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  1. Oops, I didn't even ask (Europcar). Turns out I left the doggy seatbelt restraint in the car too so no hiding it. Nothing was ever said or, more importantly, deducted from my credit card!
  2. Bought a king sized bed Yes, seriously, bought a king sized bed because there wasn't enough room for us and the dogs + 1
  3. I used to pay $145 for C5 plus leptospirosis in Cairns. $85 for C5 in Perth.
  4. I second the Joint Guard - I have a fussy eater who doesn't notice it mixed in with his food.
  5. Our former neighbour had a pair of mini foxies that would bark just about all night. After polite hints and requests were ignored, OH rang our neighbour at 2am and informed him that every time we were woken up by the dogs, he would be woken up by the phone. It worked.
  6. We are having a pool built at the moment and I have bought a "Skamper Ramp" - unfortunately I can't tell you if it works yet! Have a look here: Skamper Ramp
  7. Humans can get rheumatic fever from streptococcus infections - can dogs get the same thing? I was thinking it might explain the pain (joint inflammation?) and the slightly enlarged heart. Maybe ask your vet? Glad she is improving :D
  8. We saw a puppy (approx 10wks) left in a car in a Bunnings car park. Pup was there at least 30 minutes - police and RSPCA were not interested - RSPCA said it "wasn't that hot today" (I beg to differ) but they would send the owner a letter. When she got back to the car the owner was shocked to find a group of people gathered there baying for her blood - I hope with that, the letter and her kids asking her questions about it she won't do it again.
  9. Try Julian at Victoria Park Vet Clinic. He is always happy to talk things over with you and listen to your point of view. I could not be happier with my choice of vet.
  10. It isn't "sad" . "Sad" is when a loved family pet grows old and dies; "sad" is when your loved pet gets an incurable disease and dies. This is horrific, ghastly, traumatic, life changing, terrifying. Would some of you just think about, and not just say the words, what Joysie and her owner went through. Just think of yourself walking through a park with a little dog and having that dog wrenched out of your arms by two very very large dogs intent on nothing more than killing. Picture the horror, the fear. Don't just type words onto the screen. It's a small dog owners worst nightmare. What that lady and her dog went through is just unspeakable horror. "Sad" definitely doesn't even come close.
  11. You have to wonder how often he (and others) have done this kind of thing WITHOUT being caught - saw the video on the news, he didn't miss a beat when he saw the poor swan
  12. When we moved from Cairns to Perth last year I asked Qantas lots of questions about particular flights and found out as much information as I could - for example it turned out the most direct/shortest flight wasn't suitable because there were restrictions on the number of animals they would take AND they could be offloaded to make room if necessary - you wouldn't have known unless you asked! Eventually I found a flight via Sydney which was only a 30 min stopover with no change of plane. With a little planning it's quite easy to do it yourself.
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