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  1. She should get a prefix before breeding any girl, not the the other way around. Technically I think it’s before whelping, but given it can take a while I would do it before mating. The dog used doesn’t have to be owned by another registered breeder. However, it does need to be mains registered and owned by a financial member of one of the state ANKC affiliates. She can own both. I have just read the become a breeder page and it doesn’t suggest otherwise. To own a male and let him be used at stud you need to be a financial member and the dog on mains. For some breeds there are mandatory heal
  2. My big question mark is the weather. I find puppies usually fly well, but heat is a major risk. Dogs have died flying in summer - mostly from the amount of time waiting around on ground and the conditions in which they wait. I would only do a crack of dawn direct flight, and even then probably wouldn’t this time of year. If you do, have a plan b and be prepared to cancel and reschedule if it looks dangerous or you strike a heatwave.
  3. Not the same in my breed I don’t think. More consistency, much fewer non registered breeders. There always has been some variation because of the way the breed was developed in its country of origin- large hunting estates spread over a large country, variations in topography, mix of prey etc and there still is. Not a cookie cutter breed. But I could pull some of the dogs I see in hundred year old + photos and take them into the ring or field today by and large (setting temperament & grooming aside). Of course we are numerically less popular than ESS, that makes a difference who gets in
  4. Looks like a bit of housekeeping to let people know the ANKC process for acceptance are concluded. At least some of those breeds have been here a while, I last showed 2019 and the y. laikas were at the ground but I think not shown. I am tempted by the Cirneco (but don’t need another breed!).
  5. I believe they can learn substrate preferences very early, they think that is the ‘right’ texture to go on because that’s similar to where they went when they first learnt. Not sure anyone else thinks that or even that it is what is going on with your girl, but I have seen it in my own litters. I would go back to basics on housetraining, as much as possible reduce access to mattresses as she relearns, and reward heavily for going on the surfaces you want her to.
  6. Sometimes those extra restrictions are to make codes of practice consistent with state law when state law imposes extra requirements. So you’ll get the ANKC rule plus what ever the state government has legislated. From memory this is the case for the 2 litters in 2 years rule in NSW, it is a state government rule that Dogs NSW adopted for consistency.
  7. Re price, I think the high price of ‘designer’ breeds, backyard crosses and unpapered purebreeds has kind of dragged the registered breeders of popular breeds up in price. People were getting tired of doing all the testing etc and then seeing much higher prices from those who didn’t do all that. I have heard a number of accounts of dogs being ‘flipped’ too, bought at a lower price from a registered breeder and on-sold for much more. I think a number of breeders decided no virtue in being an easy target.
  8. coincidentally this just came up in my fb feed. I haven’t had time to watch it yet so don’t know how useful or not, use your own judgement. I looks like it might be more about walking an aggressive dog but some techniques may transfer.
  9. Twice my dogs have been saved by strangers stopping their cars and getting out to help get the attacking dog off. I no longer walk down the power line easement that was my common route as when two dogs running loose attacked us there no one was around. Instead I stick to busier urban roads where passing traffic can be relied on. I carry treats to toss in front of a charging dog, but when I have tried that it has made not a single bit of difference. But I try anyway so I can say I tried everything. And I carry an umbrella with a strong metal point on it. My dogs are large but not fighters. I
  10. I have gone through osteosarcoma a couple of times, giant breeds are more prone to it. In my experience it is extremely painful for the dog, so no pain is hopefully a positive sign. I suspect this is the Jamie being referred to: https://www.primalpaws.com/new-page-4
  11. Could be pain, whether from the hot spot or something else. One of mine shows pain by rapid lip licking while gazing at the ceiling. Hopefully it will resolve with the hotspot but if not I’d get a thorough physical
  12. Yes use treats. Wear shoes you can move in. Some women wear skirt suits that look like a cross between mother of the bride and a cocktail party. But trousers and a nice jacket are pretty common too and my outfit is usually black pants, blouse, nice jacket. Just make sure you can bend and run in whatever you wear. if you are on Facebook look for group ‘Australian dog show newbies’. If you post it is your first show and you need a bit of help someone will usually offer a hand.
  13. If they have invited you to their place, haven’t asked for a deposit, are asking a reasonable price and are happy you pick up the pup in person they sound likely to be legit to me - not every breeder has or wants some big online presence. Especially if they don’t breed often. I don’t know what health tests are recommended for Westies but I would ask about that for the parents, and confirm what registry they are with, and then use your own judgement when you visit. If you are after a pet you should be able to assess the parents’ nature (or often just Mum as the sire may no
  14. Where do you live? Can your breeder help? Under normal conditions I’d say take a few show training classes but it will depend where you are as to whether they are running again. If they are taking even a couple is enough to give you the idea. For showing you need a confident, happy pup that will move with you on a loose lead, stand still with you in front or beside him, and let a stranger examine his body. I like this approach: https://shoppuppyculture.com/pages/show-stack If there are shows running in your state enter him as soon as you can - no one cares if a ba
  15. I am very sorry for your loss. I haven’t heard of any recent problems with road transport, I am assuming it was by road. Deaths on airplanes occur sometimes but usually in summer.
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