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    My pets mostly - two dogs a Brownie a Red Cloud Kelpie and Sophie, a GAP Greyhound, three cats, 53 chooks, 5 budgies, two ringnecks, Victor the Galah and Myrtle the Major Mitchell cocky, oh and Patsy the pigeon. Love a good book and the footy (AFL).
  1. Badboyz, I use it for external and internal parasites for my chooks. I have a lot of wild birds come down and they bring crawlies with them. I get it from an avian vet in Victoria and the dosage is 5ml per 1 litre.
  2. I guess this is the right spot for this? I am about to dose all my chooks with moxidectin plus for worm and stickfast flea prevention, in their water. Will it affect the doggies if they drink it too? I've got a greyhound and a kelpie.
  3. Hey mine too, though it's been three months now. Sophie steals eggs and will even wait while a chook lays one. I can answer the lead question - NO. Mine is a shocker on the lead. But she was never raced so that might have some bearig. I've tried the dog whisperer way of stopping when she pulls to no avail. For three weeks we never got out the jolly gate. Does anyone have any other hints on leads?
  4. Hi! Sorry, work had me caught up for two days. The Brown Dog is just fine. I gave him a couple of dessertspoons of olive oil and up four times that night to check on him when he made a noise (doggy dreams most of them) the next morning he was out and playing zoomies with Sophie and stopped for his morning poop and out it all came. Poor bugger, he must have had a terrible belly ache, but it's all good now. The chooks didn't show any interest in it for once either (they usually do, disgusting really). Thanks for all your help and comments and hints. I usually thaw things out in the fridge. I run a roadhouse and am obsessive about food storage and thawing. Bacteria thrive in temps above 5 deg. I guess because it was so jolly cold I left it out to thaw. Never again. Thanks again. Linda
  5. It's like, a raw processed hamburger or compressed mince. My dogs liked it, cats didn't, chooks thought it was just wonderful. Bit pricey for three little bits though and I try and avoid processed stuff, for all of us.
  6. Gawd, I'm so sorry, I know there was a thread about this not long ago but for the life of me I can't find it. My garbage guts kelpie ate one of those meat tray thingys that swell up, I had some meat thawing out and he nicked it and ate the little package too. He did throw it up later but it was torn. My fault, I KNOW what he is like and should have put it up higher, but I moved it to get something out of the fridge and left it on the sink, for ten minutes. I didn't even realise it had one in there as it was black and not visible. Should have known better. Now he doesn't want to eat and his tummy is tender, so I think there is some sort of blockage. Will it pass and is it just a guts ache or could this stuff hurt him? The vets will be the go tomorrow if he is no better but is there anything I can try in the meantime? Linda
  7. Can you oil the rest of the floor so it all matches? Will have a lovely sheen to it and will be waterproof and not get termites.
  8. Oh, aren't they the bestest dogs? More like bluddy big cats really. I got my first greyhound about two months ago now. She will eat anything and everything and I have to be really careful she doesn't knock off everyone elses tea. No matter how much she gets she always looks for more. I feed Sophie two cups of Eukanuba every night with either a tin of sardines, two boiled eggs or some of what my other dog is having, usually Nature's choice or Chunkers, or whatever roast was on at work the day before with some vegies. Every morning she gets either two chicken frames and bikkies, or 16 necks or leftover roast and veg or mince that I mix up with rice and bikkies and vegies and stuff, but it has to be warmed first, she refuses to eat cold vegies. For treats and little extras they get steamed chicken dim sims or cheese sausages (wastage from work) or beef jerky. They just love jerky and would happily eat their weight in all three. I worry that mine is too skinny but apparently she is just right with the last two ribs showing. Now if I can just work on her little neuroses and penchant for stealing underwear and reading glasses, and, well everything in the house really and including inside the house on a zoomies lap......
  9. Not a myth not a myth not a myth. It works. Vets are going to say it doesn't work because they miss out on the $$ and probably because they haven't tried or seen it work. Vitamin C IS a powerful antitoxin and antihistamine. The first time I saw it work was when a horse that was on the ground and very nearly breathing her last was brought around with a massive does of it, (the farrier saved her) and a dog and a human. A bloke got bitten and the hospital had run out or just didn't have any so they rounded up as much Vitamin C tablets they could find and threw them down him and some injectable stuff was got from the produce store. It's 1ml per kilo of body weight. And you can't overdose on it, all it gives you is the runs. It can work on poisoning too. I keep two 50ml vials in the fridge and a container of powder also and we take it with us when we go bush. I take as much as I can without getting the trots every day and haven't suffered from hay fever since I started using it. It can be interesting trying to get needles and convince the chemist that you're not a druggie though. Mine gave me a really sad look as if to say oh no, you haven't but when I explained what it was for she suggested the right sized needle etc. Oh and I've been bitten by a redback three times now, the first two times I was really crook but the last time, I took 20,000 mg and all I got was a bit of a sweat around the bite and a slight headache. No throwing up or tremors or blinding headache like the first two.
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