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  1. Yeah, vet said, like humans dogs with very fine hair, or no hair, to take vinegar and apply, then peel of the tentacles, My Sccobs has very fine, and no hair on the same parts around the leg
  2. Was on the way home last night when i heard that poor Salty the APBT was with his owner at the beach when he was thrown the ball to fetch from the water, on getting out he had tentacles from a stinger attached to his leg, was rushed to the vet, but died within 30 minutes. I think how lucky i am, as i used to take Scoobs to the beach all the time and it always worried me. The vet said that it is very rare as most dogs fur will stop the sting from getting in the blood stream, she said it was only the second time in 15 years she had seen it. but put out a warning to owners with dogs that might not have lots of fur overt here whole body.
  3. I voted no, I was chatting to the president of our obedience club up here, when they had there pet expo about a month ago, he told me there were 6 owners with there APBT's taking part in the shows put on for the public. Was so good to hear that many people went away with a different view to what they arrived with, which was the crap that the media spouts.
  4. Awesome video, the dog saved his sons life. good work titus
  5. Thanks for the thoughts gals, my Aunt is doing as well as can be expected.
  6. Heres Tybrax's website, you can contact her thru this http://www.victimsofbsl.com/home.htm
  7. My 87 year old aunty was out on one of her walks with her companion, when 2 off leash dogs attacked and killed her JRT who was on leash, Owner was around the corner and didnt evan see it, just called his dogs back and went on his merry way. Rocky was by her side 24 hours a day. Council is looking into it, but i dont have any hope of the offender getting his dues!!!! RIP little man
  8. Yep, good luck, the council are in a corner now...
  9. Excuse me? I dont even know who you are. Why dont you go away and stop adding fuel to the fire like Tybrax does. You wouldnt be Ricey by any chance? Hi Ricey - you horrible little person. How is that pathetic little Bull Breed forum going? Are you lot still carrying on about Troy? You dreadful pathetic little people! :rolleyes: And what are you doing, cant see any intelligent input from you.
  10. Yeah she did. Why dont you dickheads wake up ? Flame away. I cant stand you morons. You affect each breed affected by BSL but you dont give a shit. Nice. Arent you a little charmer. How very typical. You sound like a bloody 2 year old
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