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  1. Puppy With Diarrhea

    Hi, we tried her on the bland diet of chicken and rice with a desert sppon of youghurt but it hasn't worked. I took her to the vet and she is now on atibiotics, Peptosyl, Protexin and has been wormed. It seems that the problem is locolised to her large bowel, hence the reason she is feeling well, eating well and drinking well. Her 2nd vaccination is due tomorrow but that will not be done until 48hours after the runs have stopped. Hopefully all of this will do the trick and she will be back to her normal pooing self soon. Thankyou all for your advice, it is greatly appreciated.
  2. Puppy With Diarrhea

    Thankyou all for your replies. I think I'll skip on the tomatoes and try her with rice and chicken Skipping a meal may be in order as well, she is fed 3 times a day and it won't hurt her to skip one...although she may think it will. If it continues I will take her into the vet. She is just really full of herself and looking just fine...very odd. She could have eaten something in the garden as she is a pig and also chews on EVERYTHING.
  3. Puppy With Diarrhea

    I was a bit hesitant about the tomatoes too but it was recommended by the breeder who had it recommended by her vet and apparently it works.
  4. Puppy With Diarrhea

    Definately going more frequently.
  5. Puppy With Diarrhea

    Our puppy is 101/2 weeks old and eats like a horse. for the last 2 days she has had chronic diarrhea. She is eating, playing, drinking looking well, no temperature, gums good, you wouldn't know anything was amiss except for her very loose bowel movements. And there is alot of it too! I have taken her off all food except boiled rice, cooked chicken and tinned tomatoes. I have spoken to our vet and he says because she seems fine and is eating/drinking well just to keep an eye on her. Can someone help me with any suggestions? TIA
  6. Dobermann Thread

    Oh, the poor baby!!. I hope she learns to navigate again soon! :D
  7. Dobermann Thread

    Hi Kyliegirl. Give Bravadobe a call, Nichole is fabulous to deal with and has the most wonderful dogs. She is in WA but will answer all the questions you have and she also sends dogs to all parts of Australi.
  8. Dobermann Thread

    Thanks Jbbb. Here are some from the first introduction today.
  9. Dobermann Thread

    Thanks Sharitas. Jaegar is nearly 3 and Samira is 8 weeks.
  10. Dobermann Thread

    Thought I'd join in and add some pics of our 2. This is Jaegar And Samira