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  1. Liquid Poo?

    Ok thanks, I will give it a try. Im going to mix him the exact diet what the breeder told me to give him and see what happens. It was like a high pressure fire hose blowing out...it made a huge mess! Btw, im uploading photos and video of my new mally. Hope to post some up soon.
  2. Liquid Poo?

    Hello, I just picked up my puppy Mally (8 week old) today and it was great until tonight. When he did his business, it was full on liquidized! I feed him soaked Pro Plan Puppy kibble for large breeds. This is what the breeders feed it but it was with chicken mince and pasta. The chicken pet mince i had was frozen solid and thought it will be ok for half a day. But guess it didnt. I gave the breeder a call, and they said it was ok. The puppy is stressed and might be the food as well. But they said i should keep to the diet sheet and keep him warm. Might take a few days to calm him down. If its still liquidized, then feed it plain chicken till its better. What do you think? Regards Mango