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  1. Globally, I think lure coursing and other forms of running sports have been great for my fav breed. I was getting quite concerned for the direction it was taking but when those sports came in around the eighties (overseas) it seemed to moderate the extremes. It is not a big sport at all in Aust and I don’t take part with mine, but my dogs are from dual champion lines and I’ve reaped the benefits. Also great to see what were pure show lines enter the field in the US and Europe and do brilliantly - evidence we hadn’t strayed too far from fit for purpose.
  2. I’ve had about 15 dogs from show breeders over the years. In my fav breed all breeders are pretty much show breeders. All lived long healthy lives. Only one had a clearly genetically acquired health issue, although the mode of inheritance is not proven and there is no test. Even she lived a long healthy live with treatment. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
  3. Maybe see if you can find a rescue organisation that uses foster carers that will take her, with full disclosure and a donation if you can, instead of returning her to a shelter situation. I would find returning a dog to a shelter hard too.
  4. It may not be repairable because it isn’t broken, if that makes sense, just part of her make up. She sounds like a high prey drive dog, which is normal behaviour. But if she didn’t learn young that cats are family not prey that can be hard to learn at nine. Of course no one can say her attitude can’t be changed just from reading your description so take guidance from your trainer. I have a high prey drive breed and they are great with my elderly cat, very safe, but I wouldn’t bring in a nine year old and expect that if it wasn’t used to them.
  5. I am afraid I would return the dog before something goes wrong. That fixated behaviour is stressful for all concerned and will probably be very difficult to change. My dogs can sail over a baby gate from a standing start and they are not as agile as Kelpies, so be careful. It sounds like you need to find a dog that that is known cat safe, either a direct rehome, out of a foster situation with cats, or a puppy that can grow up that way.
  6. Getting dog to play

    Try lying on the ground to initiate the game. Mine find it irresistible
  7. Leg braces for senior dogs

    https://www.k9physio.com/ https://www.balanced-canine.com/
  8. Daschund Killed in Park in Pakenham, VIC

    I’m pretty sick of off-leash dogs rushing mine on-lead so I don’t have much sympathy for the girl who is complaining. Horrible and shocking to lose a dog like that but she is far from blameless. It’s a great thing that cctv captured it all. If the owner of the leashed dog was frightened enough to jump onto the picnic table with her child that dog would have felt the anxiety too. Maybe he thought he was defending his family. But a dog that kills so readily probably shouldn’t be put in that position. Maybe she didn’t know that about him. Stupid owner or owners. Or maybe a stupid preventable accident on one side or both. Dogs pay the price. Same as always.
  9. Yes the brewers’ yeast is the same as the health store one. I can’t recommend a vit c brand but the form of it does make some difference, citrate vs ascorbate vs carbonate. I am not up on which is better for dogs, might take some googling.
  10. I'm perplexed

    From a regulatory point of view governments would rather deal with a few big commercial breeders than many small hobby breeders. Compliance is easier and cheaper to police and companies speak the same language as regulators, no pesky emotional responses to deal with. I don’t think they’d have any problem with the scenario if the necessary development approvals have been obtained. As long as the standards they impose are met - and that is easier for big companies than individuals - what do you think regulators would object to? They don’t consider volume or cross breeding as issues, if the boxes have been ticked.
  11. Not Dogs, but Falcons

    I think the question was about the dead bird about to be eaten for lunch
  12. Probably parentage verification for Dogs Qld. They have required it for a while now. Was supposed to come in nationally in 2020 but the ANKC changed their mind yet again.
  13. An aged fox hound

    I love foxhounds but even where I live rurally a baying hound would soon get me in bad trouble with the neighbours. Good luck old fellow.
  14. Osteosarcoma - what to do?

    Yes it was very difficult. And expensive. I was lucky to be able to manage it. I am sure your vet will have other pain management options
  15. Osteosarcoma - what to do?

    So sorry you are going through this. it is an extremely aggressive cancer in my breed and has usually metastasised before symptoms are noticed, even if the xrays show no spread. I have have experienced it three times over thirty years and never opted for amputation. I have for a non-disease based leg problem, but all evidence and anecdote I have found shows you are lucky to get 8 months survival after amputation in my breed with osteosarcoma even with chemo. I will not put a dog through it all just for a few months. Last time, last year, I used a range of prescribed meds and herbs to try and slow progression. But the most important were fentanyl patches which gave excellent pain relief. Because of the problems with human abuse of fentanyl only the vet could administer and they had to be replaced on exact three day rotations. My vet let me come to her house if that fell on a Sunday, to avoid pain breakthrough we had to be precise. if you are taking the palliative care route I recommend the fentanyl patches. Best wishes