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  1. Yes use treats. Wear shoes you can move in. Some women wear skirt suits that look like a cross between mother of the bride and a cocktail party. But trousers and a nice jacket are pretty common too and my outfit is usually black pants, blouse, nice jacket. Just make sure you can bend and run in whatever you wear. if you are on Facebook look for group ‘Australian dog show newbies’. If you post it is your first show and you need a bit of help someone will usually offer a hand.
  2. If they have invited you to their place, haven’t asked for a deposit, are asking a reasonable price and are happy you pick up the pup in person they sound likely to be legit to me - not every breeder has or wants some big online presence. Especially if they don’t breed often. I don’t know what health tests are recommended for Westies but I would ask about that for the parents, and confirm what registry they are with, and then use your own judgement when you visit. If you are after a pet you should be able to assess the parents’ nature (or often just Mum as the sire may not live there) and how the breeders operate for yourself. No-one else can give you a 100% guarantee. If mum and siblings aren’t there when you visit I would be concerned they might be brokers selling for a farm, but otherwise it sounds ok.
  3. Where do you live? Can your breeder help? Under normal conditions I’d say take a few show training classes but it will depend where you are as to whether they are running again. If they are taking even a couple is enough to give you the idea. For showing you need a confident, happy pup that will move with you on a loose lead, stand still with you in front or beside him, and let a stranger examine his body. I like this approach: https://shoppuppyculture.com/pages/show-stack If there are shows running in your state enter him as soon as you can - no one cares if a baby puppy mucks up and as long as you stay relaxed and the pup has a nice time it’s great experience. I am sure others will chip in with training resources, I can only think of ‘puppy culture‘. You can try YouTube - Eric Salas etc. Just use your judgement as to what you take on board. You can still teach him to sit, just have stand on cue too. The show ring is full of contextual clues for the dog so even if he sits a couple of times he will soon work out it’s not the place. And seriously, mucking up as a pup is no big deal.
  4. Experiences with dog transport

    I am very sorry for your loss. I haven’t heard of any recent problems with road transport, I am assuming it was by road. Deaths on airplanes occur sometimes but usually in summer.
  5. Transfer of ownership issues

    Did you get a receipt when you paid for the dog? Or have any of the purchase and history in emails from the previous owner? If you do I expect that the breeder wouldn’t have much chance of claiming ownership unless they are going to claim the person who sold the dog to you stole it in the first place. Lay it all out for the microchip registry and see what they say, they might need a stat dec from you.
  6. Help me come up with a registered name?

    Depends how long the prefix is as that plus spaces is included in the allowable 30. Could use will in the name and willow as call name - Will o the wisp? Time will tell? Will she won’t she? Or just go for pretty - summer willow, sweet willow, willow song etc
  7. Germany: New Dog Laws

    In a more detailed report I saw having a yard or garden to run around in for that length of time a day was an acceptable alternative to walking.
  8. The dog wasn’t advertised. Aja advertised for a dog.
  9. I will have a go, although my breed is different in not having brown/liver and her liver results are interesting. As I read it she can produce both liver and black. No pups will be black and tan or liver and tan. The loci of most interest in ESS seem to be B/b to determine if they are black or liver and K/ky as to whether they can show tan markings, but ky seems unusual. EE means she has no copies of recessive yellow e. ee is what makes yellow labs yellow as it prevents the expression of eumelanin but it looks like ESS don’t generally have e. With EE the B, K and A loci determine how she looks (plus the genes controlling white). KK means she is dominant black. That means she can’t express her black and tan ( atat ) as K prevents expression of the agouti gene pair. ESS might be fixed for atat, but they can only show it if they are kyky. She carries liver/brown, which turns black to liver. Actually she carries one copy of two different mutations for liver, bc and bd, so I wouldn’t have been surprised if she were liver as bcbd should be. But from what I have read bc and bd can be inherited together and have come from one parent and B from the other due to the nature of the mutations so you can actually be B/bcbd. ( I don’t know much about how bc & bd interact as my breed is all BB so I haven’t paid that much attention. The discovery that there is more than one mutation causing liver is reasonably recent) So bred to a liver (KK or Kky bb) or a black carrying liver (KK or Kky Bb) you’d statistically expect some puppies to be liver and some black. I don’t think it matters whether the b is bc or bd. Bred to a Black and Tan (kyky atat BB or Bb) or a liver and tan (kyky atat bb) the pups wouldn’t show the tan pattern (as they would all be Kky) but those pups would be able to produce it depending on their mate. Edited to add: this isn’t breed specific but it is a great site for colour genetics http://www.doggenetics.co.uk/
  10. Leash aggression

    You have good advice above, you really need a trainer and a breed club should provide some experienced advice. All I wanted to add was consider teaching your dog to wear a muzzle and use it if you have to be out with her on leash. If she bites a stranger the consequences could be dire for her and you have a responsibility to do all you can not to cause someone harm. A muzzle would prevent a serious bite and the look of it is likely to make people stay further away, which is probably what she is trying to achieve with the lunging.
  11. Stud dog

    Usually people sort out before the mating what the arrangement is and are clear about what is charged in the event no pups result, what if there is only one pup etc. There is no standard rule, but if the girl stays over there might be a service fee or a boarding charge that applies regardless of success.
  12. Pup training

    Yes you can get crates that big but they can be heavy and cumbersome. You might want to consider a folding pen as a substitute. They don’t have a built in floor so it depends if you need one. C Crates do great ‘secura pens’ but they might be a bit pricey, you will find other versions on line.
  13. oh I didn’t mean ignore him now. That example was a comment on the importance of the timing and placement of reinforcement, and human attention as a reinforcer. I’ll delete it all.
  14. Sighthounds

    Yes it’s really lovely walking there this time of year. It has been my sanity in all this Covid anxiousness. I like the smooths too. And I love reds.