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  1. What will they think of next, human DNA tests for potentially dangerous breeds of people? signed *miss cross-breed/non-designer human*
  2. I saw this little dog at the RAS the day he got stolen, I remember thinking what a pretty little Chi he was as I'd never seen one his colour before. Came home to see on the news he'd been stolen, how disgusting is that. I hope he is found safe and soon.
  3. Hi so yeah I was wondering what other peoples opinion is on keeping two bitches (desexed) together? Is it a bad idea? Have only had a (desexed) boy and girl together but was wondering because considering getting another dog and I already have a female. thanks
  4. You are a friggin brave woman Jed, good on you for making it through this ordeal and best wishes for your continued recovery. Bless you for being able to save the dogs that you did and bless the dogs who didn't make it, may they RIP
  5. Aww I Tex! How old is he now? What a bootiful boy! I still have a couple of (dodgy quality!) pics of him from my Sydney visit all those years ago!! Oh and found one of Jamie too! aww :rolleyes:
  6. Thats because Belgian Shepherds never stop moving! Its in their blood Actually, thats not quite true, they start to slow down around age 5!
  7. Aww, she's as pretty as they get PS just saw via your link that you have a new puppy, why is it that other dogs when playing with Belgians always seem to go for the neck fur like in one of your pics! Too cute!
  8. I agree with all the mumof3 has said, you're doing all the right things and I think if you get her desexed and vaccinated, give her all the vet treatment you can before you go (shots etc), and then if you can't find her a home, she would most likely move on and just hang around the community she is used to and lived her whole life in. Moving her might be quite stressful. A member of my family once had all the town dogs come to live in his yard because he decided to feed them one day.... and they ended up all digging huge holes and dens in his yard and turned it into their own night time potholed camp of their own! Best of luck finding her a home if you can Here is a link that might be useful, not sure where you are if east west or north but if you can contact this lady she might have some advice or options? Desert Dogs
  9. Wheres the next DOL meet and what day?
  10. I feel a bit slack here. I have 2 plastic bags full of dog stuff sitting disorganised in my laundry cupboard.
  11. Loved it ha!!!!!!!! What a gorgeous dog he is, saw the comment made about his tail and just wanted to add I love his tail too LOL!!!!!! Gorgeous boy!! Looks like the cat has the upper paw though!!
  12. Have you owned one in the past? Just curious Ivy is my first Groen and she's amazing, adore her to bits! Yes, I had a Groenie for 13 years Sweetest, smartest most loyal dog... he died exactly 2 weeks before my 4th child was born, but he's not forgotten in this household, even she (aged 2 1/2 now) talks about him regularly and calls him *mummy's big doggy* although she never had the priveledge of meeting him... Aww.. my big boy..
  13. 1.Belgian Shepherd Groenendael :D (All time favourite breed of dog) 2. Belgian Shepherd Tervueren 3. Belgian Shepherd Laekenois 4. Papillon 5. Chihuahua 6. Tibetan Terrier 7. Tibetan Spaniel 8. Miniature Pinscher 9. Cocker Spaniel 10. Maremma Sheepdog Although I know that the BSD varieties are technically one breed!! I keep changing my mind on what I do and what I don't like but those ten have always been on my list of *wants*. Currently have a young Papillon girlie and oldie Chi X at the moment
  14. omg I just saw the news here and jumped on DOL to see if it was anyone I knew. So so sorry to hear of this and sending much love and prayers to Jed and her family at this terrible time. I don't visit DOL anymore but I will be checking this thread to check for updates What a terrible thing to happen..... Please get better soon Jed, we're all sending you positive thoughts and best wishes xxxx
  15. Thanks heaps rommimum! Off to check em out now. Thanks again ;)
  16. Without meaning to hijack this thread, I'm also after recommendations on good pet health insurance companies or if there is a thread re such pls can someone link me. Did a search and couldn't find one. Thx and sorry for thread hijack!!
  17. Well she's home and a bit sore. Has pain meds and seems ok. I had to put the eliz collar on her as she was licking the stitches alot as she lay in her crate. She has plenty of room so i haven't heard any plastic knocking against the bars. She's just quietly laying down asleep since 5pm except for a few toilet breaks and a small snack.. Wouldn't let her negotiate the steps to the yard so I carried her. Lol. Vet said crate rest for 24 hrs then she'll likely be back to normal so just keep her on leash for few days while outside (like u said pf) so she can't stretch out and hurt herself. He said she can go for walks if she seems ok but i think i'll leave her home this week just to cd safe!
  18. Oh and thanks for reminder about elizabethan collar, in my worrying I forgot all about that! Luckily I have one her size at home so will put it on soon as she gets home. Thanks
  19. Hi thanks persephone, I'm just being an over cautious pup mum lol. She is crate trained and so won't be a problem confining her. Will just have to keep her very quiet as she is very playful and might try to exert herself! She doesn't jump on anything except me when i ask her to so hopefully she won't stretch her wound. Will keep her home all week and nice and quiet. Thanks for advice. Its always reassuring to hear what others think when you're worried about your dog! Will keep a close eye on her and restrict her play!
  20. Hi all. My baby girl is getting spayed today and her hernia repaired. I'm quite anxious obviously that she will be very sore after her op when she comes home this afternoon. She is a very active happy dog and I want to know when she should be ok to get back to her regular exercise and training schedule. Should she stay home for a week or longer? Obviously vet will give me time frame of rest etc but I'd like opinions from how long other ppls dog took to recover! She's my first pup in 14 years so i've forgotten alot! P.s she behaved beautifully at vet today.
  21. He's figured out he has balls by sounds of it ;) Naughty Axel
  22. Great the backward state of dog training in SA has just gotten even more retarded. I think I'll stick to Chihuahuas if that's the case.
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