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  1. If you simply clip this dog off all over and he is sparsley coated he may well end up simply looking like he has a skin problem, and he will look no better. Have you contacted any Chinese Crested people in your area about this dog, one of them may be able to help you. I am too far away.
  2. If he is sparsely coated all over, he could well be a hairy hairless, that is he is genetically hairless but is very hairy. What is his dentition like? Doe he have a "normal looking mouth" or does he have strange looking teeth and forward pointing canines? Powderpuffs have normal dog dentition, hairless have "odd" teeth.
  3. I don't think the bald patch on his head has anything to do with him being a Chinese Crested, It is not normal for one. I think clipping him all over probably won't enhance his chances, but a good bath and some work to remove the staining on his legs would. By all means clip his face. Where is this poor little mite?
  4. Parvac does only cover Parvo and is often used to cover young pups, or animals at risk from parvo during an outbreak etc. Sometimes used just as a precaution during an outbreak if the dogs vaccination status is unknown. Some people only vaccinate against Parvo, nothing else, parvac would be used then. Some people like to give an extra parvo booster during the vaccination schedule for young dogs like rotties etc who seem to be more prone to parvo. So they may give a Parvac at 4 or 5 months after a course of C4 or whatever. If you want to cove the pup for everything else then yes it needs to be vaccinated with a combination vaccine.
  5. Tens of thousands of dollars on their tail docking campaign and then turn around ask for donations for kitty litter for the cats in their shelters. Horses that die in paddocks because they will not respond to calls to investigate. We could go on and on. All creatures great and small.........what a joke!!
  6. "Don't make it look like a Poodle" seems to be a standard request, drives me totally nuts, like how could you turn a Shih Tzu or a Cocker into a poodle anyway, do we have magic wands huh!! Sometimes the requests just simply cannot happen, unless you perm the hair, or use a magic wand. I don't know why some people buy the breeds they do, it is just plain weird at times. I clip 2 dogs for a family who always ask if I can make them look like brothers, bit hard since one is a Cav and the other is schnauzer x.
  7. Handle the food that you feed your dogs with the same care that you take with your food, buy it fresh, feed it or freeze it, keep it stored correctly and you wont have any issues with the safety of raw foods. My dogs have always eaten raw meat and bones,including chicken bones of all sorts no problems, they are weaned on to raw meaty bones and meat products. You have to make up your own mind, it is not something anyone can answer for you.
  8. Friends bully was continually being opened up to remove obstructions, you name it he ate it. He is now eating a raw meaty bones diet, and seems happy chomping his bones, for him it solved a BIG problem. He looks really good too!
  9. There is a groomer a few hours drive from me who routinely clips Labs, pugs, even smooth Foxies etc, to make them cooler. I do quite a few of her clients that have relocated, and the Labs have coats that a slasher would struggle with. They are like very dense medium length carpet. Absolute crap to deal with, one client owns 3 Labs and she slaps herrself around over it every year, they have shocking coats now. I know people will disagree with this but I see no need at all to ever clip off a Labrador, unless for surgery etc. And Yes I have lived with them, and yes they do shed buckets, but hey that is all part of owning a dog. Thats what Dysons are for.. I have a new golden ret client who wants to keep her puppy shaved from now on, it is only 11 weeks old, doesn't want long hairs in her car. Wrong breed choice, actually I don't think a dog suits at all. With allergy sufferers, regular thorough grooming is essential, and if it is saliva and dander that is the issue then bathing once a week at least is important. Clipping the dog will not help the allergy issue.
  10. The ONLY thing anyone can say with any accuracy here is go to the Vet. Guesswork is all you will get on here, a Vet needs to see your dog and diagnose him ASAP.
  11. My family has never lived on crap in a bag why should my animals. Just makes sense to me. I can't understand how some people can be so fanatical about their own health, eat no crap , work out etc etc but are quite happy to dish up processed food every day for their pets. Fresh, wholesome foods are the go for the basis of everyones diets. Like us junk food is ok as a treat but not the basis of a diet.
  12. I'm sorry but I have to ask, WHY would you agree to clip these?? It simply makes no sense. As to the border collies, I hate clipping them, I have yet to see a coat come back as good as it was before, usually they come back much thicker and softer, bigger job each time, though every year the ones that we see are in a state, obviously unbrushed, and it seems that the "we will just clip it off when it gets bad mentality" seems to kick in, maybe this is why the coats come back so bad. The owners that do the at home grooming usually just bring them in for a bath and dry, etc.
  13. Still sounds like play to me. I have been known to get up at 2am and dole out chicken wings to a litter of pups that have been rough housing so loud it is incredible. Pups will stand back and bark madly at each other before launching at each other and scruffing each other around it is normal puppy behaviour.
  14. I have it to be excellent. But like a previous poster said, it is what your dog does best on that is the important thing.
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