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  1. I found it internally contradictory, the first paragraph complains about fearful dogs, and the third paragraph complains of dogs that have no fear of humans. I would not use a vet who wanted my dogs to fear people, in my breed a dog which trusts people is a much safer bet.
  2. I like Clothier’s very reasonable comment- ‘every breed has a bell curve’. Yep. That doesn’t make breed irrelevant.
  3. Orivet tests purebred dogs. This is the Golden Retriever panel for breed relevant diseases and traits. Doesn’t include breed ID because you already know, that is for mixed breeds. https://www.orivet.com/store/canine-full-breed-profile/golden-retriever---full-breed-profile
  4. I absolutely do want to be part of that. No one outside of that network produces the dogs I love to live with. Pedigrees aren’t just bits of paper to me- I look at a pedigree and see all those dogs I’ve known and followed for decades, the documented breed history going back hundreds of years, the fascinating cultural heritage, and the hard work of beautiful breeders who have been so generous with their knowledge and lines. Pedigrees do indeed help me predict temperament and health, because those entries are more than just names to me. I also employ the range of available contemporary tools to assess genetic potential. But I love to peruse a pedigree. I don’t like the limited register, I think it is bad for breeds. I don’t use it.
  5. When was the GSD @Loving my Oldies? edited- I think I have worked it out, and you either meant Westminster in the USA or the controversy over the GSD Best of Breed at Crufts in 2016. GSD have not gone BIS at Crufts for 50 years.
  6. A friend took on 2 Pekes when their owner died. I called them the fluffy slippers. But they were the toughest, happiest little dudes around. Sound and long lived.
  7. ANKC (in this case Dogs Queensland it sounds like) registered breeders are not allowed to mate a female to her father, are they ANKC papers? Perhaps it’s another register. Still, whether they are or not, your legal recourse would be through your small claims/fair trading type processes. They differ between states.
  8. I agree you probably need to see a vet. But I wonder if she could have been stung/frightened/hurt by something in the yard, and because she didn’t know what happened she had a big panic, now generalised to ‘outside’. One of mine years ago developed a sudden and complete fear of part of the garden she had always been comfortable with. I never did work out why but it was months before she would go there again.
  9. She knew love and care again, and was not left to die alone and in pain. You did good.
  10. I agree with seeing at what price your local pharmacies or online pharmacies can provide it for if you get a script with repeats. This was much cheaper for my old dog’s heart meds many years ago. No pbs subsidisation for vet meds makes them much more expensive than for people but the big pharmacy franchise chains have more buying power and the on line places have that plus lower overheads. Doesn’t always make a huge difference but worth checking.
  11. Yeah I hardly ever breed, like every five or six years, but I have still had the ‘wot ya asking?’ emails with no other context or content. That is always going to put me off, introduce yourself first please or don’t bother. I make no apologies for that!
  12. Has it been an issue for you? I don’t think any of my breeder friends mind being asked at all. But they don’t like it when it seems to be all the buyer cares about or they try to haggle the price down. I’d just be polite and direct, but not make it the first thing you say.
  13. Report the behaviour to the local ranger, and they may cruise past at that time and check it out. Other than that not much you can do, entitled jerks are a pita in all our lives unfortunately.
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