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  1. I gave my 36 kg boy a Telfast 180 when he was stung by something in the garden and his face became swollen. We ended up at the vet because he started to vomit and I wasn’t sure if it had stayed down. The vet told me I had given him a low dose and I could have quite safely have given him two, which would be 10 mg per kilo.
  2. Breathing Issue Advice

    I have heard of a number of elderly dogs in my breed getting this. Most overseas. It seems to range in severity from mild and easily managed to severe and life threatening. There is an operation some have used. Of course your vet is the best source of advice, but from the experiences I have heard hot and humid weather make it worse, exercise is usually restricted as part of management, and most switch from a collar to a harness if they were using collars. Good luck. Old dogs are glorious but they do develop unfortunate health challenges just like we do.
  3. Am I being unreasonable?

    Ask the vet for a script so you can get it filled online.
  4. For pick up at nine weeks I would let you come to my house. I would expect you to want to, too. But by then I would have had many conversations with you and checked you out thoroughly. I would not agree to sell you a puppy if I didn’t feel confident enough in you to let you visit at that age. But I don’t allow visits at my home before I have done that due diligence on the buyer. .
  5. The most recent time I used one tablet, which was a child’s dose. Can’t remember how many mg that was. It was a big breed puppy. It’s off label use of course, so all the usual cautions.
  6. I tried all the counter conditioning ideas and travel position ideas with mine but at the end of the day only Cerenia /sea legs helped relieve it, and only time cured it. They both out grew it by 7 months old. 2 different pups of different breeds some years apart.
  7. 2x4 dog biscuits

    It’s been a topic of discussion in the dog groups. Some people have been told the company is no longer going to be making them at all. And others have had suppliers tell them the company is retooling and will recommence supply in Feb. No idea which is correct.
  8. Why pedigree dogs are on the line

    Yep, a friend of mine took on a pair of older Pekes after their owner died. We nicknamed them the fluffy slippers and they lived on into a grand old age. Very active and no health issues until high into their teens. Great dogs.
  9. I have never dealt with behavioural issues on that scale. Anything I have worked through has been pretty minor by comparison and the result of a specific event - the effects of an attack by loose dogs was the worst and very understandable to me. So I can hardly tell you that you need to turn your life upside down and exhaust yourselves further for this dog, that you have only known for two months, and who has issues that appear severe. That would not be fair of me. I know Christmas is a hard time for anxious dogs and so are the first months in a new home, but I can’t tell how solvable this is. There is a fb group called something like anxious dogs Australia that might give guidance based on direct experience. And if you have to rehome try to get her directly to a new home or rescue organisation that fosters in home. I doubt a return to a shelter env will help her any.
  10. If you do rehome her please do so with full disclosure of her behavioural issues, otherwise she risks a very uncertain future. Otherwise, I’d suggest you see a behavioural vet and consider medication while you work on remediation- she can’t really learn while she is highly anxious or panicked. Medication might give you that window for learning.
  11. You could try a transport company called petwaggin. They are based in Toowoomba I think and google will find their contact details. What they would charge and whether they would even take a pup that is not yet 8 weeks I don’t know. The dog would need to be in the air conditioned vehicle with them with the temps forecast for this week.
  12. Bees Wasps etc

    I’d discourage it but it’s not likely to make much difference when you are not around. Make sure you have some antihistamine on hand in case she does get stung. One of mine was stung on the face by something in the garden at midnight a couple of weeks ago. It went from a golf ball sized lump on the side of his muzzle to his whole face swollen in about 20 minutes. I had over the counter antihistamines for myself, confirmed safety and dosage online, then gave him one. But he started vomiting and I don’t think it stayed down, so we ended up at the vet first thing in the morning for an injection of antihistamine. If his breathing had been affected we would have gone to the emergency vet, but it wasn’t. The vet confirmed the antihistamine I had used was one they used themselves and was the right thing to do. She thought the vomiting probably meant he had been stung before and his response might be worse every time it happened. Bit worrying.
  13. I just get mine at the local health food/whole foods shop
  14. Globally, I think lure coursing and other forms of running sports have been great for my fav breed. I was getting quite concerned for the direction it was taking but when those sports came in around the eighties (overseas) it seemed to moderate the extremes. It is not a big sport at all in Aust and I don’t take part with mine, but my dogs are from dual champion lines and I’ve reaped the benefits. Also great to see what were pure show lines enter the field in the US and Europe and do brilliantly - evidence we hadn’t strayed too far from fit for purpose.
  15. I’ve had about 15 dogs from show breeders over the years. In my fav breed all breeders are pretty much show breeders. All lived long healthy lives. Only one had a clearly genetically acquired health issue, although the mode of inheritance is not proven and there is no test. Even she lived a long healthy live with treatment. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.