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  1. I agree, i would like to see a picture of the dog. So tired of losers loving this breed to compensate for thier small..ahem.. you know whats!
  2. My old dog Sage used to do this sort of thing... in the end the problem was resolved with 24/7 access in and outside. But in saying this,she wasnt a problem barker I wish u all the best in resolving the issue
  3. that was sweet... hits the nail on the head!
  4. he IS lovely!! Shame to see such talent go to waste! Hope he finds a nice home
  5. Comes as no surprise .. they are a wonderful breed!!! thanks for the post!!
  6. I feel very sad for you.. It must be so difficult. I would be very interested if the DOL trainers would post some replies here. Ive not heard of a dog at 7 falling so backwards. Have you had him seen by a vet to check for any illness thats may be causing him such stress?
  7. Dont give up... Before i had DOL i never crate trained.. Now i would never do anything BUT. This is how i did it. i had lots of pigs ears etc, and each time they went to the crate, i put the ear in. Gave a few mins of chew time. Before the pup asks to come out i take her out and remove the ear or treat. the ONLY time a treat is given is inside the crate with closed door. My dogs now go to bed in the crate on thier own. Some dogs are easier than others and be prepared to have some sleepless nights just as you would with a baby. Good luck
  8. how can culling most of them based on basic issues like pulling on a lead benefit a breed. Base it on the usual standards and yea for sure,i agree... Im not naive,., ive been in rescue not long but long enough to know the harsh realities of it. Not all dogs should be saved. But NO ONE can tell me a dog who doesnt SIT on cue,should be PTS...no matter the breed
  9. I think that was kind of the point of the original post.. why seperate the pits.
  10. I was thinkin theres no BSL laws restricting greys lmao... Nice one Kobes
  11. I am finding more people on DOL are almost backing BSL.. A few names spring to mind. How anyone can think it will ever work is beyond me. I asked around quite a bit in how I could help etc but no one had any ideas and to be honest I had no idea where to start.
  12. He is already trained with SOME hand signals. When meeting him,you would not know it. Apart from when recalling. Although ,once you do get his attention with waving arms,he does come. My main concerns were diversions. For instance in the early days of him being here,If he and my dogs rough play etc,I want to be able to get his attention from a distance,which is why I was considering vibrating collars. Eta thankyou to everyone for your advice
  13. where do you get these collars. Does anyone know the price? Erny did suggest this too. I will certainly look into it.. i just dont know where lol
  14. Its possible that I will be taking in a deaf dog. I was wondering what experience others have had with deafness. I am more concerned with diversions etc. I have always been a verbal leader with my dogs,but wonder,for example,if there was a scuffle,what you would do to distract the dog? I have been given some good advice,but would love to hear from families of deaf dogs who deal with it regularly
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