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  1. Thank you - trust me, cuddles a plenty! Thats an awesome blog post, thank you!!!!!!
  2. Thank you for the replies guys. Perse, I hope it doesn't come to that!
  3. Yes thats a great idea, I have heard about Green lipped mussels as being very good for bones/arthritus in dogs, thank you for the suggestion. Sometimes I wish they could talk human.
  4. Hi Everyone, My 6yr old beagle Charlie has been licking his paw for quite awhile, and me being the naieve loser that I am, I just thought he was grooming himself - I feed raw and thought he was getting blood, bone and gunk off on a regular basis. It wasn't until it was time to clip his nails, something I rarely do because they naturally wear down, that I realised he had a major issue with me touching that paw. I also realised there was a small lump on the top of his toe where jhe licks regularly. Off to the vet because I was worried about the lump, albeit a small one, its a lump none the same. Vet took a thorough look, and advised that she believes that the lump has come due to the constant licking, and its the actual 3rd toe (the one he has been licking the top of) that he has issue with. She thinks he has hurt it, we have missed it (very very upset about this) and that it has developed arthritus in it. She put him on a week of pain killers and it made such a difference, he was playful and running round and having a great time with his sister. He had been quiter than normal before this, but he is a quiet dog by nature so just thought he was being himself. He has finished his course of painkillers and is now back to licking the top of his paw and not being as playful. The vet said that if this was to happen, we need to look at coming back and getting an xray - which is no issue, money is not an issue when it comes to our dogs, we will get it done. I just have to call on Monday and make the appointment. Has anyone experianced anything like this? My poor Charlie was in pain and I didn't know it. The vet says that because its not the whole paw, it would be easy to miss because if it was the whole paw, he wouldn't be able to put weight on the entire paw - this is just a toe, so it can be compensated for by the other toes. I have been thinking of increasing his intake of sardines, adding fish oil and glucosamine to his diet to help with the possible arthritus. I welcome any thoughts or ideas regarding this. I know this is about Charlie, but I am also feeling like a terrible owner for missing this for him. I am meant to look after him and I let him down. I am at work so if I do not reply to any messages immediatly this is why. Thank you for reading my thread. Kind Regards, Jacqui
  5. I will have a greyhound one day. It's locked in for me.
  6. I have another 2 who won't wee if it's raining. I trick them by opening the back door (they can't see it's raining from inside) and quickly shut it for at least 15 mins so they are forced to toilet outside before they demand to be let back in. Little darlings. Butter wouldn't melt.
  7. Stoked that my 2 beagles sleep in with me!
  8. My beagles don't do presents! I'm jealous!
  9. I work for a council and I had someone ring once and ask me to track her dog using the microchip number......
  10. No. My beagles take every chance they get. EVERY chance......
  11. My mother had aot of issues with how we treat our beagles ie. in the house, on the couch, in the bed etc, we feed a raw diet etc. She was quite snarky about it and I was really disappointed, I hoped she would love her grand puppies........ Then one day, we were at her place, all in the living room together and mum was nowhere to be seen....I investigated......Outside, on the patio, mum was sitting with one beagle in her lap, and she was stroking the other....Bless. I didnt say a word, but all of a sudden the comments stopped, the gifts and toys started coming, and now they get their own Christmas card and toys every year. She now embraces what she calls "our way" and accept that the beagles are true to their breed (she struggled with their obsession with food). She thinks they are very lucky beagles. Win
  12. Awwww all these beautiful sweet smiling faces.....I'm sold
  13. Both Charlie and Mia purr. Its quite endearing. Normally happens when they are on their backs and getting their bellies rubbed.
  14. Charlie is with Medibank Private. Mia is with RSPCA. I have never had an issue with RSPCA, but I know I'm in for a run around with Medibank Private - and they are managed at the same place, just branded differently.
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