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  1. My first response was to ask my breeder. I did so by email and she was able to respond soon after. When I first asked the breeder for clarification of this issue before I bought a puppy, it was over the phone, and between us I obviously didn't get the right idea. In the email, I said I was confused and then stated four facts. I don't consider this to be confrontational or accusatory, however one commenter here suggests this warrants the breeder cutting me off from further assistance. Yes, the relationship between a breeder and owner can be very valuable. Rather than respond back to the breeder
  2. Poomother how the devil are you. I bought a new Oztrail Standard compact last week. Has to be that to fit across the back of the car. I feel its better constructed that the previous model. The roof is also thicker. The altegra is to heavy for me.
  3. Hi anyone coming to Bulla on Sunday be able to bring a surrendered Cav?
  4. Is there anyone leaving Melbourne for the Mount Gambier Shows on Friday afternoon who could fit a person in. No dogs. Please contact Clare van der Wolde 0414 252 735
  5. Well said cavNrott. I have mulled over this thread since last night and I feel cavNrott has said what I wanted to say in a nicer way. San&paul all the best with your puppy.
  6. Anyone going to Junior Kennel Club in Sydney from Melbourne next weekend who could take a White Swiss Shepherd. Good trailer dog. Very laid back and good with other dogs. Thor is needed for a Junior Handler.
  7. CHANGE OF SHOW VENUE Unfortunately there is a change of venue for the Swan Hill/Lake Boga Shows on the 14th & 15th June this year. The shows will now be held on the Lake Boga Yacht Club grounds on the main Highway. A map will be put into the return envelopes for exhibitors. Camping is still available. Cheers Kathy Humphries Secretary
  8. Wassat when Finn died we collected his testes. Stuart Mason looked at semen. Good count and moving but lots of abnormalities. Stuart siad that he had probably only been sexually mature for about 2 months, this fitted in with his behaviour. He had had 2 matings 1 phantom and 1 with 4 pups. Stuart suggested not to freeze as a lot would die and more die when thawing. He suggested not to collect till 2 for a toy and 2-3 for a large breed. However your lad is older so as you suggest it could be acquired infertility.
  9. Please Cross post Unfortunately Mrs G Cheney is unable to judge Group 1 at the Easter Festival Kennel Club Inc. show on Sunday 20thApril 2014, due to illness. Mr G Beckett has kindly agreed to take the appointment. Margaret Barras Secretary
  10. Andrew Burt CLASSIC DOG SHOW – SATURDAY FEBRUARY 1ST – CHANGE OF TIME After due consideration, due to forecast weather conditions, it has been decided to move the 60th Anniversary Classic Dog Show to a Twilight Show. There has been considered discussion with the Committee, the VCA and our Judges before a final decision was made. The following amendments have been made with consideration to the Shows running the day before and after the Classic, and in consideration of the health and well-being of all judges, officials, exhibitors and dogs. New arrangements: • The Show will start at 5pm s
  11. BB its set up just behind Auroa Stadium. The Show as such is quite a distance away. You can come and go as you like.
  12. Have not been in here in ages. But big congratulations on your Zoi's Alyosha.
  13. WoooooooooooooooooooooooHooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Very proud to announce that Finn - Clarelly Damage Control at 2 weeks and 6 days into Junior was awarded First Place Junior Dog. I am in Cairns for my nephews wedding, BBJ did photography for the Wei Speciality. He was supposed to go with his grandpa's owner but her girl took it into her head to whelp 4 days early. BBJ enlisted a handler so he was very lucky to get his moment in the sun.
  14. My Ruby Cavalier went missing New Years Eve some years ago. It was a Friday or Saturday. My friend and I looked for about 4 hours to no avail. Contacted the pounds first thing Tuesday morning. No ruby cavs. Went to LDH anyway. Walked around but did not see her. 4 hours later they rang me to say she was there had been all the time.!!!!!!! God knows why they had not contacted me earlier. Never asked what she was in as. She must have been asleep when I walked past her pen, because when I went with the staff she was leaping up at the gate.
  15. Well I do not know how accurate the news article is but I have dealt with DAS since last Thursday over the White Shepherd (spelt as shepard )that is in there. I have never dealt with such a rude bunch of people.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also they do not desex dogs before rehoming. Only allow Rescues in when the dog is on death row.
  16. Ooooiii where is the pic of the certificate.????
  17. Was there a Saint as well? I thought there was a dobe and a saint went in for Neuter in group? Yes there was a badly behaved 12mth old Saint (my mum's ) Jeeez I need new glasses, there was a Saint not a Bernese.
  18. There were more than 1 Neuter in Group 6 - we had competition for the group run off - couldn't tell you what though :p Plus they got 2 of my other entries that I would not have entered otherwise :). Bisart you are right there was a Bernese. Missed it. So 2 Group 6 Total 27
  19. I hope it works out because he does sound vary unreliable.
  20. Hi all Neuter Showies please support this Club with entering your neuter. This is the first Show with Neuter Class being offered in Metropolitan Melbourne for 2013. We need to Show Dogs Vic that neuter classes are utilized. Geelong Show Sunday Group 1 7 Group 2 4 all staffies. Which ever 1 won also went on to win open neuter in show Group 3 4 Group 4 2 One of which was from SA who came over because of neuter. This group has up until now only had 1 entrant Rebel Quests Fern. Group 5 4 Group 6 1 Group 7 4 A total of 26 The Secretary is going to get me the numbers from last yea
  21. Yay go Huddy. He is such a gorgeous little spunk. Well earned title.
  22. Because it will be in Intermediate/ Aus Bred or Open it will be expected to behave in the ring.
  23. BB I can loan you my heated whelping box if you like.
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