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  1. Breeder Listing

    If you mean the breeder listings on the main site you should probably contact the owner of the site through [email protected] for the authoritive answer, he is also on these forums as Troy. The membership page on the main site also provides a lot of information https://www.dogzonline.com.au/members/terms.asp If you just mean joining the Breeders Community sub-forum here, I think from memory you have to ask Troy and let him know your ANKC or NZ prefix.
  2. Is this backyard safe?

    None of my sighthounds would have used the stumps to escape. But the only time any of them have been an escape risk has been in the first few weeks, once they knew they belonged they didn’t want to. A different type of breed though would find escape easy over the stumps. I would listen to the greyhound experts who have responded, unless you get an unusually determined Grey the biggest risk is probably running into them. And as Greyhound skin tears so easily I would take action on that account.
  3. Pet medication at chemist

    Google ‘pet pharmacy’ and several will come up. I don’t use them so can’t recommend any one in particular. For prescriptions I think you scan the prescription initially, then follow up with the original in the mail.
  4. Pet medication at chemist

    Most prescription drugs for humans are subsidised by the taxpayer through the pharmaceutical benefits scheme. Hence the ‘peanuts’ price at chemist warehouse, the government is subsidising the rest of the cost. Not unreasonably, this does not extend to pets. Nonetheless I find it cheaper to get a script for any long term medications and get them at the chemist. Not as cheap as a pbs script, but cheaper than the vet. You should probably ask your chemist how much it would be though. Probably even cheaper online through a veterinary pharmacy site. I don’t know about insurance, but I don’t think it should affect your claiming.
  5. Breeding Consecutive Heats

    Is your point just that breeding back to back is better for pyo risk? I think that is fairly well known but pyo risk isn’t all that people base their decisions on. I have never had pyo in mine, touch wood, even though most of my bitches are entire their whole lives and never bred. As for wild dogs, they often come into season every 12 months not 6, much as the more primitive breeds still do. Talking to a Basenji breeder is interesting. In the wild breeding is also responsive to the natural variation in the availability of resources, competition for breeding rights, and high infant mortality. Not really a comparable situation to breeding a domestic bitch.
  6. US woman killed by “dachshund” xs

    They sound like they might have been hunting mixes, given that Dachshunds were breed originally to go to ground and face fierce, well armed, prey such as badgers. It is very odd that they attacked and the poor woman couldn’t get away from them though - quite surreal. Maybe she had a mobility issue or other disability.
  7. Breeding Consecutive Heats

    Breeding on two consecutive heats is fine with me, but that is not the same as breeding EVERY heat. Research on the first does not justify the second. As for behaviour in the wild, there are a whole lot of limiting environmental conditions in the wild that don’t get to work their influence when we start making the decisions.
  8. Vet fees.

    That would be my concern too. Maybe it was a reasonable price. But I would be expecting a very convincing explanation as to why it was so far beyond the upper end of the quote.
  9. Nash, my gentle giant.

    So sorry. I remember the stories of his adventures.
  10. I am very sorry this happened to you, it sounds very distressing. Just my opinion, but if the vet can be sure the pup must have already had the cancer when you bought her I would expect a reasonable breeder to refund the purchase price. While they probably didn’t know it, they sold you a pup that was already terminally ill. I think that warrants a refund if you don’t want to take up the offer of another puppy. But you might have to take a legal route to get it. vet bills are a bit different, they could argue they had no say in choice of treatment, they didn’t have a chance for their own vet to be involved, you could have returned the pup etc. I think if you incurred those costs without consulting them at all then the responsibility is probably yours. Again just my opinion. As for blaming the degree of inbreeding in the breed, it might be a factor or it might not. Buyer research into breed issues and breeders before purchase can improve the odds of getting a healthy pup, but a tumour of that sort at that age sounds like it has a large component of tragic bad luck to it.
  11. Yes it happens, but I wish it was the way more often
  12. Help with severe anxiety

    Flying is a noisy experience, if she is scared now by a far off rumble I would be very concerned that her noise phobia is going to make such a trip extremely difficult for her. I agree you need some professional help as soon as possible.
  13. It is largely a forum of pet people now. Most of the breed experts have moved on (no offence intended to any remaining).
  14. Taste of the wild dog food

    I have found ToTW to be a good food. No doubt some people will reply that the peas are a problem for fertility (phytoestrogens), but that far down the ingredient list I think they are OK. Not a problem for non breeding dogs anyway. And sweet potato is a one of the better vegetables for dogs. If you are near a Costco store their home brand grain free, Nature’s Domain, is quite similar and much cheaper, but less variety and I don’t recall a puppy version. One of the issues in picking a puppy food is how big your dog is going to be. Very large/giant breeds need to be careful with the nutrient balance in puppy diets, too nutrient dense may cause growth problems. But if you have a JRT as your pic suggests that isn’t an issue, they don’t put on the massive growth of a Great Dane!
  15. Gilly is 21 today!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Gilly