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  1. Give them a call mate, last i heard they still had money left over from the bushfires that they were saving for this sort of thing. They should be able to help with temporary dog runs and such. They will also be no doubt getting dry food donations and dog bedding and such. (And if not they need a kick up the bum) Let us know what else you need, we may be able to hunt around here at the markets for couches, cupboards and stuff that we can help with, can also visit op shops for old blankets and sheets for dog bedding. Anything at all let us know, stuff for the kids etc......... Write a bi
  2. Thanks heaps Julie, I will send it in a email. Its wonderful that Pacers are helping those of us that are helping others get through the tough times.
  3. I reckon they have grown heaps....... They play lots more now, growling and barking and HOWLING....LOL. They are eating heaps..... They bark at you now.....and growl...they don't like being woken up that is for sure. They love outside. They love biting toes and eating ankles, chewing shoes and being cute little puppies of course. Oh and ZednQ has poked them and woken them all up! LOL
  4. ZednQ and I have lit a candle here in Vic !!! Stay strong.....Jed.
  5. Just letting all those that do the circuit know....I just checked with the secretary for the circuit and............ ..........the West Wyalong Shows are now a week later than usual and then not connected directly to the circuit. Just thought I would let everyone know incase others, like me, are organising accommodation already. Its going to be a pain and will make the stay a week longer for those wanting to do them...... Check the website for details of the circuit shows. However I have added the dates of the shows below....... Week 1 Sat 14/8 Tullamore PA&H Assoc Sun 15/8 Tulla
  6. Any ideas on the best place to stay for the Sydney Royal??? I will be coming up with 1 dog...
  7. On my printer the showmanger forms are slightly oversize but I think the problem is that unlike the dogsoft program it does not give you the edge to cut along the top and the left hand side........it assumes it prints right to the edge of the paper however my printer automatically leaves a margin. If i were to give it a trim it would be about the same size!!! The whole ACT thing on the dogsoft program drives me spare as I like to save paper and print from the briefcase and then you get 2 entries per page.......so I registered for showmanager last night and have been playing around!!! So f
  8. Cairn got baby!!! We had a great day......our silly valhund decided he was on strike due to the mud and I almost dragged him around on his belly as he refused to walk. And the rotty decided to have a princess sparkle moment and be silly in the mud!!! and even funnier was our frenchie baby who was shown by ZednQ and bunny hopped around like a rabbit on speed as he had never seen mud before!!! Great stewarding btw!!!! Great to sort of, not really, meet you!!!
  9. If you can call the dogs name to get the dogs attention......why then can you not wear a name badge, kennel advertising on your clothing, another badge announcing your affiliation with the club and/or what trophies you donated and announce as you enter that the dog is a three times BISS winner...... why????, because its ment to be an impatial decision by the judge of those dogs on that day at that time. If you are in the ring and someone on the outside is calling the dog next to you......and the judge hears the dogs name and thinks....."Oh rover won BIS last weekend, I better award it BOB o
  10. Thanks Mandalay!!!!! It should be a great weekend.........good friends, good food, a few drinkies......oh yeah and a few dog shows too!!!!
  11. We have booked into Gunbower Caravan Park..............Strict rule of no dogs in cabins but you would have to be a moron to try and do that anyways. They still have cabins available.......
  12. Cohuna Caravan Park is fully booked....... so still looking!
  13. Got our numbers back on Friday too!!! :D
  14. Thanks Lisa, I will give that a try......... takeabreak and stayz have been no help so far as the accommodation is all booked
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