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  1. Thistle did you want to go and watch? If that's what you want to do Dogs Vic have a calendar on the website and there is a site that has the dates of the performance trials listed too. If you want to trial and use the Park then full membership will cost you less in the long run if you are thinking of trialling. The newsletter is actually a magazine. If you want to trial then Thistle needs to be registered as an associate dog (has to be desexed for that) and you need to be a full member. Associates can trial in all, all breed performance sports, so anything other than herding and retrieving.
  2. OP there are usually people who train up at KCC Park during the week informally. Usually just small groups of friends who go up and train their dogs together. Most days there are members up training but you need dogs vic membership to be covered by insurance as it is private property. This is being clamped down on now after a number of non members and their dogs have caused problems or have been abusive or just have blatantly ignored the sign posted rules. Sure no one would have any problems with you training your dog but just be aware.
  3. Another suggestion what about dances with dogs? It's fun the dogs can work in close and away from you. It involves lots of tricks and the dogs seem to enjoy it. Mine would love to do it but the handler here is in no way co ordinated and almost lands on her backside out tracking or doing the figure of 8 in obedience (and we won't mention the 3 steps back in rally will we....) so no dancing for us! Do think about the tracking and try the club. If you can find the time think about coming and looking at the track and search trial just to see what you think. There is bound to be something out ther
  4. Tracking is finished for the year now because now the snakes are coming out. However contact the Tracking club of Vic, they're a friendly lot. They do a tracking workshop in Autumn each year, most people love it as it is overnight and very social and of course then when everyone is all flaked out around the fire all the crazy stories come out. :laugh: Not many of the obedience clubs do "formal" tracking training as it is very difficult and time consuming to do it that way. The GSD club are running a track and search trial at KCC soon if you wanted to go volunteer to help (no such thing as to
  5. Staffymum, in most states when the breeder breeds a litter the state body (in your case Dogs WA) register the whole litter in the breeders name. The body then issues these papers to the breeder who then passes them on to the new owners. As the vast majority of puppies are in pet homes with non members these puppies as far as the state body are concerned stay in the breeders name. This doesn't mean that the breeder still owns the puppy only that they have not transferred the ownership of puppy with the state body, which in most states is something the breeder can not do. When the owner (in yo
  6. I agree! I have two of them as well. My first one is about 8 years old and still looks like new. I have my prefix on them as well which is such a lovely extra to be able to do. They really are the best crates, my old one has survived having a litter full of puppies in when I had the pups up at dogs vic for cuddles with no dramas. 6 Collie puppies having a festival of fun in them would make most crates unstable but Meg's stayed right where it was put even with the obedience people ducking in and out for cuddles.
  7. Collies raised with kids are usually good family dogs. However temperament is completely different to Goldens and Labs. The thing with Collies (aside from the seasonal coat drop) is that you do find some of them like the sound of their own voice. They are also not always the easiest dog to do dog sports with as they are so sensitive, the gun dogs can be more forgiving in that regard. I do obedience, rally and tracking with my collies and they are easy to train but when I get worked up they get worried. On the other hand they tend to be calmer and quieter than a lot of the gun dog breeds. I
  8. I brought some about a week and a half ago from the Bunnings in Cranbourne. $30 now for the four panels. Can't beat that. :) They are with the compost bins down at ground level and not always easy to spot. Dandenong didn't have any but Cranbourne had a ton. This is in Vic.
  9. Jess the library does do postal borrowing. So if the club wants to look at something before they purchase a copy for their own library that is an option. The In focus DVDs are very popular, as are the Michael Ellis ones (can't seem to keep those in for more than a week!) For rally there is a CD rom done by one of the QLD dog clubs that is excellent.
  10. Jess not sure where you are but is the club aware that Dogs Vic have their own library? I am one of the helpers and we have quite a selection of DVDs and books on all the various sports and on instructing so it maybe worth someone in the club coming for a looksee to see what we have and deciding what they might like for the club's library. :) We usually do a bulk purchase from Clean run when they have free shipping. Dogwise is another we order from.
