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  1. They only give you about 60 seconds, to perform. It has to be something that an audience can easily see. What happened with the DOL' ers at auditions?
  2. Australia's Got Talent are hassling me to go on their show, but only gave me a weeks notice so I have declined it. What I need is some help with making up a dog act. Last time I was on the show they said it was just a string of dog tricks, so I need something a bit more professional. But don't really have many ideas. Moses knows heaps of tricks. But don't know which ones to choose or how to string them together. They are still desperate for a dog act as they don't have any. If you are interested contact them. They are not after a doggy dancing routine as it has been done before. If you do a search on youtube for Moses Nova Scotia - it should bring up all his videos and what tricks he can do. He can do all the simple tricks, plus taking someone's sock off and bringing it to me, me sneezing and him running up to someone and pulling a towel out of their pocket, jumping off my stomach and over my head, opening and closing doors and drawers etc.
  3. Canine Disc Dog - Victoria

    I am a bit too busy at the moment to contact Damien, but anyone else is welcome too. I am preparing for a trip to Bali.
  4. Canine Disc Dog - Victoria

    I can provide accomodation in Melbourne if he needs it, there are plenty of ovals around in Melbourne and also KCC Park has a huge area out the back. Berwick Obedience Dog Club has two fenced in areas as well as two other ovals, heaps of space. I think Berwick Obedience Dog Club would be the best venue, due to having two high fenced areas.
  5. Canine Disc Dog - Victoria

    is there any books, videos, youtube links to get started? good ones?
  6. Canine Disc Dog - Victoria

    My husband was going for CK to win. Really appreciated the time given to me, when I was asking the questions about disc dogs. I know that everyone was under pressure etc,.
  7. Speak And Quite Command

  8. Dock Diving

    I think any breed can dock dive. I read somewhere that the record was a greyhound cross? You just have to wait until it comes to Victoria, if it does.
  9. Catcing Food On His Muzzle

    pls delete
  10. Catcing Food On His Muzzle

    http://www.dolforums.com.au/index.php?showtopic=7358 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGSXEkvkgAs
  11. Teaching Dog To Signal No

    I taught Moses to do this just using a clicker. He kept offering it when I didn't click. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MY6TLmTWI0M
  12. Quoits Help

    http://www.dolforums.com.au/index.php?showtopic=41203 This is a hard trick, since I have covered most of the simple tricks, time to move on. For this trick you need a dog who is really clicker saavy. To find out about clicker go to http://www.k9events.com Australian based site. Equipment : clicker, treats (chicken chunkers from Coles work great, cheese, liver etc) Set of Quoit (can be purchased from toy stores) If your dog is size of border collie or larger, you may need to put a hole in the plastic part, and fill with sand so the dog does not knock it over. Step 1 go to http://www.shirleychong.com/keepers/retrieve.html and follow steps 1 to 17, take your time and don't rush the dog, make sure you meet the criteria for a step before moving to the next step. Instead of a dumbell you are going to use a coloured plastic quoit. Step 2 You will be kneeling down next to the pole, You are going to click and treat the dog for raising the quoit to the height of the pole, keep on doing this step until the dog gets it right 10 times. Step 3 You are now going to click and treat for the hoop being placed near the top of the pole, so the dog may not get the hoop on the pole but will get it very close. keep on doing this step until the dog gets it right 10 times. Step 4 You are now going to wait for the dog to get the hoop on the pole, keep on doing this step until the dog gets it right 10 times. Big jackpot of food when the dog gets it right. Now add the command. I use the word "dump" because he is dumping the hoop onto the pole. Advanced You are now working on distance, gradually moving further away from the pole, my dog kept wanting to give the hoop to me. Once you get distance, you may want to throw the hoop further away from the pole, once you get this you may throw multiple hoops, and reward the dog when he puts two or three hoops on the pole. My dog took a while to get this, and I actually took a break from it for about a month and came back to it and he got it. Moses actually developed a technique for this. It is quite hard for the dog and takes concentration, he has to work out how to handle the hoop in his mouth, how to line up with the pole and how to drop it on the pole. To see pictures and video of this trick goto http://www.dogtrick.741.com/moses_put_a_hoop_on_a_stick.htm or My Webpage http://www.dogtrick.741.com/hoop5.jpg[/img] I did this trick when Moses was on Australias Got Talent. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcU8WthoEFw
  13. World Dog Games - Agility, Frisbee, Flyball And Dock Dogs

    Thanx Lozi!!!! None of the US trainers, or the dock dog organiser, said a word to me about our performance. But the laid back Hanrob trainer did. LOL ) I actually had a video of Moses in training doing the same thing and you can see the Hanrob trainer, laughing in the back ground, will put it up on youtube shortly. Here it is on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=064HlBXzZn0
  14. Canine Disc Dog - Victoria

    No, but I recon we could convince him to come down, so would have to see how much he charges, and pay for expenses etc. Just seeing if there is any interest.
  15. Canine Disc Dog - Victoria

