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  1. I just got a juicer and I was wondering if giving my dogs the pulp every day would be ok? I gave them a little bit and they loved it. I use apple (I take the seeds out first), whole pears, whole lemons, carrots, celery and ginger. Thanks :)
  2. Thank you for all those links! I'm sorry, I haven't met the dog and don't know much.
  3. No, not from a rescue so we really have no contacts. We will look up Amazing Greys, thank you
  4. Hi, my friend needs to urgently surrender her greyhound to rescue. Located in Melbourne. All vet work done. She asked me to help find a rescue thst can take her dog but I'm not sure where to start. Can anyone please help? Thank you
  5. I'm probably just worrying for nothing :) It's just that he's only just started doing this. If he did it while awake, I would be worried that his temperament was changing or something.
  6. Thanks everyone :) It's just so loud... he's always done the little 'wuf, wuf' sounds :) But this is more of an "I'm going to eat you" growl at 2am and it's quite scary to wake up to it (he sleeps beside me.) It's like a really loud growl he would do to warn off another dog if they get too close while he's trying to eat. I get up and have to make sure the dogs aren't fighting. Is that still a normal thing?
  7. Thanks perse :) When he does it he scares the crap out of me though lol
  8. My 9 year old dog has started growling in his sleep and waking himself up. At first I thought my other dog might have disturbed him or something, but it happened again last night and I saw that she was nowhere near him. When he wakes up he just kind of looks around and goes back to sleep. Does anyone else's dog do this? Is it something to worry about?
  9. Legitimate assistance dogs are screened and trained to exactly the same standards as guide dogs. Guide dogs are a 'type' of assistance dog, there is no legal distinction between the types of assistance an assistance dog gives. I agree with you that a pet dog that simply makes you feel better shouldn't just have a vest put on it and have it claimed as an assistance dog. That's not the way it works. The DDA (I posted the link last night) has a definition of what an assistance dog is under the law.
  10. The changes made to the DDA a few years ago were made to bring greater protections to legitimate guide/hearing/assistance dog users, to bring clarity to required documentation and to give greater protection to those in charge of public spaces to kick the fakers out. I guess in any industry you'll have the complainers, people doing the wrong thing, and ruining it for others. Not just the fakers, but also people in charge of public spaces. It's still a huge learning curve for everyone and I think better education is needed.
  11. I think you'll find that people with legitimate guide/hearing/assistance dogs are very aware of the laws and abide by them. It's most often the ones with the 'fake' dogs they're trying to pass off as guide/hearing/assistance dogs that are causing the problems and seem to be the ones that complain the most, as they run into the most access issues due to being unable or unwilling to produce correct documentation.
  12. Sorry OSoSwift I was also agreeing with you, didn't read who wrote what properly :)
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