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  1. Mind Games For Dogs

    I use the Kong and a feed ball from a cat. I like the idea of a sandpit, and have one of those clam shell things they kids have gotten over. Sweet. Great ideas.
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar

    I have a shot myself every morning 10 minutes before brekky. Didn't know Dogs could use it too!
  3. Stinky Dog No More!

    What do we think of http://www.barfvictoria.com.au/dog%20food.html I spoke to the guy who maunfactures it for Australia, he's based up here.
  4. Couple questions I guess: 1. Any idea of a good puppy school close to Hamilton, Brisbane? 2. How old should a puppy be to get the most out of it? Gypsy is 8 weeks. Thanks!