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  1. Dogzonline is a just a business and has no regulatory role. As for why the breeder rehomed the dog, it may not have acted like that with her/him (you said it doesn’t with you) and the previous home may not have disclosed the full picture. If you paid for the dog maybe some consumer protections may apply, or maybe something in your state dog breeder/welfare legislation. I assume you have had a full vet check for sources of pain? Growling when someone tries to help her up or she’s bumped sounds like it could be.
  2. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-07-21/victorian-dog-death-toxin-indospicine-revealed/100311346 it’s turned out to be Indospicine again, same as the case I posted about earlier
  3. Maffra abattoir has been named as the source of the meat. I remember years ago dogs dying from liver failure after eating camel and horse meat - the animals had been grazing on native Indigofera species, and the naturally occurring Indospicine toxin had accumulated in the meat. Heart breaking for the owners.
  4. Pet address should tell you what registry the chip is on- but I don’t think it includes the NSW government one, access to that is limited I think. http://petaddress.com.au/
  5. Does he train easily? You could try and teach him to use a scratch board as a ‘trick’. I’ve linked a YouTube video on them but if you Google you will find lots more info https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MKDb_M0YktI
  6. I’d ring Dogs NSW, or one of the clubs that run RATG, and ask their advice. There may be particular judges who often undertake the assessment. This is a list of NSW retrieving clubs. https://www.dogsnsw.org.au/media/1393/retrieving_clubs.pdf
  7. There are things the breeder didn’t do that would not sit well with me. Not providing diet, husbandry and breed info is not good. But your level of emotion seems to only partially be about the breeder, and I doubt complaining to Dogs Qld would get too far if the puppy is healthy, chipped and vaccinated, and paperwork may be on the way. Still, you could always phone them to discuss your concerns as you feel so strongly, and check the litter has been registered. If your husband found the ad on Dogzonline, which is the site that makes this forum possible, the breeder is registered with their
  8. Have you spoken to the breeder and asked about the papers? I don’t really understand the assumptions you are making about the pup being unregistered (assuming it is pure bred and not a designer cross) as sometimes registration papers aren’t available immediately and follow on. I am assuming it is a toy breed for you to think it is too young to leave home, as in many breeds 9 weeks would not be at all unusual. Did the pup come with a diet sheet, breed info and such? If not your concerns may well be valid. But I think I would start by calling the breeder, in a constructive spirit, to find out i
  9. I’d probably look at Ridgebacks, the ones I have known haven’t been hard to train but I am a hound person so might have different expectations. You do need to pick a breeder whose dogs’ temperament you like, a few in the ring here are atypically nervy. I’ve also known Weimaraners that were more protective than most gun dogs without being over the top, but they are a very active breed. I love Dobes but have heard concerning things about longevity and health.
  10. Some behaviouralists do video consults, so I wouldn’t dismiss that option. If they are on fb there is a group called something like anxious dogs australia which has lists of certified professionals and knows who does remote consults. I wouldn’t dismiss medication in the short term either - if they pair it with behaviour modification it is just a transitional tool to get the dog’s brain to a place where it can learn new responses. Fearful dogs don’t learn well.
  11. Diva

    Advice please

    Yes, returning him to you would have been the best thing. But I can put myself in their shoes too - if he was in great pain, and their vet told them the kindest thing was to euthanise, and raised doubts about future quality of life? Maybe cast doubts on the accuracy of your prognosis, and forecast a much more difficult and painful life than you told them was likely? Most people would listen to their vet over someone who says they are not even a breeder, but just had an accidental litter. I know that sounds harsh, and its just speculation, but it is not hard to see how it could play out.
  12. Diva

    Advice please

    If their vet advised euthanasia and they can supply proof I doubt you have any recourse except to refund the purchase price. You sold an unwell/special needs puppy and you have nothing in writing, or so it sounds, to show that you did so with full disclosure and they accepted the risk. You might even be in breach of animal welfare laws for selling a sick animal. I would ask for their vet to confirm their story but if they acted on vet advice and take you to a small claims court, I would expect them to win.
  13. Are you suggesting there is a big increase chance of cancer because the dog will have reached three before being neutered? A minor increased risk of mammary cancer probably, but possibly a reduced risk of other diseases- desexing has pros and cons health wise and what they are varies by breed as well as age. There are a few research studies around but generally I’d just say that having reached three entire would probably encourage rather than deter me. Just desex her when you get her. I would be more cautious about her socialisation history and behaviour. As a pug x she possibly comes from a
  14. The sires I have wanted to use have been overseas so I have imported semen and used ai for both my litters. I will do so again without the slightest compunction. The access to genetic material that would otherwise be unavailable is invaluable and I find it much less stressful than importing a living dog which might suffer distress in flight or quarantine. I am now contemplating a natural mating but if I didn’t have easy access to that particular male I would be doing ai with frozen again most likely. If that means I am making it ‘routine’ I am more than happy with my decisions. I don’t ha
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