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  1. If I was you I would buy the offal in slightly larger quantities, just because the amounts you need are so small, and freeze in portions. You don’t need to feed it every day, getting the weekly amount over a couple of days in the week is fine. Or feed the liver one week and the other offal the next. The other meat you will be able to buy in weekly, it probably means you will get variety between but not within weeks. I wouldn’t buy a separate freezer for one small dog. .
  2. Newfoundlands

    Do you mean a hygroma? If so they are common in large heavy breeds, unsightly but not usually a threat to health. I am sure owners of such breeds on here can give you lots of tips to manage them. Maybe change the title of your thread to include hygromas to attract the right readers, as they are not just a Newfie issue.
  3. The occiput shouldn’t grow at that age so I would be worried there was something else going on. There are conditions that affect the muscles of the head, but I suppose it could also be some kind of tumour-definitely something to raise with your vet.
  4. New draft POCTA

    There was a thread in general discussion a few weeks ago about it
  5. Top Quality Food

    Yeah MfM caused 2 of mine to lose condition badly, even though they ate well enough on it. But when it suits, and it does for many, it seems to be a very good food with lots of loyal customers.
  6. Top Quality Food

    People have told you why already. You may need to add some dietary fibre and/or raw meaty bones to the diet if you want to keep feeding those foods. I feed Ziwipeak and my dogs have never had an anal gland issue, but they haven’t on any other food either. Some dogs are just prone to the issue and especially it seems like small dogs are susceptible. Many of the high end brands have extra fibre to prevent it. The more natural brands sound like they do not.
  7. What a great idea

    There are several places in Victoria, I am yet to find a good one in NSW but others might know of someone. http://www.surefindkennels.com.au/ https://puppybars.com/
  8. What a great idea

    You see lots of that sort of thing around obedience, agility, coursing and show venues. I am trying to arrange a time to get mine set up.
  9. Settling in a new dog

    I would be inclined to just leave her be and let her come out in her own time.
  10. Settling in a new dog

    She just sounds stressed to me, probably thinks the move is temporary and doesn't realise it is home now. Maybe get an Adaptil diffuser, it might help her relax. There are other things you could try but I would give her more time first. About the going to her 'gently', some dogs find an overly soft approach a bit creepy. I would be gentle but also very matter of fact, not tentative at all. Sometimes ignoring them a bit helps them settle.
  11. Opinions on new tinned raw food

    It is not just Australian dogs I am concerned about
  12. Opinions on new tinned raw food

    I just hope dog food is regulated in the country of manufacture.
  13. Help needed

    For the little it is worth, I am very sorry this happened to you. Most ANKC breeders take pride in the dogs they export.
  14. Help needed

    The state bodies have disciplinary processes and will suspend members if they have proven complaints of breaches of regulations, but proving can be difficult. Generally they stay out of disputes between buyers and sellers, as they are considered civil legal matters. However, if there is an accumulation of evidence of actions bringing the 'fancy' into disrepute I would be disappointed if there was no action, especially around health issues. Your breeder, if they live in the ACT, will also have a government breeder license, I don't know what avenues that might open. Is the breed known for kidney issues? If so more reason the breeder should have checked before sale. Any dog can get anything, but breeders are most alert to the common breed risks and rightly so. Nature still throws curve balls and bad things happen to good breeders, but it is how they respond that matters. Note that the Canberra dog scene is a small place. Everyone knows everyone pretty much, especially if they run shows. I would bet your breeder will know about this thread before long. Not necessarily a bad thing, if they are not answering your emails.
  15. Help needed

    Canberra is Dogs ACT if you name them do so by private message, if you post a name here the thread will most likely be deleted. I don't understand the comment about having their own kennel club. I assume you mean they are part of the executive of a club. The kennel control affiliated clubs are associations, usually incorporated.