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  1. We would all like to think that, but dishonest people aren’t necessarily stupid, they know what to say to sound authentic. I have placed all my puppies by word of mouth without advertising as I breed that little. But I dread the day I might have to, it is a dilemma. Breeders I know due heavy due diligence, asking for copies of drivers licenses, checking on google maps, stalking face book, before letting a stranger visit. We have so much at stake.
  2. Can mixed-breeds compete?

    Yes but they have to be desexed, which allows them onto the Associate Register. there are exceptions for the desexing requirement for dogs on recognised working registries and a few others.
  3. I suspect the problem is not his size, but a poor upbringing where he hasn’t had the chance to learn the desired behaviours. Up until 12/14 weeks is a critical time for their learning, and it sounds like he didn’t get a solid foundation. It is all still possible but a bit slower and harder.
  4. I write a big long post post of things to do but I realised it boiled down to two things. If he is still doing it, it must be rewarding some way. He must never earn even a scrap of attention for it, not even a reprimand. Give all your attention for calmness and positive interactions. And meet his need for attention and brain work in other ways - environmental enrichment, scent games. Time with his people inside. Good luck, once behaviours get established they can be stubborn. And stay patient, you are the primate with the big brain. He is just a dog doing what works to get his needs met.
  5. Importing semen from NZ

    Even though there is no quarantine there is probably still a quarantine inspection of the shipment required and some kind of import permission. Same for health checks, the donor dog probably needs a vet certificate verifying identity and confirming the collection is from a NZ dog.
  6. Training a greyhound not to chase

    To be very frank, and assuming the Greyhound is not just a puppy, I would be returning him to the rescue and looking for one that is small dog safe. He sounds like a lovely boy but not for your home. The already resident dog has a right to feel safe, and be safe.
  7. Merle is not recessive. It is an autosomal incomplete dominant with several variants. Not everything causing health problems is recessive. Genomia UCDavis
  8. Breeding Merle to Merle leads to vision and hearing problems in pups. Statistically a quarter of Merle to Merle offspring will have two copies of the Merle gene and the associated health problems. If you google you will easily find info on that. Merle mated to non-Merle is, as I understand it, not a problem and most breeders wouldn’t knowingly do a double up, unless they just don’t understand or don’t care. It is a dominant gene so should be easy to avoid doubling on. However some Merles have the pattern ‘hidden’ by a different gene which prevents the visible expression of black in the coat or are ‘cryptic’ where the Merle pattern only shows on a small part of the dog, which could lead to it accidentally happening. There are also several different genetic forms of Merle identified now, and I don’t know if they all have the same level of issue. I don’t know if that is why Shetland sheepdog breeders aren’t breeding them - did you ask them directly why? It does bother me that breeds that never had the pattern in their breed are now cropping up with it, cross-bred into the breeds by dodgy breeders after the money because it is pretty and it sells. It has always been in Shelties as far as I know, so not the same issue for their breeders, although maybe they want to avoid breeding dogs that might be sought after for cross-breeding for profit. Not my breed, just interesting genetics. And ethics.
  9. Nupentin (gabepentin)

    My old girl is on Gabapentin. She was licking a front leg and it seemed to be from inflammation in her shoulder and neck. It helps. At her age I don’t care if it is habit forming, I will be fortunate if she lasts another year.
  10. Ankc breed rego trends over time

    GSD were banned from import for a while, and I think they may have been banned entirely in WA where I was. That is relying on dodgy memory though. So when that was lifted people went for them as something special. But I am old enough to remember lots of spikes in breed numbers. Irish Setters were hugely popular at one point. Even Afghans were trendy for a few years. Welfare disaster I expect with that coat when the novelty wore off and some stopped getting them clipped or groomed.
  11. What would you do?

    It took 10 months for one of mine to get over the death of her life long friend, and that was even with another dog in the house. Usually getting another dog does assist, but it has to be right all of you.
  12. Breeder Take Backs

    as a breeder I would never promise someone a particular pup at such a young age. But then I don’t take deposits either. They are all mine until I figure out what is best for each baby. So I have trouble seeing it through their eyes. But I am sure that there will be others that suit you as well as he would have.
  13. Breeder Take Backs

    While you are disappointed to miss out on this particular pup trying to insist on getting it is unlikely to end well. Ideally any breeder you choose will be there with advice and assistance if you need it into the future, forcing their hand would make a good relationship impossible from the start. The only way i can think you could push it is legally, if you can definitely prove you were promised that particular pup, and even then I would think the effort considerable and success unlikely. The state canine bodies don’t intervene in disputes between buyers and sellers unless it is to do with registration, they rightly leave the rest to normal consumer law.
  14. sudden sibling aggression

    The first thing I would is get both dogs thoroughly checked over by a vet. Changes in health status on the part of either dog could be a trigger. Best to rule it out before trying other things.
  15. Pets travelling overseas

    It hasn’t been 3 months coming into Aust for a very long time. The most recent change was from a month to 10 days and that was a couple of years ago. There is a bit to do the overseas end before they enter, making sure the appropriate time periods have elapsed since blood tests and vaccinations, but quite doable. The Commonwealth Dept of Agriculture and Water Resources has step by step guides on its website and there are agents that specialise in doing it. I have bought two over from the US, one bounced out of quarantine happy as can be, the other found it a bit more traumatic but she had unfortunate delays along the way. Your dog would have the benefit of going home to you, mine were going to a new home, with me, which is no doubt harder. Going into the US is much easier and as long as your dog has no particular noise sensitivities or anxieties I would do it myself. An anxious dog I might not.