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  1. worked it out!!!! It has definately been modified. On much closer inspection someone has added a 3 way joiner and the extra pipe! You can also tell because the hole it comes out of at the back isnt a totally perfect circle (like the other one). So I took off the extra joiner and pipe and re-connected the orginal shower hose straight onto the pump! Phew, that was so confusing. Thatnks for all the help.
  2. It IS very confusing. lol. It was advertised as a dual filter system, but there is only one filter in the basin (under the floor). It has the heating element, the drain and one silver stainer like pipe. I hooked it up yesterday put the plug in and used buckets of water to fill the basin, but when I turned on the pump water came flowing well out of the shower head but also annoyingly out of this longer hose as well which totally drained my basin water at an alarming rate. If you say you dont need a pipe connected to a water source then I gather its a useless entity and see about removing it. Unfortunelty when I asked the ppl I bought it off they kept getting confused with a newer one they had bought and couldnt really remember how they had this one hooked up. ps - is it possible they had the extra pipe hooked up to a fluncinator? Does that make sense? I remember them saying something along those lines?
  3. Sorry, I should have been more specify. I know about the switches and the power plug. But I have 3 hoses. 1 green one which has the shower head on it, and 2 clear ones at the bottom. I've discovered that the shortest hose drains out the basin and the other longer one spews out the same basin water too (only much stronger). Am I supposed to connect that to a tap or something? cause Ive just been using buckets to fill up the basin. Ive used hydrobaths heaps of times but never actually seen how they connect so I need help! Please.
  4. Is anyone able to shed some light about how to use a single tank Conmurra Hydrobath? I have no idea at all how to hook it all up?
  5. My bloke had alot of dandruff too. I read somewhere (can't for the life of me remember where) that bathing them every second day will eradicate it - providing you have a good quality shampoo with conditioner. I did this for a week and he's not had ANY problem with dandruff since. P.s - I use Plush puppy everyday shampoo with henna.
  6. I tend to think Rebound 3 would be better than protexin. It's mostly for horses but alot of G'hound trainers use it. It's exactly like yakult for animals. A smoothy like paste that is quite palatable. It's no where near as expensive as Protexin (liquid or Powder) either. 2 similair companies produce it - Oralx and Micro.
  7. Thanks Kitkat. I was using Nutripet because everynow and again she leaves whole meals and this has really perked her up. She won't eat anything with oil on it anyway so i willl just stick to that
  8. How much should I give? I'm using it as fat substitute for a greyhound. On the tube it says 15g per 5kg per day but baring in mind that it only comes in 200g and I have a 30kg dog it seems a bit excessive. I'd love advice from anyone escpecially if they are using it for the same reason on a similar sized dog.
  9. I cannot go past www.petspantry.com for prices
  10. Sorry have been 'round lately to reply :D. If i don't walk her every day she can jump around and pull really hard! But in that case I use a halti - works wonders. I do get funny about tha fact there's a chance she might slip the halti so I connect it to her sighthound anti-slip collar with a simple carabeena clip, then clip her lead to the halti. That way if she wriggles out of the halti the lead will still be connected the collar in some way . Here's some pics!
  11. Ok, so when I got my GAP greyhound a couple of months ago she was by no means a train wreck or anything like that but she was a couple of kgs off her ideal weight and her coat was a little dull. Now she looks in premium order . After the first few weeks I stopped the the suppliments and since then she's been on 1 cup of Nutrience Active and 1 cup of Nutro Performance with an egg every second day and tin of Tuna or Sardines every other day, she also gets about 200g of VIP pet roll. She only gets fed once a day in the morn (to stop nasty "accidents" at night. Honestly her coat is like a mirror and the bones along her back can't be seen any more - only one set of ribs at her sides too! She looks magnificent - I'm so pleased Just wanted to tell everyone how well these products have been working Can't reccommend them highly enough!
  12. lol, I have a hitch on my fence in the backyard. She does it rough but then gets a walk and a long lie inside with the heater on as a reward - she doesn't mind it all despite it being below zero outside and her being a grey and all
  13. I bought the beef and veggies one as well as the one with pasta, lamb I think. I've taken her off the raw mince and chicken wings, bones etc because she was having trouble with her bowels and keeping it in . I'm feeding about 200g of the rolls with a cup each of Great Barko, Nutrience and Nutro, looks to be going well for her. oh, she gets her bones and chews on the w/e. Thanks heaps all.
