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  1. Article on vet shortage

    That does suck. I am sorry it happens to you. Asking a friend for a discount on a service they make their livelihood from is so rude.
  2. That is a good idea. Mine just stuck their heads in the water bowls and lifted the rocks out, so for that and any evidence of improvement in the lawn I gave up on them.
  3. Tuppence (Edgeof Valiant Damsel)

    Run free Tuppence, you are a good girl
  4. Water safety with dogs

    I put a sprinkler on to cool the dogs, next thing one of the youngsters has it in his mouth and is bringing it to me, I got soaked, lol.
  5. Just noticed this update online. The link with the food has been statistically confirmed it seems. https://phys.org/news/2018-12-megaesophagus-cases-dogs-linked-pet.html?fbclid=IwAR3mbkqdD6E7sFIlq2DBWk1TdVy68mNkGJvOrlGf-DThXZV0Ok9ldsF7E0Y#jCp
  6. Talk to the breeder of your pup.
  7. The OP has said the dog is 21.6kg at 5 months which sounds too light to me to be a pure bred BM. But regardless 15 kms is too far in a day, I would do a third of that and spend the rest of the time on training, brain games and enrichment. If the dog is a bullmastiff those growth plates are far from being closed and being run is not good
  8. So those are just photos you found on line, not the actual dog? The colour is potentially easy, although without a photo there is only guessing. All yellow labs (and also all golden retrievers if that is what you meant) are ee ‘recessive red/ee yellow’ which masks the expression of other colours including black and sable, the kelpie just had to be carrying one e gene even if he was a different colour himself to give ee cream. Or it could just be sable with low intensity of pheomelanin. It is not an uncommon colour in mix breeds. But if you are curious try one of the laboratories that claim to test breed mix, the tests are pretty cheap. Although Dingos found close to farm land aren’t pure dingos these days, so much dog in them that I don’t know how a mix would test.
  9. Prices for breeders rehomed dog

    Usually when older puppies are discounted it is because the breeder is having trouble placing them, that is very unlikely for Cavaliers. At 14 months he is still young but has passed the hard work months of puppyhood and adolescence, has had his vaccinations and will be desexed, and has probably been well socialised if he was a potential keeper. Easily worth as much as a puppy.
  10. Grass seed again!

    Houndstoothchic in the UK also make suits. She does lovely work.
  11. Best grooming product brands

    Panagenics is my main shampoo and conditioner. Sometimes Isle of Dogs White EPO for the white dogs. Chris Christensen is good, but I find their white shampoo too harsh and drying. I like their 20 mm pin brushes or Bass brass pin brushes. Greyhound brand combs.
  12. Walkies!! please help a newbie out!

    If your dog is behaving as you want and is happy about it you don’t need to follow anyone else’s methodology. Well except maybe for class and competition stuff, but just find a trainer or club that suits you so there is no clash. I think you already know that. The only thing I worry about missing at a young age is exposure to new things. That builds neural pathways in the brain and positive associations that are easier to build when the brain is still developing. Behaviours can be taught whenever you need them if the dog is well adjusted and has learnt to be operant.
  13. Walkies!! please help a newbie out!

    You will find plenty of people who let their dog pull them over to you in vet offices, sidewalks and everywhere really. It is a PITA. Nothing much you can do about it except ask them not to which often gets met with a blank stare. And protect your dog if needed. I don’t understand your loose leash/ long leash question. Short leads can be loose. As for Rally, I know a number of people who got their first title at 6 months, which is the minimum age allowed to compete I think. Edited to add, if you think your dog is strong enough to break out of their collar, get a better quality collar. K9pro has gear they won’t break out of but any quality equipment should do.
  14. socializing pups at shows

    I don’t see that where I show.
  15. House Training Trouble!

    Something to try, when you bring her in turn around and take her straight back out again. For some reason that is when some of them go. Keep a handful of treats in your pocket and give her a treat when she goes outside. Stop telling her off, as you recognise yourself attention can be rewarding even if it is meant negatively. Lots of attention for going outside.