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  1. I messaged them a few days ago and heard nothing, I might ask them for guidance.
  2. We’ve taken a foster German Shepherd 2yo and she seems afraid of people. She was very timid when first meeting us but we’ve gained her love and trust and she is a very gentle and beautifully girl. she is very gentle with our children 8/9 yo, playful with them without getting too excited and is a delight. When we walk she seems unsettled and when we pass an unknown male she goes wide, hackles are up and growls. She does the same thing with dogs bigger than her but is not reactive to smaller dogs. She was matched to us as she’s good with kids and had a male handler, was never allowed inside so wondering if she had minimal socialisation any tips?
  3. I find myself still looking around the house for them.. I’m sure I will stop one day..
  4. Zoe was 11 and Charli the cat was 13... it was the trauma of how the dog was diagnosed and went downhill so fast that has left me numb, the cat I had a while to process.. it hurts
  5. Our beloved German Shepherd Zoe was given her wings today along with our cat, her best friend Charli. Both had cancer and both had gone downhill earlier this week to the point of no return.. i think I underestimated how much I could adore my fur babies, especially the dog. We raised her from a pup and she helped me raise my two children, who are 5 and 7 and that’s all they have ever known.. such a quiet household tonight, I don’t know if this void could ever be filled, I miss my Zoe especially, she would follow me everywhere until I went to bed then she would check the family was ok then go to bed herself.. RIP Zoe and Charli x
  6. Thanks.. We have a friends dog with this.. I'm pretty sure it's not that but I'm happy to have her tested to rule it out anyway... We will start pushing for more answers from the vet... Thanks everyone.. Is been going on since January on and off..
  7. No no stool samples have been taken... I just cleaned up all the sloppy stools too They took a swab from her rectum I'm assuming they check for parasites then under the microscope? No bloods taken.. When we did the bland food diet she seemed to get better though.. It's just much more frequent now.. Didn't think about a parasite.. She's wormed often but always hungry and so desperate for food as she's not absorbing anything se will eat the smallest crumb or scrap esp trying to steal the kids food now too then it just makes her sick again... I'm worried as we have her booked into the same minder again in a couple of months... She has her own dog too, took her out but didn't socialize he with any other dogs as she isn't great with strange dogs so we asked to to just avoid them..
  8. Hello Our poor Zoe stayed with a minder while we were away and she came home vomiting and with runny stools for days... Vet has diagnosed her with an inflamed colon.. Put her on a special eukanuba dry food and tablets and her stools became soft, better than runny anyway.. She gets this on and off non stop.... We have put her on boiled chicken breasts and the bland vet only eukanuba dry food permanently but she is still needing to go outside at 2am then 4am with the runs and then manages to step in it and I have poo all through the house... Oh the joys of dog ownership, runny poo all through the house, rugs and floorboards every day... We have taught her to do poos down the side of the house so that is why she is standing in it... Anyone else's dog have this and what sets it off? We still can't give her any other meat or food yet... And she's lost lots of weight..
  9. Thanks ppl have bark n mad and it was good for the day I was at work.. Will check out the other one too, Oh and Daecy & Zoe unfortunately this neighbor has said 'shut your f### c--t dog up or I will do it for you' and went on to say we were rude [email protected]@@s etc etc so I am taking this threat seriously... Our neighbor got the same abusive letter a month ago re their dog accompanied by red paint splashed all over their front door step so we have a crazy mad neighbor somewhere.. I know all the neighbors and our neighbor approached all of them so not sure if we missed one?..
  10. I have a 7 yo GSD who has started to become destructive indoors and bark when were not home.. We need to get a behaviourslist in Melbourne (eastern suburbs) to help us out, barking is the main concern.. Have had vicious threats of baiting from an anonymous letter so we need to address this ASAP.. Anyone know any great behaviourslists?
  11. Hello, Can anyone suggest an app I can use which is noise/bark activated so I can tape my dog barking while I'm at work.. I don't want to purchase a voice recorder... Maybe one I can look at graphs of bad barking periods over a day? Ive had a vicious and threatening letter from an anonymous neighbor against our 8yo Dog who is at home while I work part time. They claim in an earlier nasty note they work night shift and our dog stops them sleeping during the day. She barks when we leave for work at 7am then returns inside to sleep for most of the day (what she does when I'm home). I'd like to know exactly how bad she is barking. I've contacted police who can't do anything as we have no idea who it is. Council have been wonderful but I fear for my dogs safety. I have no one I can ask to babysit our dog and we're closing our front gates to stop access down the driveway. I have purchased cameras to monitor the outdoors but haven't had a chance to install them (can't use power tools after 7pm..) Any suggestions would be great... We have toddlers also who could be at risk if something is thrown over the fence.
  12. Council have one and suggested this but said it doesnt tell her how many times in a given time frame the dog barked so they werent going to do this. Yep but given she's looking for the easy way out, as she doesn't have the time or inclination to fight this, then debarking is a great solution. I can see a dead dog on the horizon Easy way out? I said i didnt have the time or energy for this but defending my dog is my job and spending $3K on an illegal operation to have the only voice my dog has is not an option for my dog or my family. I refuse to harm her or drug her because of one complaint. While I appreciate this may be a solution to some barking dog complaints/nuisance barkers, this is not one of them. If I knew my dog had a problem I may feel differently but I have heard the tapes and been told by council she is not a nuisance barker so surgery seems extreme. As someone else did we have always checked with all our immediate neighbours to make sure our dogs werent barking (all neighbouring houses have dogs) and this nutter is not in an adjoining house and wouldnt have access to our yard unless she walked down our long driveway. We will be looking at having inside access to her during the day to minimise noise. As for council they have told us to keep recording and that this womans so called 'recordings' arent very good, her logs of barking dont match the audio and that it doesnt look very good for her at all. Were not going to approach her or send her letters, council told me she was so 'stressed out' she was considering moving so move I say.. our happy little dog loving area was great till she moved in..
  13. I will have to suss this out.. I don't think it matters what information or facts we have she doesn't listen to the council lady when she is told the dog isn't there she just does not believe it.. She will only be happy when she hears no dog barking (unrealistic) and I cannot believe this nutter is taking it further and dragging us through this I just don't have the time or energy with a very young family, fur kids and a demanding job..
  14. Council although they havent told me where this woman lives (she isnt allowed to) she has disclosed a few things that I have figured it out anyway but I cant write a letter as I dont know who to address it to unless I have 100% certainty.. Council are also sending a survey to about 30 surrounding residents to ask them if they hear barking and at what times and if it bothers them..
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