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  1. Get a house sitter. For example someone from Happy House Sitters For a long sit like that, you would like have A LOT of offers from very experienced people who have police checks and lots of experience with dogs. You put an ad up for free and get to scroll through all of the applicants and meet them and discuss the arrangement that you want (ie. division of costs and car etc). The more professional house/dog sitters will have their own contract or form so you can agree of things like emergency vet visits (eg. if you're not contactable) and they'll likely send you lots of photo updates through
  2. I'm surprised this doesn't have a big discussion going! I just came across this video on FB and came over to DOL to see what people thought of it. How do they manage THAT many dogs? How do they ensure there isn't fights and squabbles? http://www.peoplepets.com/2016/03/31/article/stray-dogs-costa-rica-photos
  3. Tatelina


    Sorry to hear Huski. Hope your nana heals soon. RIP Cherry.
  4. I think we need a pic of the clan to assist us with the visualisation. :)
  5. YES! Me too! I was thinking 'man this goose has guts!'.
  6. That's what I was thinking. Poor lass!
  7. Yes, they are very lucky to get such a nice couch! There are two of them, so they all don't have to share one. And you're very lucky that they don't eat couches! ;) That would be a loooot of stuffing to clean up!
  8. Oh where do you guys live to come across horses all the time? I want to move there!!!! And horses in suburbia?! Bliss! It's waaaayyy too expensive for that here in Sydney (and the number of properties which have enough space are further out in the sticks anyway).
  9. I remember reading on the forums a few years back how someone was at their computer scrolling through forums, and then thought (without moving) something like 'hmm..I'm going to go for a dog walk now!' and her dog reacted, jumped up and got excited as if it somehow KNEW what was about to happen. They may not be able to talk to us but I figure animals are pretty amazing at picking up things!
  10. What's wrong with poor Loca?! Neuron disease?
  11. Why didn't you make this up on SurveyMonkey?! Much easier to collect results. Q. Would you travel >50KM's to purchase your new pet? A.Yes Q. Would you want to meet the animals parents before purchasing? A.yes Q. Would the living conditions of the pet impact your decision (Small living area or many dogs which could indicate a puppy factory) A.yes
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