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  1. I have had two different bitches done - one with frozen and one with chilled. Both missed. Both took on their next seasons (frozen surgical and natural mating). Cost for TCI was approx $400
  2. I have clipped easily a dozen Border Collies (usually with either a #7F blade = 4mm or a #5F blade = 6mm) all have grown their coats back just fine and no worse (but on two occasions it was better!) to what it was like pre-clipping. I have even shown two different dogs (both entire males) after they had been clipped the previous summer and both coats was better (and straighter) than ever. It is good for a laugh for a week or so afterwards until you get used to the new look too ;) In my experience I have found desexing can do much worse things to the coat than clipping. The important th
  3. Wow that looks like fun and I have never even heard of it! On the event information page it says Runners wishing to run with a dog are welcome, but please keep the dog on a short lead or harness and under control throughout the event. Please also review the parkrun support page article about running with a dog at parkrun events. http://support.parkrun.com/entries/22037173-can-i-run-with-my-dog :)
  4. As far as I am aware there is currently no test for merle patterning. There *was* a test a few years ago but I believe it was found that the gene they were testing was not actually responsible for the merle pattern and was instead a form of piebald marking. The K locus has nothing to do with whether a dog has the gene for merle patterning.
  5. I would personally use the Malaseb, as it's only going to take a week or so of using it diluted 3mls to 100 water. Sure beats the hell out of a fullblown ear infection that would require ab's and it has the potential for further complications. Yep - I agree with this. I have also used Dermotic (under vet advice) on a bitch from 6wks through to term as the washes just weren't cutting it with her ears. All was fine.
  6. Are you sure the receptionist knew what test you were after? Can't see them needing to "order" it is all. Cost here (Perth) is generally around the $40 mark. Blood drawn in the morning and results that afternoon. Testing is done by a human pathology lab and not in house.
  7. why on earth at that late stage? let her homones alone and just put then down on arrival? (if your so desperate to be ethical) Ive lost babies into 7 months term and you have no idea what a mess that makes of your body, try it some time before you do it to your dog who cant talk. Not sure what a 7 month human pregnancy has to do with a 5 week canine one... ? Having had a bitch whelp and lose all of her puppies at birth I can tell you they are a lot more affected by that loss than what this bitch went through at 5 weeks gestation, not to mention the health risks involved with carrying a
  8. I have used Alizin to abort an unplanned litter. Bitch was almost 6 weeks along by the time it was realised she was pregnant (no mating had been witnessed) and right at the top end of time when it can be done. Two injections a day or so apart. She passed a couple of pups about 48hrs later, not a real labour as such tho. She was fine, and has cycled normally (came back into season 2 months later and then back to her normal 6 monthly) and has conceived/whelped since then. Best of luck with your decision. :)
  9. "Witnesses"... at 1am? inside the house? who he later texted - sickens me to think there were others there that stood by and did nothing Not sure how they can police a 5 year ban (which is woefully inadequate anyway!) What is to stop him or one of the other people he lives with going out and getting another puppy? As a breeder it concerns me that we have no way of knowing we might be selling to this person (or others that have committed similar acts) RIP poor puppy Man fined $7500 for beating puppy to death A WILSON man has been fined $7500 and banned from owning a pet for fi
  10. I have never had any luck with drybed for my newborns - my bitches hate it and scrunch it up in a corner and pups spend all their time searching for nipples in it! Once they are up on their feet and moved from whelping box to puppy pen it is great for defining "bed" area from "toilet" area tho. I use outdoor/marine carpet you buy from Bunnings - synthetic type mat (comes on the big rolls) about .4mm thick, no backing. The one I get is a grass green colour. Cut to fit whelping box exactly - I line with news paper underneath too. It is great stuff not cold but doesn't get hot either, fa
  11. My order last time CR had free shipping contained both raccoon tail chaser and sheepskin tuggies. It was stickered as being opened and checked by customs and nothing was confiscated.
  12. Best thing I have found is "Crib Stop" spray. Just dont breathe in as you are applying it! We went travelling across the country for 6 weeks and the younger dogs started chewing the inside of the dog trailer. Without the spray I don't think it would have been in one piece by the time we got home! It is important that you provide the pup with lots of other different things that he is allowed to chew tho. :)
  13. I know you have made your decision, but in case anyone else reads this wondering the same thing... I have sent many girls interstate (Perth to Syd/Melb/Adl)for mating. All but one have fallen pregnant. The one that missed went to a dog who was later found to have fertility issues, she was also sent to another dog interstate and got pregnant no problem. Quite a few of the girls were maiden bitches. I have used chilled semen once on a (maiden) girl I didn't really want to put on a plane. 4 progesterone tests at $34each. TCI ($350ish). Collection/chilling of the semen and stud owners costs
  14. One prog test at 71 tells you that she has ovulated the problem is you don't know when. If it was up to 3 days earlier then there is a good chance you will get pups if it was longer then probably not. My GP bitch ovulates extremely early in her cycle. Last season I noticed her in on the Thursday night, prog tested Friday afternoon (so day 2)was 5.4. Prog tested on Monday morning and she was 21.1, Tuesday was 35.4. So she had ovulated on the Monday on day 5 of her season. She was one who had tricked me on the previous season when I had her tested on day 7 and she was on 79. So yes, if y
  15. Jennifer Richardson's fees are currently- $105 Hips only or hips and elbows $55 Elbows only I used her for my last lot (4 x hips and elbows) Not the fastest result, took a couple of weeks tho I believe that others have had theirs returned quicker than that. I thought the scores were very fair, though from what I have seen of some x-rays sent to Rawlinson and his scoring I could have got a much "better" result from him. However I am more interested in accurate than "good" IYKWIM. Since the retirement of Wyburn, Richardson is the new approved scorer for the GSDCA which was a factor in my
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