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    Dog obedience, agility, jumping training and trialing. Tracking. Everything about GSD. My family, husband Dale and daughter Tamasin.

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  1. Oh I love it! Such awesome names, proposed and call!
  2. Congratulations all those with puppies so far! :D So where are the photos? Sorry to hear about the misses angelsun, I know how devastating it all is when the planning doesn't come to fruition.......what's with these girls?
  3. I was personally interested from a trialing point of view. But also mentioned the advantages of a dog who will automatically refuse food waved about by a toddler or elderly person/ wheel chair height etc. Would also be good to help with refusal from strangers over the fence but agree, it's not fool proof. Thanks anyway guys.
  4. Oh Eishund, they are absolutely adorable!!!!
  5. Yep, Atlas! I had thought that myself but got too distracted with all the others
  6. Hi all, I've been talking to a friend about the benefits of food refusal. They've currently taught their dog 'wait' before food, but I wanted to give them an idea of how advanced and safe this could be for their dog. Anyone have any good you tube vids of training for this? Would also like to see a successful trialing effort just for comparison. Cheers!
  7. Oh he's so cute! I had a bit of a search on name generators.....got as far as Ad Came up with these: Acacio Acario Abeodan Adalrik Did you have any idea on what origin you wanted to go with?
  8. Can you take us off the list please BB Again nothing from Miss Roxy. Her last litter was 2 years ago, 7 pups, and an 8 pup litter before that. Boy has good count, motility and morphology so I don't know Best of luck everyone else, I'll be waiting eagerly to see all your puppy photos
  9. Big congrats Parkeyre and alpha bet! Totally agree.....those pups are going to be cute as!!! :D
  10. I have high energy dogs, but I don't take them to off lead parks to socialize. Mostly I'll take them when things are quiet and just one at a time, play a game then go home and swap dogs. If someone else is there we just simply walk past and go to the other end of the park. I don't expect my dog to take it's focus off me, if it does then it's back on lead and we go. My other exercise is the occasional jog of a few km's or a long bush walk, both on lead. If your dog enjoys fetch then you can usually get a pretty good work out in a small area with total focus from your dog. I wouldn't try it at a populated dog park though in case possession issues came into play. Best of luck with it
  11. *Cute!* Roxy's been fusy with her food for the last 24 hours so I'm hoping some tinned tuna can change her mind. Apparently dry kibble is nicer than kibble mixed with chicken mince......or just none at all We have a little baby bump too :D
  12. Awesome news to everyone with positive scans! Congratulations!!! OMG! That's.....impressive! Big month for GSD's!
  13. We were actually about day 24 but usually day 28 onward to week 6 is what I've told is best. If it looks more likely she's going to have a large litter I may xray, but at the moment 4 sounds reasonable so depends on how big she gets........of course I may change my mind ;)
  14. Big congratulations to all confirmed :thumbsup: Best of luck for all those waiting.....October's looking to be a good month! :D
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