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  1. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Done Meh - marked "Contributn Amadeus"
  2. Whiney Puppy

    My last GSP was INCREDIBLY whiney - I feel your pain. You're not alone, some dogs are just whingy, many grow out of it - my other GSPs did, but the last one would whine while he was laying inside by the fire with us!! I just kept thinking "what else do you want!!" It was almost as though he didn't even know he was doing it, it had become such an ingrained habit.
  3. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Juks, with Lochie still growing is Optimum suitable for a growing Dane? If you're looking for something that's easy on the budget, Bonnie Working Dog has a suitable matrix for Great Dane puppies. What is Optimum lacking? It's not the price so much as it's the one food that has halved the poo factor and that he hasn't chucked up It seems to agree with him. I'm not sure? That's what I was asking you. Does it have the correct phos/calc requirements for a dane puppy? I can't remember how old Lochie is?? Optimum Adult and puppy has a Ca:P ratio of 1:1, which is not ideal for a dane puppy. Ratio should be closer to 1.2:1. Protein is also high, if you are a 'low protein' feed person. Metabolisable Energy is good as well.
  4. Good Dogs. Good Kids.

    AND - you get to desex your dogs if that is causing any problems !!!!! LOL
  5. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    The girls: whats on tele???
  6. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    :thumbsup: :thumbsup: YAY for some more Danelyne dogs on here!!
  7. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Just lovely - very very cute~!!!!
  8. I feed my danes on Advance, and they are both very healthy and doing great. There are other options that are also good, but I'd recommend staying with Advance if the breeder recommended it. They do eat ENORMOUS quantities at times through growth. My 4 month old puppy eats more than her 3 yo mother. Don't let your puppy get too well covered, its important for his growth not to have too much weight through a critical growth period.
  9. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    sorry didn't want to offend anyone, just my honest opinion as to how this could have been seen by a new person. I honestly think this group is a great wealth of info, I'd like to see more people hang around and not leave. ANYWAY - maybe you're right Sway, sometimes to learn you have to suck it up and eat humble pie as well - lets hope they are genuinely keen to learn. Delta is just amazing!! What a star. I just love hearing her stories. I always use the WAIT command before mine do anything, I'm not sure if I include the eye contact in that - I'll have to catch myself in the act!! I'm the training nazi at my house - and EVERYONE in the family gets trained as to my accepted way of dealing with the dogs. Husband and kids tease me about how fussy I am, but are always surprised at how quickly the dogs learn acceptable behaviour. mmmm thats consistency people!! I had 1 GSP at obedience who was awesome until the family unknowingly taught him that he was a good boy if after sitting for awhile he laid down :rolleyes:. I use the word WAIT, so that no one is tempted to use STAY, and do it incorrectly.
  10. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Just a thought - while I agree with the sentiments, is it possible that Educating/Informing/Including not Attacking/Excluding could be a better approach here??????? Maybe this person is keen to learn?? Or maybe I'm just an optimist??
  11. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Loving all of the names. Of course I forgot to add Hera, which changed to Hera Bera, which of course (naturally) went to Beeras. Encouraged by her love of stealing beer out of a glass if your not looking!! LOL Gloria is just lovely!!! Indy is a real cutie - love the expressionate face.
  12. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Welcome Kristi, look forward to seeing and hearing more about your dogs. YAY for Scooby the Gooby!! thanks Stormie - I'm pretty happy with how she is shaping up at the moment! What terrific service for Orbie's food, no wonder you're really happy with that! Well, at home she went from Pandora to Dora the Explorer, to Explorer, to Splorers - so she gets called splorers alot LOL!!!! I DO use Pandora most of the time and she certainly knows its her name and responds. The accent is on 'dora' so I guess thats what she hears. I was against calling her Pandora because I knew it would get shortened in a way I didn't like - but must admit, I wasn't expecting "splorers" LOL! My son made the decision to name her when she was about 3 weeks old.
  13. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    wow I can't actually remember, I think 10 weeks or so?? This is her a couple of weeks ago: Its about time for an update photo I think!
  14. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Completely agree, theories are theories, and I would prefer keeping them undesexed until about 18 months - but she is a pet first and foremost, and it has to work for you all. Having a bitch in season can be a bit of a pain!! Here are my two: Older is Danelyne Hera, and the little poppet is Heradane Pandora. They both have DOL profiles as well. I bred Pandora, but it is all Danelyne breeding and advice!! I know Kate - she is a lovely dog, such a sook!!!
  15. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Welcome Gloria!!! I have Danelyne danes as well. There are so many different opinions about dog food, and you can over analyse it to death - if your puppy looks good and healthy, I would definitely just keep feeding Advance. I feed Advance myself to my girls. In my opinion, the biggest issue with Advance is a slightly high fat content, but watching the body score of the puppy continuously is important anyway. I am of the protein is 'ok' camp, and the rest of the major analysis components fit in just fine for a Giant breed. I talk to Vic and Zena alot about feed, and nutrition - their advice is sound. They are very experienced breeders, and have great looking and very healthy dogs! Royal Canin is a good choice as well, but if your puppy is doing well, I'd be reluctant to change it. By the way, how on earth has Gloria gotten away with coming on here and talking about a 9 week old puppy without a PHOTO!!!!!
  16. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you GDG, have a great day!
  17. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    OWWWW!! That would hurt, hope it heals soon Danois! WOO HOO!!!!!!! Congratulations!! I would like to Congratulate Sarah and Heradane Akamas Rock, on their Baby Puppy in Group for 2 days in a row this weekend!! YAHOO Go Rocky!
  18. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Congrats to Delta the super dog!!! well deserved. OWWW Meg. Life has been chaos at my place. I have a 15yo competing in ODE's and having exams at the same time - argghhH! Anyway managed to get some photos of the girls. In there favourite spot! and doing our show practice, I was lucky enough to have someone snap some photos in the millisecond that Pandora stood!! LOL First show next weekend!
  19. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Glad to hear Hemi's ok! Yeah I know, sorry about the lack of photos - dreary weather doesn't inspire me to pick up the camera, I'll try I promise. Pandora's show debut in a couple of weeks, so there should be some of that. Here's hoping she does better than Hera's debut!!! LOL
  20. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Hi All, Quick hello from me Hera and Pandora! I've been busy, busy, busy - but just about catching up on things. Happy birthday to Ally and Sparkles. Meh, I've sent you an email about the tugs.
  21. Dog Or Fox Attack On Sheep?

    Casowner - I live in Inglewood.
  22. Dog Or Fox Attack On Sheep?

    Hi Casowner, I think I live near you. We have had lamb casualties due to foxes, but NEVER adults. This sounds like a big dog to me. I have seen large dog damage to sheep, and it definitely involved neck and stomach.
  23. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    naww, a new Dane, Summer looks just lovely!!
  24. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    and a quick photo update from me, because I've been slack! Look what I've got naughty puppy - your sausages he he he no snatching now: play gentle like this: he he he he I stole them back....... and at the end of a busy day ....
  25. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Great photos Pheebs, don't be shy in posting more!! Really happy to hear that Dollop is on the mend, and I'm not surprised that he's winning hearts at your work. Glad to hear good news for Sparkles too. CONGRATULATIONS BiggD and Ally!!! and also to Meh and Kirra!! WOW - so many embarrassing memories of showing Hera LOL. Starting with the first show, and her peeing on the judge effort! Madam Pandora is going to be a different kettle of fish I think, she's VERY bold, so will have very different issues to that of Hera.