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  1. Thank you all for your kind words. Missing my boy like crazy here. My kids have mentioned on 3 different occasions that they have seen Barry walking around home, its a comforting thought that maybe he is still here.
  2. Here is Baz at DAS in 2008. So many people were involved in his rescue. Sadly Fat Baz passed away on Wednesday 7th November 2012. Old age and health issues caught up with him and he passed at home. I wanted to thank all who were involved in his rescue and I am so greatful to have spent the past four and a half years with the most kindest, friendliest, laziest, most unique and wonderful Bully boy. He was one in a million and I really don't think we will meet another in this lifetime. I still remember picking him up from the airport and looking over on the drive home at this big lump staring
  3. And to Kylie Chivers and John Mokomoko (and all of us who sent letters every week) for continually proving that hard work and perseverance pays off. Without them continually working hard to rid QLD of BSL, and proving several points along the way this may never have happened so quickly. For sure Kylie and John deserve recognition here for their hard work, time and effort involved in this. Thank you!! I hope this means you will be able to get your own dog Tango home.
  4. Fantastic news for the Amstaff. A huge thanks to all involved. Thank you for not giving up. Considering the Council deemed the Amstaff and the APBT the same dog, one would like to think if the Amstaff was safe then so must be the APBT??????
  5. Juice do you know if you are taking the male Bully from Hawkesbury? I see he does have some options although transport is an issue at the moment.
  6. Holy crap the Hakesbury thread is full of Bullies and Bully crosses. Where the hell are these dogs coming from.
  7. :D OMG this getting out of hand!!! ;) There is also 2 in WA and another in Sydney. Far out what the hell is going on??? DM the male and female are nice looking dogs. I wonder if they are from the same place? Tat, the fight at the pound would have been a simple blue over the food and would have escalated into the big scrap it was. I don't feed any dog together no matter how great the temperament. It is just an unfortuante incident due to the pound being full but at least the rangers obviously understood that and were happy for dogs to be rescued despite it.
  8. Tatelina has Aria the bully girl. Love the pics of Mase. :D
  9. Juice I am so very sorry to read this. Reading your posts, your love for this big fella is so evident and I am just so gutted to read this. Such a terrible disease and far too many have been taken the past year from it.
  10. Unfortunately due to tragic circumstances (nothing to do with the bully boy) I have had to take in a male Bully, "spook" who was recently fostered by a good friend of mine. I was going to be taking Aria from Wyong next week but that will not be possible now. I have contacted the Ranger and although I will try desperately to help find her rescue I thought I would post here and hope there was someone able to take her. They don't want her rehomed straight from the Pound unless it is a fantastic home so would prefer she went to rescue. If by some chance something changes here then I will fly
  11. ;) Welcome to the Bull Terrier Foster Failure Club Wednesday!! :D Barge looks extremely happy where he is. Great pics!!!
  12. I am in love!!! Barge is gorgeous, my kind of Bully boy thats for sure. (just don't tell baz!! ) Thanks so much for taking him Wednesday. :rolleyes: DM I'd be bloody suprised if he was a byb dog and not from a Reg Breeder. Looks too good.
  13. Coco adopted from the pound.
  14. The girl at Wyong was apparently adopted directly from the pound. The boy I am picking up this afternoon, and will be available for adoption. He is already desexed Great news for Barge. The female is most likely coming to me. She is still in the Pound and hasn't been adopted.
  15. Juice I hope Mase is okay. Fingers crossed for the results on Friday. On a better note, Thanks for doing up the facebook page Teebs. I am getting lots of messages from people wanting to adopt Bullies!!!!
  16. Hope it all goes well for the big fella. Poor bugger. Juice Baz is about 150 years old. Actually not too sure when he was at the Pound they thought 6 or 7 but he is at least 10 to 12. He still acts like a young fella though except he sleeps for about 23 hours of the day. :D Gotta love the big boof head.
  17. Great pics Fran he's looking great. Juice I haven't heard anything about the two who scrapped. Poor buggers hopefully they are both ok. ABC. I think the Kurri boy just needs temp care for a few weeks until Wed can tak him. Haven't spoken to DM for a few days so not sure of his progress. BTW ABC, the fat guy here is going great. Still huge, lazy but utterly adorable.
  18. The Tri girl who was coming here on Thursday has been rehomed. Her owner emailed me yesterday. Great news. One down!! For those interested, sorry I can't post link here cause my computer is stupid, but Teebs has started a group on Facebook called Australian Bull Terrier Rescue. Show some support for them and join up, let your friends know too.
  19. I am going to try and get tri girls transport covered by owner but if not would appreciate any offers of help to get her here.
  20. Bloody disgusting thats for sure. Gorgeous dog but a dickhead owner. He knew they were illegal and yet still chose to have it out and about with the risk of being caught. ;) I just don't feel an ounce of sympathy for the owners who don't attempt to keep these dogs safe from harm expecially when they know the consequences of owning one where they are illegal. BSL is a disgusting law though. Poor dog. ;) The Police Officer didn't have anything nice to say about the breed and kept commenting how aggressive and dangerous they were yet she had no problem going up to a strange dog and grabbing it
  21. What were you wearing? A little black, lacy negligee? ;) ;)
  22. Thanks for that Ruthless. Unless they are extremely strict, I could not see her failing the assessment. Hopefully she behaves around other dogs. Fingers crossed for her. She didn't have papers I was told. I did contact the owner and ask if they would get her back the day they surrendered her and give more time for rescue to find her a spot but they declined.
  23. This girl is at the Yagoona RSPCA.
  24. For sure Teebs. Human nature I guess. I have learnt to try and not feel responsible for other peoples stuff ups though. Hard to do though.
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