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  1. Hi, if a dog has a chipped tooth [one of the canine tooth], would it need to be taken out, i believe it was 1/4 chipped and vet said it would be ok, but now it seems [strongly say seem] because i might be seeing things] 1/2 chipped what are suggestions for food, etc is advance dog food still ok to give? Thanks jayakita
  2. Cutting Dogs Nails

    How long does it take to fully recover?? it looked like it closed up and all and then he got excited and ran round the backyard and it bled again. so we have got him to calm down (slows the bloodflow) and am going to keep him in the house. not on my lap (he's an akita) hahaha so about 4 hours do you think??? i just don't want it to bleed on and off again!! Thankyou for your help with the soap and flour. more help would be appreciated Jayakita
  3. Hi all, I cut my dogs nails too far (1 of them) and it bled what is the best way to get the blood to clot (using normal household stuff)and how long will it take to recover??? should he stay out of the backyard and stay inside so it doesn't get infected?? has anyone had this happen to them before?? what is the best thing to do now?? Any help greatly appreciated!!! Jayakita
  4. Fish heads and eyes are beautiful, the eyes are the best part!!! Jayakita
  5. Hi, my dog may have (not sure) had a sniff of the kitty litter and tasted or eated some, it is the kitty litter crystals (Silica gel litter), i think he only had 4 or 5 little crystals but i put my hand in his mouth and got out the other pieces, any heard of any bad side effects??? J
  6. Make A Signature Thread

    Our 15 month old doggie sleeping!!
  7. Triangle Of Temptation

    Thanks for that K9 we have been starting now and we are slowly getting good responses back!!! Cheerz
  8. Cesar Millan

    I agree with you ryally he is truly talented and dogs obviously respect him to, he has a big pack of mixed doggies, and yet they all get on!!! Jayakita
  9. Triangle Of Temptation

    Hi, What would be the easiest way to calm a dog down when he sees you first thing in the morning and is very hyper active, it happens one by one as each person gets up during the day (except my dad for some reason) so it happens about 3 times during the day and when we get back home from work he jumps all over the place too. not on us just around us, how would we calm him down??? we just don't want him to jump all the time as he ios 15 months now and want him to be calm especially cause when he is older he will be harder to control Do you watch the Dog Whisperer at all? if so, what do you think of him?? Cheerz, Jayakita
  10. What Foods Can Dogs "not" Eat?

    i was told that canned food was full of water and was only good for making the dog **fart** haha so we just give him bickieS!! jAYAKITA
  11. Hi, can anyone tell me what dogs should absolutely not eat (and if possible why?) i know onions are really bad as it causes a bad immune system reaction. I have just got a new dog (Akita) and i want to be sure of the foods that's all, we give him Advanced dog food and JerHigh doggie treats. Jayakita
  12. Agility Contact Training

    Hi, is there only a certain type of dog that is allowed to do agility??? has anyone seen or heard of an Akita doing Agility at all?? Jayakita
  13. Hi, My name is Jayde, I am in WA and need to ask people some questions about Akita Inu dogs, I am about to buy on from a breeder in WA and need to know if someone who has shown these dogs before what type of equipment I need, I have been told I need a crate, hydrobath, etc. would you know of anything else you may need to be able to show Akita dogs? what have you other breeders bought for your dog enable to show them? does anyone know of someone who is selling a hydrobath?? Thankyou, Jayde