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  1. sudden sibling aggression

    The first thing I would is get both dogs thoroughly checked over by a vet. Changes in health status on the part of either dog could be a trigger. Best to rule it out before trying other things.
  2. Pets travelling overseas

    It hasn’t been 3 months coming into Aust for a very long time. The most recent change was from a month to 10 days and that was a couple of years ago. There is a bit to do the overseas end before they enter, making sure the appropriate time periods have elapsed since blood tests and vaccinations, but quite doable. The Commonwealth Dept of Agriculture and Water Resources has step by step guides on its website and there are agents that specialise in doing it. I have bought two over from the US, one bounced out of quarantine happy as can be, the other found it a bit more traumatic but she had unfortunate delays along the way. Your dog would have the benefit of going home to you, mine were going to a new home, with me, which is no doubt harder. Going into the US is much easier and as long as your dog has no particular noise sensitivities or anxieties I would do it myself. An anxious dog I might not.
  3. Veterinary records/notes retention

    The Vet registration boards/vet practitioner boards don’t have members (except the few sitting on the board itself). They are statutory authorities established by the states and territory governments. It is the AVA which is the protective member body. But in all these things you run against the difficulty of getting your hands on the evidence and getting others in the profession to openly say something was done wrong. The client is disadvantaged before they even begin.
  4. Veterinary records/notes retention

    Try and find the veterinary registration board in your state, it is they that deal with complaints and have the authority over who is registered to practice. The vet association is just an industry body for vets, it has no power to impose sanctions. Do you have a day-to-day vet who could ask for the records to be released to them? Another vet might have more chance. A friend went through this once and got no satisfaction. If it happened to me today I would probably go straight to the vet registration board and a lawyer. They may have done nothing wrong but refusing you an itemised account sounds dodgy.
  5. Why Do Everyone Hate The Rspca?

    It is sad that this is a resurrection of a 7 year old thread, and yet the issues are still the same.
  6. A dog has killed a woman in Canberra ....

    The situation is no better in my neighbourhood than it was, that is for sure. My vote will go to whichever side adequately resources the rangers to enforce the leash laws, and takes dogs off people who are repeat offenders. I expect to be able to walk on leash dogs safely down a suburban street
  7. I am in love ..... breed not in Aus.

    There were a couple of otterhounds being shown here, but that goes back a couple of decades. None now. Even in the UK they are an endangered breed with critically low numbers
  8. Zoe our GSD

    I am so sorry that is a hard loss. She sounds lovely, and her cat friend too.
  9. Canberra pound euthanized lost dog

    One report said there are emails from vet staff saying they initially refused to put the dog down because they didn’t think euthanasia was warranted, and the govt official then became insistent. Canberra Times
  10. Dog owners urged to keep dogs on lead following attack

    I used to have a friend who boasted about her little dog’s bravery in running out and attacking an on-lead Deerhound every time it was walked past their house. She stopped when I asked what she thought was going to happen when that deerhound’s enormous reserve of patience finally ran out.
  11. Breeder Listing

    If you mean the breeder listings on the main site you should probably contact the owner of the site through [email protected] for the authoritive answer, he is also on these forums as Troy. The membership page on the main site also provides a lot of information https://www.dogzonline.com.au/members/terms.asp If you just mean joining the Breeders Community sub-forum here, I think from memory you have to ask Troy and let him know your ANKC or NZ prefix.
  12. Is this backyard safe?

    None of my sighthounds would have used the stumps to escape. But the only time any of them have been an escape risk has been in the first few weeks, once they knew they belonged they didn’t want to. A different type of breed though would find escape easy over the stumps. I would listen to the greyhound experts who have responded, unless you get an unusually determined Grey the biggest risk is probably running into them. And as Greyhound skin tears so easily I would take action on that account.
  13. Pet medication at chemist

    Google ‘pet pharmacy’ and several will come up. I don’t use them so can’t recommend any one in particular. For prescriptions I think you scan the prescription initially, then follow up with the original in the mail.
  14. Pet medication at chemist

    Most prescription drugs for humans are subsidised by the taxpayer through the pharmaceutical benefits scheme. Hence the ‘peanuts’ price at chemist warehouse, the government is subsidising the rest of the cost. Not unreasonably, this does not extend to pets. Nonetheless I find it cheaper to get a script for any long term medications and get them at the chemist. Not as cheap as a pbs script, but cheaper than the vet. You should probably ask your chemist how much it would be though. Probably even cheaper online through a veterinary pharmacy site. I don’t know about insurance, but I don’t think it should affect your claiming.
  15. Breeding Consecutive Heats

    Is your point just that breeding back to back is better for pyo risk? I think that is fairly well known but pyo risk isn’t all that people base their decisions on. I have never had pyo in mine, touch wood, even though most of my bitches are entire their whole lives and never bred. As for wild dogs, they often come into season every 12 months not 6, much as the more primitive breeds still do. Talking to a Basenji breeder is interesting. In the wild breeding is also responsive to the natural variation in the availability of resources, competition for breeding rights, and high infant mortality. Not really a comparable situation to breeding a domestic bitch.