the next day because she didn't like her husband and it isn't a man thing because we had male staff there as well that could handle her. Apparently the trainers, one which is very well know in rescue and lives not far from the kennels said until she is out of the kennels training won't make out difference. After leaving these kennels she had gone into care and will be returning to that care in the near future but because of personal things the carer had to sent her back to the kennels for only a short stay, so things are moving in the right direction, but believe me she is not a easy dog to place and when she doesn't like somebody she will let you know which from the breeder is typical of the females of this breed. Understand what you say about 4 people but again it is whether you treat it as a job or love the animals. I know at my section I might have a couple of people but know also they don't just go in to feed, clean but to also give them love and when I walk around the kennels I always say hello to each one and give them a pat which I probably spent more time with my rescue dogs then my own. And I know that use to happen with the SOS dogs, the staff that were only paid for certain amount of hours would often spend more time doing what they had to do because they use to take time with the dogs and fuss and play with them. Also I have taken dogs off rescue groups which have them at their homes and honestly my dogs at the kennels are more adjusted then most of them that I have taken in. Yes they had volunteers that use to come and bring her out as well as all the other to pat and play with them, these girls use to spend nearly all day there so they could get around to all them. Yes it is sad that she hasn't got a home as yet but that has never stop this group from trying to find a home but as you would understand it has to be the right home. I go through it every day with people ringing me asking to adopt one of my dogs and would love to give them all a home but again it has to be the right home.
  14. Rescued Dogs Caged For Years

    Like to set a couple of things straight the Neo has not been in kennels for over 8 years. She has been rehomed a number of occasions which hasn't worked out because of her breed type, they have had a breeder out to assess her and was going to foster her but the visit was not good. They have had trainers and behaviour people out there to help with this girl, but they will never give up trying to find her a suitable home. Regarding time spend at the kennels, the person that said only a few hours quite obviously has not been at the kennels because the staff were there from 7.30am in the morning til at least 3 or maybe 4 each day, that included Christmas day where most boarding kennels only have staff in the morning and left in kennels the rest of the days. They also had volunteers that came and walked them and played with them. If that didn't happen then they would go out into large exercise yard twice a day to wander and do what dogs do. Regarding this 4 year period, as some might know I also kennel my dogs and I took on a couple that were boarded at Wags and the people never came back for them so we were looking for homes, thank god none of you were looking after them with your 4 year limit. Unfortunately the boy I had to put to sleep because of kidney failure with age as he was 10 and the girl lived on with me and had been with me for over 5 years and enjoyed a life with my volunteers of love and attention even though she didn't like me. Then about a month ago a lady came and adopted her and now she is living on the Northern beaches like a Queen Bee and had she been cared by you lot she would be dead. These dogs with SOS all need special homes as we all know in rescue that they come along and what makes it harder is they are not small dogs which is what most people want these days. The trouble I see here is that some in rescue see nothing better then to try and pull people down, when others are trying their hardest for these dogs and they have not missed out on being cared for and probably had more time with people then most of you spend with your dogs because you are at work.
  15. Renewal Of 16(D)

    I actually spoke to somebody at a pound and that is why she said they want the letters again because some people have the clause but haven;t used it and don't actually rescue anymore so this is one way of removing them from the system. I think as long as you have letters from the main pounds that is all that counts.