  11. The purple spray (the main brand being Cetrigen which is in a small white aresol can) is brilliant stuff but yes if it gets on you wet it stains... http://www.virbac.com.au/files/live/sites/au-public/files/pdf/PIS/horse-owner/Cetrigen-PIS.pdf If there's no wound repel -x (made by Troy) is the best thing I've ever found, we had huge problems with fly bites at one stage and nothing else worked. Best of luck!
  12. Take him to Sandown, we go there too after going through lots of vets trying to find one who would help my old girl and actually cared about her. Very happy with them though I see Elissa usually not Alistair. Their fees are very reasonable and all the staff I've had contact with are lovely. Best of luck I hope he feels better soon! ETA Elissa does acupuncture as well which is another thought but not sure if she's there at the moment.
  13. I have rough Collies and we use these: http://greyhoundproductsdirect.com.au/shop/value-plus/canine-all-wormer-tablets/ I totally understand about you concerns with invermectin. Many vets still don't seem to know about MRD1 and I have had several tell me I'm fussing when I refuse to give my Collies drugs on the don not use list. You can use most all wormers, I use the one above because it does everything but is very no frills.
  14. Oh come on Sue....look at me still chasing that first novice pass.... Waldo will probably have his OC before we accomplish that little mile stone. :laugh: Enjoy he went really well and it's great to see a bit of variety in ring, breed wise I mean.
  15. Tassie you should have seen the look I got when I mentioned UD! LOL! Was just wonderful Sue. Just so pleased for you, a lovely way to finish off the season and a title. Well done both of you.
  16. Or here: http://search.vetproductsdirect.com.au/vet/Syringe A horse syringe might be the answer. I feel for you it's so difficult when they just won't eat.
  17. Mercedes, I've had rough Collies my whole life. They are lovely. Something from the older lines with less coat would be easier. They are not nearly as much grooming as people think. If you live in Victoria and want to come up to KCC sometime you are welcome to meet my girl and have a chat about grooming etc. Most would be happy with an hours exercise a day especially if that includes a little training and free running. They will go jogging but within reason, certainly early in the morning in warm weather only but if they are fit they manage. There have been quite a few with Endurance titles.
  18. Here's a link for you Hawk if you scroll down. There would be around 100 rough and smooth Collies there, possibly a little less. http://www.collieclubofnsw.com/coming-events.asp I really have no idea about distances as I live in Melbourne. There isn't a Collie Club in the ACT and Collie numbers have really dropped off but there are a couple of breeders in the ACT. Not sure how many are active though. :)
  19. Hawk where do you live? The Collie Club of NSW is having their Champ show tomorrow.
  20. I would also try the Fox Terrier club of Victoria. http://www.foxterrierclubofvictoria.com/
  21. TSD thanks for asking this question I am now making a list for the VCA library. Granted we do have about half of those listed but as I don't do agility it's a guessing game so very interesting to see what people recommend.
  22. Seren scores of 3 and 5 are very good. Perfect is zero and the highest 106 so those are good scores. About 20 years ago I had a dog hit by a car and dislocate her hip she was 8 at the time and given a very poor prognosis she had the toggle done and spent the next 7 years running around without any lameness at all. Fingers crossed all goes well for you.
  23. :) Roughs aren't difficult to groom the main issue is keeping on top of it. Once you let it go you get problems. However you do find some lines have more abundant coats than others. Smooths are much easier in that regard and temperament wise also a bit more relaxed about the world. Roughs can be noise sensitive.
  24. Here you go Little Bear, Tania and her mum do dog sports as well as show, and Tania is just lovely. :) http://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/member.asp?name=TANIA Smooth Collies are fairly uncommon, they are lovely but their energy level varies. They tend to be less active than Kelpies and they are not terribly difficult to train (though Collies in general do detest doing the same thing over and over). There's a lady with roughs in SA who does a lot of agility with her collies and another lady who has just started doing agility with her smooth over there too. I think a smooth could work for yo
  25. Little Bear I don't know if it helps you but Adelaide royal is on from the 5th to the 14th. There is a kennel called Billand that have smooth Collies in SA and they are usually at the royal. Failing that there will be a list on this site for shows in Adelaide. http://www.dogssa.com.au/
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