    Thjis is an example of what happens at a clinic. Spring Fling Training Clinic What Date? Sunday, 25th October 2009 Lisa Williamson's Border Collie Moss makes a catch during a 2005 BARK demonstration for the Pine Rivers Dog Obedience Club. Photo: © Damian Noud (Used with permission). What Time? Registration - 9:30 am Clinic Starts - 10:00 am Optional Practice Competition - 12:30pm Event Concludes - 1:30 pm Where? GJ Walter Park Shore Street East Cleveland Qld (UBD Map 186 E16) Is It Sanctioned? Yes! This is an ACDA Sanctioned Event. How Much? $10 per participating dog for non-members $5 per participating dog for members Member Benefit Become a member at this clinic for just $10 and get your first canine entry FREE! Contact Info Damian Noud Events Manager (07) 5495 6700 [email protected] This is a training clinic for owners who want to learn how to play Canine Disc with their dog. The Training Clinic will assist both handlers who already have a dog that catches Frisbees and those people whose pets haven't yet learnt how to catch a Frisbee. The Training Clinic will include instruction about the following: * How to throw the disc * How to teach your dog to chase and catch the disc * How to teach your dog to bring the disc back to you After the Training Clinic, teams who have had success grasping the basics will have the option of participating in a practice competition sanctioned by the Australian Canine Disc Association (ACDA). After paying your Training Clinic fee there is no additional charge to participate in the practice competition. Get your dog, jump in the car, and come join the fun! Instructors The instructor for this Training Clinic will be Liz Buchanan and Tony Redwood. Liz has enjoyed Canine Disc since 2006 with her 2 1/2 year old border collie, Ember. This team came second at their first State Championships in 2006 and won the Howl-a-ween competition in 2007. Since 2007, Liz has been the sectretary of BARK, as well as a judge and instructor. In addition, Liz has her Level 2 General Principles Coaching Qualification from the Australian Sports Commission. Tony loves playing disc with his two young Border Collies, CK and Xena. In their first year of competition both pups achieved their FDA and both have passes towards their FDE title. While Xena won the 2008 Dogmania Canine Disc Classic, CK and Xena tied for third in the 2008 Canine Disc Nationals and CK tied for second in the Australian leg of the 2008 World Cup. Tony is a great believer that frisbee should be a great, safe way to have a lot of fun with your best mate and strives to help others achieve their goals no matter what they may be. Facilities GJ Walter Park is a beautiful facility right on the water at Cleveland. Redland Shire Council have done a great job equipping this off-leash dog park. Parking is free in the car park located on Shore Street East. Toilet/bathroom facilities are available at the site. Lots of shade is available under trees beside the field. Drinking water is available from taps on the site. Wham-O Fastback Frisbee discs, club merchandise, drinks and snacks will be available for purchase. There is play equipment for children and a beach. A free BBQ is available on site if you want to have lunch afterwards under one of the pergolas. Things to Bring You need to bring a leash for your dog. If you can, please bring a crate or some means to tie out your dog so you can practice your throwing technique while your dog rests. You also need to bring a water bowl for your dog. Drinkable tap water will be available on-site. Frisbee Discs Fastback Frisbee® discs will be on sale at this event. Fastback Frisbees are approved by the ACDA for competition use in Australia. They were specifically designed for safe use with disc catching dogs and hover a really long time. New: $10 Pre-Loved (when available): $3 Amy King's dog Bogey is always ready to play with the big dogs. Photo: © C.Guthrie, Pix 'n Pages. BARK Membership Annual membership in the Brisbane and Region K9 Disc Club (BARK) can be purchased at this event. New memberships and renewals receive one free canine entry at this event. BARK members pay $5 for training clinics as opposed to $10 that non-member's pay so you've paid for your membership in just two events. Membership runs from January 1st to December 31st for each year. Individual membership is $10. ACDA Affiliate Membership The Australian Canine Disc Association (ACDA) is the sanctioning body for Canine Disc in Australia. Because this is an ACDA sanctioned event, all participants must agree to become ACDA Affiliate Members. Affiliate Membership in ACDA is free. Also, all competitors at ACDA sanctioned events are charged a $2 ACDA levy which funds ACDA and the services it provides for its membership. However, BARK will pay your ACDA levy on your behalf out of the event fees you pay when you attend the event. Awards and Titles Because this is an ACDA sanctioned event, teams who participate in the practice competition after the training clinic will be eligible to count their competition rounds towards the Awards and Titles that will be issued by the Australian Canine Disc Association (ACDA). Practice Competition Rules The optional practice competition that will follow the training clinic will provide an opportunity for teams to learn how Canine Disc competitions work. The practice competition will give each team an opportunity to compete in a round of Toss & Fetch, a very simple and fun competition format used throughout the world. If your dog tries to catch discs and likes to play with you then you are encouraged to give it a go. However, the practice competition is optional, so if you only want to attend the training clinic that's OK.