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  1. Paralysis Ticks!

    Thanks for the feedback so far! Think I might try the Preventix collar next – thanks! Also I forgot to mention that I am moving near Byron bay (Yes!!) in a couple of months, and will be living in a suburban area. Does anyone know what the ticks are like there??
  2. We live in Sydney but on a National Park and my little 7 month old Staffie seams to be constantly covered in paralysis ticks! We obviously check him everyday and have been using Frontline spray (which clearly does not work!!) I am yet to try Advantix but just wondering if anyone has any proven solutions??? I am so nervous that one day we are going to miss one on him!!! Also just out of interest I am SO surprised that with medical technology nowadays that there isn't a vaccination against these [email protected]!!!! I wonder how many dogs die a year from ticks?? Does anyone know anything about vaccinations or tests or anything at all that is been done about this??? Thanks!!!
  3. Thank you so much Roxie!! Much appreciated!! Its so difficult to choose the right brand!!
  4. Hi There! There seams to be so many brands with similart qualities. Just wondering who uses what brands and what is the most recommended!! I am looking at: Ziwi Peak Nutro Eagle Pack Holistic Range or Natural Balance Can anyone shed some light on this? Thank you!