  14. Anyone know what supermarket VIP brand is like. Saw that chic from DR harry's give it a wrap so I bought some - looks alright and from first glance at ingredients everything seems ok. I'm after any opinion on it - good or bad. ta
  15. Sorry guys, but how important is Joint Guard and similair products to ex racing greyhounds and breeds that put alot more pressure on their legs etc? I have a 5yo grey and worried about degenerative joint conditions later - should I start early to prevent it or wait till it comes? Btw do they even get joint problems later?
  16. I was recently having probs with my greyhound ex-racer and she went completely off her food a whole day. I bought some stuff home from work called STOCKGAIN made by N.R.G. Primarily for horse it can also be used on sheep, cattle, cats, dogs and birds. It's got a molasses base and you can water it down to moisten kibble. It's a multi-vitamin and supposed to be really good for everything. She adored it! She even licked the bowl clean! (which she's never done). I'd tried a few different things over the past couple of days and this was the best result by far. If you have a picky eater or just want a fuss free way to feed complete multivitamins and minerals I honestly recommed it! This is all I could find Stockgain Contains: Yeast & Seaweed concentrates: especially manufacturered for optimum performance. Also includes digestive enzymes for effective digestion & utilisation. Apple Cider Vinegar: traditionally known to assist with joint flexibility and appetite improvement. Vitamins: including A, D, E & the B6 group. Also contains microvitamins, selenium & vitamin E. Minerals: including trace minerals. Salts: Potassium, Sodium & Chloride. Molasses: used as the carrying agent & a rich source of carbohydrates. Directions for Use: Mix Stockgain into dry feed, to save feed from being blown from bins, pushed into corners, or never eaten. Dampen dry feed with approx 30ml water & 100ml Stockgain. For horses being transported or competing away from home, mix 100ml of Stockgain into the drinking water to help mask varying water tastes. Stockgain does not return a positive swab. The natural, proven ingredients in Stockgain help horses to develop glossy coats with natural shine, within 3 - 4 weeks of feeding.
  17. My greyhound girl gets 1 cup each of Nutro/Nutrience/Great Barko and she has an amazing coat. Also after the innitial sloppy poos for the first couple of days she spot on on the insides as well
  18. I've never had a dog of my very own so some of my questions are going to come out sounding silly but what are the monthly requirements that dogs NEED, ie wormers, flea prevention - is that all?
  19. ok, so i've only washed her once which was today but I was most impressed with the results I got. I'm a horsey person turned retired greyhound owner and after investigating to make sure they were safe I went ahead and used Equinade's Glo White (be careful it stains!). Then on my final rinse I added some Kelato Amino Gloss (smells VERY yummy, like cherries ). Then when fully dry to condition the coat i put 1 spray of Reflections onto a lambswool car wash mit and worked all over the coat. INSTANT SHINE and ULTRA SOFT COAT!
  20. Hi, No, I'm in the west but my folks live over east so I'm constantly making the 1hr trip across - and she LOVES travelling I love the number or address I f you have it handy, thanks! My email is [email protected] if you prefer to keep it private.
  21. Just while I have you "greyt" people's attention. I'd like to ask just how important having a greyhound expert for a vet is? Is this an absolute neccessity?
  22. I gave a couple of chicken necks with her dinner last night SHE LOVED THEM! but left everything else :D . I've only had her almost 2 weeks and the stress of a new home could be a major player - the thing is though she started off eating everything in sight and now will pick at it and eat just a quarter of it. I don't like leaving it "down", because the cat eats it all. Also this will proably be a stupid question but is human milk bad for them? I just haven't seen it on any of the toxic lists. I remember my step dad used to give a bowl of warm milk to our irish wolfhound once a week but does it agree with greys?
  23. cool thanks again all!. I switched off the pet mince because it gave her LETHAL breath ! But she hasn't eaten anything since I stopped adding it so I will get some for her. I've stopped on the peanut butter - she did like it and I read somewhere that it's a good fat replacement. Where's the best place to get their fat from though? Have you guys heard of feeding fat drippings? Alot of peeps do it. yuk! Also she prefers the eukanuba over the great barko (I'm mixing them together at the mo'). But has anyone used Nutrience Active? I love the results im getting from the Nutrience Derma (for cats).
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