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  1. Lymphoma

    Why not buy her more time, if she isn't in any discomfort? If quality of life is good, buy her all the time you can.
  2. Goodbye Bubby my darling

    Your love for Bubby always shone through your posts, I am sorry for your loss.
  3. Thoughts on Aggression

    An Akita cross who bites his family warrants a professional behavioural assessment (or sadly pts as above). They are powerful dogs with strong natures, and crossing with a herding breed mixes the very different drives of those two breeds, he might not be very stable. It is not ideal to judge off a second hand report, but personally I would not mess around with well intentioned but unqualified attempts to fix it with family members at stake. Trying to get dominate with him, if that is your intention, could escalate into something serious. I would take him to a qualified vet behaviouralist, a trainer very experienced in aggression and highly recommended, or just accept he needs to be euthanised.
  4. I hope you gave them good strong feedback. I was going to buy a few off the website, so glad I didn't. It could have cost my dog its life walking in high traffic areas. Poor collar construction is just negligence. So unimpressed.
  5. Switching to adult food

    Normal adult kibble will be fine for her. Either mix some of the chicken one in or switch her entirely. A 9 month old doesn't need puppy food.
  6. Vet on Qantas flights ?

    I don't think horses fly on normal passenger flights, my recollection is seeing them on the news come off modified freight planes with grooms travelling with them , and yes a vet on board. Bit different to a dog in the cargo hold of a passenger flight.
  7. Vet on Qantas flights ?

    I can't see what the point of a vet on board would be, they can't get to the animals while in the air.
  8. A few questions - Which probiotics have you tried? And why are you feeding a dog pasta and couscous, is it important to you that he eat such things? Also has he ever been to a vet for this, to make sure there is no underlying problem like giardia?
  9. Maybe she is sore, you say she hasn't had a bad experience but she could have hurt herself going for it and given little sign at the time. Is she 6 months? I assume she is well over teething.
  10. Dog Breed Identification

    The description of the episode under the video does not match the video itself. They have labelled it wrong. No idea what the dog is, closest purebreds I can think of are the Manchester Terrier or German Pinscher, but I don't think it is either.
  11. Dogs with storm phobias

    Maybe a thunder shirt would help
  12. I think they make most of their return off photo sales, i would check with someone like ffire photography, she is one of the best. I doubt she does your area but she would know how it works.
  13. some vets recommend the op almost automatically, that is why you need an experienced second opinion. If your breeder was ethical and registered then they hip scored both parents and met the breed survey requirements, and while it doesn't absolutely guarantee no problems it is important to reduce the chances. So talk to them. If they were the type of breeders who don't hip score you are probably on your own, but you can ask on here for a vet recommendation.
  14. Don't do the operation without a second opinion. Very often an experienced second opinion differs quite substantially from the first general practice vet when it comes to whether these juvenile hip operations are needed or not. You need to talk to your breeder, they will have advice on reliable vets.
  15. Desexing at 8 weeks - too young?

    Some breeders are using vasectomies and ovary sparing spays in this situation. So they can't be bred but have their sex hormones until full maturity. For male pups it makes sense to me, but not sure about the females as most would have a full spay later and that means two surgeries. Not against it, I just don't know. I don't think any breeder should feel judged for their decision though, the risk a puppy might up being irresponsibly bred would weigh pretty heavily in a popular breed.