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  1. Ekka

    I don't understand why the big fuss about a change in judge. He's never been here before, is fully qualified and I hope that he has read the standards and judges accordingly.
  2. This news is probably a bit late but training runs from 6.30 to 7.30 every Thursday except during Toowoomba and Brisbane Royals.
  3. Show Training - Durack

    Dogs Qld have given permission to use the grounds for training again as per message received Jan 31. "I wish to advise that the Durack Grounds are once again open for all Outdoor Training activities from today."
  4. I just don't have the mental stamina to be a vet nurse. I've had tears just reading this. When we lived in Darwin (many years ago) the RSPCA ran the pound and every Tues was PTS day. There were many times I and another friend took home a dog or puppy to keep it alive, changed the paper work and found it a home later. Most of my dogs have made "old bones" and touch wood I haven't yet had to make a decision to have to put down an injured fur kid. I did have to put down a young bitch who was full of cancer and although I felt really bad I'm sure she would have thanked me as she was so distressed. It still wasn't easy. I don't understand why some vets don't allow the owner to hold their "baby" as they go to sleep. I always have been there for mine as I feel the last face they see should be their owners not some stranger. After all they know what's happening. We usually get a card from our vet when one of our kids has gone over.
  5. Advice Re Beating A Dog

    I can't believe nobody did anything. Imagine what he does at home if he does this when there are witnesses. It just makes me physically sick to hear things like this. I would definitely front him, and he can only hit you which gives you a case for assault. The dog doesn't have that option. Photos on your phone would go a long way to convince authorities to do something, irregardless of who he is.
  6. Website With Wrong Details

    I just love the description of the Kerry. "they need grooming occasionally with brush and comb" "Its coat is meant to look unkempt" You mean to say that I'm doing all this grooming for nothing. It's all very well for her to blame another for the botch up of the site (so she says) but all the same it still needs to have correct information in all the other areas as well for the general public who may be looking for breed information.
  7. Dog Show Training

    My initial response is to suggest you call Dogs Qld as they would be the right people to ask. But the training is run by the Sporting Terrier Club of Qld for all breeds over the age of 3 mths and fully immunised. The details from tansnchief are correct.
  8. Show Greyhound Puppy.

    Why don't you go to a show and catch up with Dennis and Chris before you get your baby? They will both be more than happy to help. Check the dogs queensland site for show dates. There is a training class every Thursday at Durack to help you and your puppy learn properly and to help you both get used to the ring and what is required of you by the judges. It's from 6.30 to 7.30 and costs $3.
  9. Morning Tea For The Judge & Steward/s

    On the weekend I showed my dog on the Friday under judge No1. Got class in group. On Saturday I showed under Judge no2, won BIG, then wrote for two more groups in the same ring for the same judge. At lunch time I was eating my lunch along with other stewards and writers when I was asked (politely) to please take my lunch outside to eat as Judge no1 was at the table and he was judging GS later that day and as I has won BIG I would therefore be showing under him later. Apparently someone had complained. Does that not reflect on the integrity of the judge? Can I influence him just by sitting at the same table? If only it was so easy to win. Oh well!!!
  10. Preferred Breed Type (article)

    :D A great article and relevant to so many breeds today.
  11. Sparring Breeds In The Show Ring

    Yep. Definitely double handling. The steward should be aware of this and ask that the outside dog be removed. The steward can also ask the dog in the ring to leave.
  12. Newbie Help In Brisbane

    I would make an attempt to go to just one training night, so you and your new baby are familiar with the procedure and have at least run around the ring.
  13. Veterans Sweepstakes

    In Queensland a neuter dog or bitch can be entered in a veteran class if it is a proven sire or bitch. I've just had to confirm that with Dogs Qld for a recent show.
  14. Dentition

    Years ago I had a Kerry who broke a tooth (no 1 pre-molar) on a chain link fence and I had my vet who needed to remove the rest of the tooth write a note on the back of his business card and I kept that in my number pouch for the rest of the time he was shown. (quite a number of years) I never once was asked why he was missing a tooth, but I was ready.