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  1. Double Merles

    http://doggenetics.co.uk/merle.html this is pretty good on the genetics of Merle
  2. Good news article about a Rotty

    ‘The story was the ultimate antidote to recent dog attacks in Canberra’. Nope, not even close. Nice Rottie, nice owner, but there are still too many uncontrolled and dangerous dogs (not Rotties that I have seen) on the street.
  3. Double Merles

    I don’t think it is even that. Most of those I have noticed have been outside of any competitive context, people don’t seem to have any firm criteria most of the time.
  4. Long quicks

    There is a fb group called Nail Maintenance for Dogs which has detailed information files on cut lines and managing long quicks, worth a look.
  5. P.E.T.A. now Aus registered charity

    Write or email your concerns to the ACNC if you think they don’t fit the requirements for a charity or their work doesn’t fit the purposes they avow. Maybe copy in the Deputy Prime Minister and the new Commonwealth Minister for Agriculture.
  6. Casadirosso

    Welcome. Have to spoken to Dogs SA? They should know of any local training. There is is also a friendly face book group, Australian dog show newbies, which is worth joining.
  7. Is he show material

    Ask his breeder, or if you are his breeder or his breeder doesn’t show, contact a breed club or go along to a show and make contact. It isn’t a copout out saying that, people familiar with the breed might see something saying he ISN’T from that photo, but no one can really tell he IS from one sitting photo. In trying to assess if a dog is a show prospect from photos you need side profile photos of the dog standing four square, front and rear shots, ideally videos of movement, knowing what the bite is and, if he is an entire male, that he isn’t cryptorchid. There is a fb group Australian dog show newbies, they are usually good in helping people get started. There are confirmation evaluation groups too.
  8. Man kills fighting dog with cricket bat :(

    Calling it a dog fight gives a bit of a false impression. I doubt the pug was doing much fighting back. It was an attack and one that might well have killed the pug. I can understand the guy lashing out with the bat. But continuing to strike once they had let go of the smaller dog crossed the line. Had he stopped as soon as the attacking dogs did I would feel quite differently about it.
  9. Barking Older Dog

    It sounds like a new behaviour for him? At 12 I would start with a vet visit. He could have canine old age dementia, which the vet can help with. Or he could have failing hearing or eyesight.
  10. Human hair conditioner

    Quite a few show dogs are washed in human shampoos and conditioners, and often weekly. A lot of the hype around dog products is just hype.
  11. Dog walkers walking multiple dogs

    Dog walkers in places like New York have been doing this for years, so I would want to see the evidence on number of incidents before I would judge for those environments. Here, by which I mean around where I live, it would be dangerous because of too many ill mannered and aggressive loose dogs who would start trouble.
  12. Paul Walsh at the Canine Coach might be worth a try. I haven’t used him for training but he has a good reputation. I have used his dog walking services and was happy with him. If you prefer a vet, Helen Purdham at Hall Vet has an interest in behaviour. I don’t think she is a specialist but I believe she does a lot of work in the field. I think I would start with someone like Paul though. Or if you wanted to go to Sydney, Steve Courtney at k9pro.
  13. He is lucky he had an attentive owner who noticed so early. Good luck with it.
  14. If I was you I would buy the offal in slightly larger quantities, just because the amounts you need are so small, and freeze in portions. You don’t need to feed it every day, getting the weekly amount over a couple of days in the week is fine. Or feed the liver one week and the other offal the next. The other meat you will be able to buy in weekly, it probably means you will get variety between but not within weeks. I wouldn’t buy a separate freezer for one small dog. .