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  1. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3541285/Show-dogs-kept-putrid-kennels-SHOT-buried-shallow-grave-female-dog-breeder-moving-couldn-t-transport-animals.html
  2. That puppy is seriously cute Trisven
  3. Everyones babies are looking great - doesn't time fly my guys are 5 weeks now sad to think in 3 weeks time they may start leaving the nest
  4. We have babies!! After a restless early morning and her waters breaking on my bed first baby was born 10am after nearly 1 & half hours of trying to deliver. Maddee wasn't a happy camper and tried to sink her teeth into me poor girl was in a wee bit of pain. But the next 6 delivered with ease. So we have 4 boys - 2 Black/White 2 blue/White and 3 girls all black/white. Will add some photos later
  5. We are on the home straight now .... Maddee has 7 days to go, hmm tho I don't think she will hold on that long!! :) Congrats to those that have lil ones now. Goodluck to all those in waiting too.
  6. a couple more weeks to go so far away yet so close!!! Sorry photo quality not that great
  7. Fingers, Toes and everything else crossed for Whippet babies due 19th. unsuccessful last time, and today Maddee didn't eat all her breakfast and she loves food!! Sooo looking forward to this litter
  8. written In Th Stars Diamond In The Sky Seeing Starz Star Gazer Gold Star Gold stars Only
  9. Vanilla Ice Champers On Ice Ice Age Dance On Ice Dancing On Ice Fire N The Sky Set Fire To the Rain Fire Me Up Your Fired Wild Fire
  10. sad to say but there will be no puppy playing here this summer, you can cross us of the list Maddee isn't having babies Best of luck to everyone else with expecting puppies
  11. Fingers crossed whippet litter due Nov 19
  12. I have 3 girls here that came from a oops litter their names are My Dirty lil' Secret Suspicious Minds Unspoken Romance other names I can think of are: Takes Two To Tango or shorten it for numbers - Two To Tango Secrets Out Out of My Control Caught Red Handed Bad Romance One Night Only Forbidden Fruit
  13. Maddy27 yes CC's are available at the benefit show as it is a championship show
  14. Afghan Hound: Sir Walter, Faxon, Lochie, Bluey, Miffy, Airedale Terrier: Abbey Akita: Kyojin, Kuma Alaskan Malamute: Indiana, Kira American Staffordshire Terrier: Tua, Max, Juno, Cash, Loki, Jessie Anatolian Shepherd: Trojan Australian Cattle Dog: Elvis, Matilda, Katie Australian Cattle Dog X : Frosty Australian Shepherd: Banjo, Archie, Lottie, Millie, Alice, Hannah, Hudson, Flynn, Gossip, Ava Australian Silky Terrier: Holly, Rolle Australian terrier: Bailey, Brandy, Jasper Australian Kelpie: Revan, Abby, Bluey, Cahill, Franky, Izzy, Safire, Milky, Kinta, Banjo, Rosie, Sk
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