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  1. We've raised an Australian Shepherd puppy before, but I guess all are different. This girl's herding instinct seems a lot stronger than our first Aussie.
  2. She is much better when it is just walking with her (and no pram), but still a bit bitey with the leash. We had a dog trainer come down and check out our situation. She has advised to teach our pup 'leave it' and 'look at me'. We have started these commands and teaching her to 'leave it' with treats. She's picked it up really well. Our plan is to get this solid inside and then outside in our yard. Then we will introduce the pram while someone else is getting her attention to 'leave it' and 'look at me'. Does this sound like a good start? I just don't know how to progress from her not reacting to the pram going past her to actually getting her walking alongside the pram? Seems like a big jump. What's the middle step here?
  3. My four month old Australian Shepherd puppy is biting the pram wheels so badly we can't walk at all anymore. The moment we start moving she starts going for them. Once she is in this mind set she will also play with the leash by biting at it and walking along with it in her mouth. So far we have tried using a chain leash, but she still bites this. And we have tried putting a bitter spray deterrent on the wheels. Someone even suggested putting Vicks on the wheels, but she still bites them regardless. Any advice would be appreciated as I love taking my toddler and my dog for walks and not being able to do so is affecting all three of us!!
  4. Aussie Pics

    Archie will wade up to his belly but he hates swimming. Hopefully my next Aussie might be a water baby. I think I also fed Archie Advance Large Breed Puppy (which was what my breeder was feeding him) and then made the switch to Advance All Breed Adult. When he was still a young pup I would soak the kibbles in warm water first to make it a bit easier for him to eat. :)
  5. Aussie Pics

    Hi Michelle. Gorgeous litter. Hope you find great homes for them. Has anyone seen this pretty girl, Belle? http://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/mature/australian-shepherd.asp I love looking at the adult Aussies for sale. Only because I want another one. :laugh: One day soon.
  6. Aussie Pics

    Upside down photo of Reggie is adorable! And hello Steph and Finn! What a cute face. :)
  7. Dog Vomit On Carpet

    Luckily I don't think I've had to deal with vom on the carpet. Our boy gives us way too much warning. It's only happened a few times .. He smiles. His lips pull up at the side and he gets this hilarious sleezy smiley look on his face. But at the time OH and I are usually going "he's smiling!!!! Quick get him outside!"
  8. Aussie Pics

    I wish I could help! Any updates?
  9. Because I work as a graphic designer for a plants company, I'm pretty lucky to get to photograph new varieties. These are a couple of our new hellebores.
  10. Cloning

    I'm using PS too. :)
  11. Cloning

    I actually copied the eye from another photo I took of him during that session and replaced the squinty eye and made sure to blend the fur around the eye using the clone tool. :)
  12. Cloning

    Wow Snooks! You did a great job getting rid of the bed. Here are some of mine:
  13. Aussie Pics

    Reggie looks like lots of fun! :D
  14. Aussie Pics

    Quick question. In a couple of weeks, for the first time since we've had Archie we will be moving homes. Is there anything we can do to make the process easier on him? I'm not sure how he will react to a new home and environment.
  15. Aussie Pics

    I thought our boy was a bit on the smaller side. He is fully grown at 53cm. ETA: Does being desexed affect their final size?